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affair at 10th street


            Every time I feel Hyderabad is yet to see exciting and innovative restaurants, a newbie comes from nowhere and stuns me.  Places like Farzi Cafe enthrall you not just with food but the decor and ambience as well. Jubilee Hills Road #36 is classic example of a main lane engulfed with unique and different types of diners and lounges and keep yourself engaged. Road #10 Jubilee hills has its fair share of places to unwind yourself but hold your breath people as we have got an amazing AFFAIR @ 10th Street to check out !! Post my visit I would definitely say this "AFFAIR" could be the landmark for Road #10 with absolute conviction.

                 Tucked inside from main road #10 , the place catches you with a clear golden logo style welcoming you into. As we you enter into the place, one aspect is evident that its not just your run around the mill design and decor but something beyond it. Artistry and architectural touch is evident in each and every nook and corner. A weird cinema camera welcoming you into a a metallic affair of seating at ground floor. With metallic touch of artistry at every space you see, the seatings and arrangement makes you watch into details of each of it. As you cross by , you can see each corner is not symmetrical and you got a different view everywhere you seat. A bar that has defined a standard in its view and class appeal it provides. You just want to hang out just beside the bar and unwind yourself with some drinks.  As you go in AWW and head to first floor, a whole new world of rustic and artistic ambiance waits you with its vast transparent roof and you tend to see is it all one place or you entered into a whole new setup. Such is the feel as you check out each space for what's in it. The wooden tinch all around the place with black metal artifacts elevates the overall feel for you just to unwind and engulf into a whole new experience. 

                Overall, get into this place if you are a lover of artistry beyond normal decor and is a critical part for you to choose a lounge or diner. You will get mesmerized as much as I did. Check out the pictures if you want the feel of it !!!!

                We had a brief discussion with Operations Managers Mr. Gaurav and Mr. Abdul Aziz, we got introduced to Chef Ahmed Sha. Walking us through the efforts and investment that has gone into the decor and designing to create this breath taking place, we were sure that this dinner wont be a normal one but one to remember and relish.  What I liked is Chef's confidence to say not even the restaurant's owners force him to change the dish or menu of Chef's innovative thoughts and that shows the trust owners have on Chef. Thats key to places to succeed in this competitive times. Chef also said that he doesn't change a tad on any of his dishes for anyone but wanted to keep it in his terms and though it sounds rude, its confidence to me . This delivers consistency on a long run as you don't need to think through but just follow the rhythm the recipes are delivered. Yes, it need helps on a long run.

                    We started off by seating ourselves and were served mocktails from their menu. VIRGIN MOJITO - one classic drink you get in every lounge and you either get it right or wrong. This one was refreshingly chill and aptly sweet to relish. Cannot go wrong on it. MARITO - A summer's delight drink made with tangy orange, pine apple, you cannot go wrong on this. Such a refreshing feel in every sip and I couldn't get enough of it. AFFAIR YO-YO made out of Oreo, snickers and chocolate , the monstrous beauty is apt for the weather and you can sip in richness of chocolate. MAF - the drink of the lunch was raw mango, pine apple and curry leaves served along with spiced pine apple skewer pieces though sounds weird and on first sip, you can know this is not your normal drink but one to remember. Don't miss it. GREEN QUEEN - a spicy chilli drink and is not for faint hearted is for sure to give you after kick but the freshness from cucumber balances the chilli kick. I think their cocktails should tell rest of the story if their bar has got what it takes to back their setup and enthrall us on drinks aspect. Repeat visits should get us that experience.

    As starters started to flow in, we could feel the aroma in the air and flavors were to excite us. 

SABZI GILAFI - Now this I could say being a carnivore, is one of the most silkiest starters you will ever taste in a lounge. The perfect concoction of vegetables (carrot, beans and aloo patty mixture) served over fresh veg salad yogurt mayo may look more like kebab skewers and on first bite, it you go "YUMMMMMM" and sound is retained until the dish was cleaned up . Taste it to believe it!!!

PAPRIKA CHICKEN TIKKA served in smoked jar to indicate the smokiness retained and on opening you get a whiff of fresh herb and the smokiness gets to you. Well marinated and perfectly cooked meat was evidence for the dish which Chef took pride in serving us. 

ONION RINGS - I know this is a dish cliched to max in every single lounge and restaurant but most of the places just screw it up. Served in unique branch structure, the tangy mayo condiment with super crunchy onion rings will be surely a FOOD COMA experience for it.

