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teppanyaki menu launch at collage

hyatt gachibowli, hyderabad

                    Among star properties, the less explored yet vested with massive premises and many a time people do tend to google is Hyatt Hyderabad Gachibowli. I have heard about its massive premises and amazing facilities but somehow didn't get to visit and explore. Recently was here on their new menu launch #Teppanyaki live kitchen at their collage restaurant which is already a crowd puller for their lavish buffets. Changes are always good and I believe Hyatt Gachibowli has taken the right time come well prepared this time and want to create buzz with a big bang. Their TEPPANYAKI menu launch is the right forum to establish their newly on boarded team 

                      After getting introduced with the new team on board, Prakruti Jain , Executive Chef Jitendra Nakhwa , and known lovely Chefs Pawan Manhas and sous-chef Shankar, we sat down into what turned a magical performance by this little thin but a powerful pataka called Birbal. He was to mainly featuring the making of dishes under their Teppanyaki menu and man he put on a fantastic show with his cutlery and fire skills <3 Amazing engagement. As you start to engage to watch him make the dishes, it was work of art as you get easily mesmerized and get so engulfed in the experience.

                    Teppanyaki menu at Collage restaurant is fixed but covers all key categories - soups , sushis, dry starters, Teppanyaki of course, ramen , donburi and of course finale desserts. The company menu provides varieties of meat choices as well in each category which makes customer choose what they really want in their preferences. I love such compact menu setup makes the engagement whole level.  As its also live counter cooking, you can sit as close as to the Chef and get to experience the flames, the heat , the food, flavors and the whole gastronomic experience.

                        We started with "Chicken & siracha bao" which came in typical bao stands and man they kick-started the lunch on a WOW note. The sharpness from siracha and the tad sweetness from the baos were <3. Then we moved onto the live making of "Ebi katsu" (pan-fried prawns). The prawns were superclass and the overall fry consistency was bliss to the palate. Then we got to taste "Sushi moriwase with asparagus" and "Tuna n salmon sashimi" served in ice bed. both were authentic, flavorful and stood to their cuisine and nothing artificially forced.


                      Chef Shankar Pande then made "Teriyaki chicken donburi" its basically sticky rice and soy sauce wrapped in egg omelet and served on top with loads of peanuts and teppanyaki tempered veggies. The overall flavors were top-notch and couldn't get enough of it. Also tried their "pan-fried chicken gyoza" and they couldn't be any more authentic.


                          To end such an amazing meal on a perfect note, we tried their in-house gelatos "Matcha green tea gelato" was super refreshing and light but lacked the strong feel of matcha. "Orange and basil gelato" was super-lit and my favorite flavor/aroma in the whole world in the form of "Lavender gelato". It was a bit tad heavy on the lavender flavors but since of its natural flavor making, it went really well to our palates.


                          In spite of being a super packed buffet crowd, service and hospitality was super notch and so good to see Chefs interacting with customers as well and very receptive & humble on feedback provided. Now the standard and level of food set here impressed me and I can't want to get back and try their extended offering.

VERDICT: IF you are this area and bored of regular stuff, snuck into Hyatt Hyderabad Gachibowli and relish their super live and fresh Teppanyakis and UNWIND YOURSELF !!!!

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