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Amongst star properties, the less explored yet vested with massive premises and many a time people do tend to google is Hyatt Hyderabad Gachibowli. I have heard about its massive premises and amazing facilities but somehow didn't get to visit and explore. Recently was here on their new menu launch #Teppanyaki live kitchen at their collage restaurant which is already a crowd puller for their lavish buffets.

After getting introduced with the new team on board, Prakruti Jain , Executive Chef Jitendra Nakhwa , and known lovely Chefs Pawan Manhas and sous-chef Shankar, we sat down into what turned a magical performance by this little thin but a powerful pataka called Birbal. He was to mainly featuring the making of dishes under their Teppanyaki menu and man he put on a fantastic show with his cutlery and fire skills <3 Amazing engagement.

Their menu boasts all courses soups - dim sums - sushis - Teppanyaki - Ramen and desserts

Aqasa Arabic Kitchen


            Every time I feel Hyderabad is yet to see exciting and innovative restaurants, a newbie comes from nowhere and stuns me.  Places like Farzi Cafe enthrall you not just with food but the decor and ambience as well. Jubilee Hills Road #36 is classic example of a main lane engulfed with unique and different types of diners and lounges and keep yourself engaged. Road #10 Jubilee hills has its fair share of places to unwind yourself but hold your breath people as we have got an amazing AFFAIR @ 10th Street to check out !! Post my visit I would definitely say this "AFFAIR" could be the landmark for Road #10 with absolute conviction.

Aqasa Arabic Kitchen

hyper local 

a debutant to reckon

Hyderabad as such is known to embrace all sorts of experiments in delivering variety of cuisines but yet not so diverse and intensified in street food culture unlike metros like Delhi and Mumbai. Yes, we do have our own list of chaats and others but not as popular that you find in every nook n corner. In comes another brand , Hyper Local from New Delhi. After venturing into country's capital, they are now in land of biryani to try their hands on this sector and I should say after my preview experience, they might as well be a brand to reckon.

Aqasa Arabic Kitchen

aqasa arabic kitchen

Hyderabad as a city is now embracing all sorts of cuisines buzzing all across the city and at the same time the visibility and options for influential cuisine is also increasing commendably. Middle eastern cuisine which is as united yet diversified as Indian cuisine is to make you go WOW. Comprising of various sub cuisines like Iranian, Arab, Israeli, Armenian, Turkish and many more.

Aqasa Arabic Kitchen

le vantage cafe bar

Lé Vantage Café Bar did such a perfect teaser via the pictures of the place and its ambiance which evoked lot of curiosity. My recent review seals the deal that indeed Lé Vantage Café Bar is a easy ticket for a Hyderabadi to be transported in time to a typical European vintage home dwindled across the corner and as you step in , you are into this greenery embraced garden land and immediately feel an aura of relaxation and mood to reflect the same. Enough said, go check it out for yourself and you will go AWW for this place, the spaciousness and the rustic & vintage look it gives in every nock-n-corner.

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