SAMBAL FISH - While presentation could have been better as it looked like a typical desi chinese starter you are used to experience but then flavors were apt. I would loved the sambal to be more integrated into the dish. The raw sambal along with onions served on side did make a whole another level of impact and its quite hot n spicy that kicks you on palate . Could improve to be a stellar dish

NACHOS - No this one is not cliche but its completely home made. It was evident in the crunch you get from these nachos and not store bought. The freshness and crunchiness is exactly what you expect from this snack and no complaints on that.

WASABI PRAWNS - On first look, I thought wow a ceviche finally but then it turned out to be wasabi prawns. The generous dose of wasabi mayo on cooked prawns served in martini glass and drenched in mango green chilli salsa is a perfect example to say how completely contradicting ingredients will work in synergy when executed by art of cooking. A perfect dish and you just cannot get enough of it!!!!

                       As we took a break in between munching dishes one by one,, came in the next array and shift towards main course. 


A simple KARI OMLETTE (a house hold name across streets and lanes of city of Madurai and quite often considered as staple next to idly) is made of minced meat, onions, green chilli and egg and a dash of pepper and salt. Quite simple but the flavors it delivers when made right is immense. Served with raw onions and chilli and lime dash, it was simply soulful.

MAC & CHEESE BALLS - Somehow I couldn't connect to the dish, the guey mac and cheese fillings weren't exactly WOW for me and the outer crunch didn't go well with the inside. Needs a bit of re-thinking on this or may be its just me. 

VERDURE MISTE PIZZA - translated to english as "MIXED VEG PIZZA" is a simple hearty thick crust pizza made to look as authentic as it can.  While the meat variant BLACKENED CHICKEN PIZZA did deliver its flavors, I personally loved the veg one simple because of the flavor contrast it gave and the freshness from the vegetables. Having a live fire oven in the premises, the pizzas can never get any fresher than this and both pizzas were hearty and immensely delicious.

             Now off late you can see Thai delicacies included in even lounge menus and AFFAIR isn't exemption here. THAI GREEN CURRY presented very authentically (curry served in coconut shell) to indicate the rich coconut cream used in it and served with jasmine rice did make me salvate but I would say the flavors didn't match the presentation hype. I felt the jasmine rice could have made more impact on aroma which is typical to any Thai curry due to the richness of coconut cream and also was a bit watery to my liking. Well Chef was to defend his version but its my preference to have it creamy and rich with aroma and flavors so I might call it as a pass.

               BLOODYMARY SPAGHETTI a dish which looked like typical spaghetti in arabiatta sauce quite delivered good flavors mainly due to the generous usage of both types of olives and the extra dash of rosemary indeed did justice. Spaghetti finally which is BOLD & BEAUTIFUL !!!!! TAWA BIRYANI served in typical tawa style did give a visual appeal of biryani but Chef was quick to confirm on the same. It indeed was flavorful and aromatic but then the Hyderabadi in me does always swing me into a biryani addict <3. Nevertheless it was flavorful and if you like this quick to make tawa variants , you might be a fan of this.

          Last but not the least came in jasmine rice served with CHICKEN with CHILLI BASIL and I should say I become a fan of this one for sure. The apt flavors of boneless chicken chunks cooked in rich broth and that chilli basil gives the extra oomph factor to have with hot steamy jasmine rice.

                Now since we kind of stuffed ourselves to rim, Chef Ahmed Sha indeed warn us to be ready for the finale aka DESSERTS & hero of desserts as well. Little did we know that we would see one the massive creations we have seen put on a plate. 

        CHURROS with CHOCOLATE SAUCE was typical but I would have loved it with bit more lengthier churros and quantity wise as well. The hot sauce could have been actually more richer and hot so that the contrast would have worked better. A meringue based dessert named after the famous dancer Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova is a meringue dessert with a crisp crust and soft, light inside, usually topped with fruit and whipped cream. The dish looked rustic, taster fabulous and finger licking good I say

     Now hold onto to your breath as we just whiffed off the pavlova, came in a dessert in a monster form where 3 people literally had to carry it to our tables. aptly named "GALAXY by Chef Ahmed Sha". This monstrous master creation is by Chef Ahmed Sha called THE GALAXY to bring in multiple elements of desserts into one plate and to entice your taste buds in combination with fresh fruit sorbet or sauces. Brilliant orchestration of fresh orange slices , macaroons, chocolate cakes, and the big shell with white chocolate cake inside. One dish that make you go WOW .. well for quite some time... Watch out the below video to feel the excitement when we had to break THE GALAXY and attack it with our spoons and forks.