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V Junction Global Eatery


             V Junction Global Eatery is part of Trance Hotel Group owned and run by eminent hotel industry stalwart, Mr. Veer Vijay Singh  (MD and CEO) and Mr.  Suryaveer Singh (Executive Director) with blissful brands - Trance Urbance, Trance Heritage, Trance resorts and V by trance. This global eatery is conglomeration of global and local cuisines under one roof catering to continental , Indian and oriental cuisine lovers. One place pit-stop for dimsums, kebabs, sushi and of course Hyderbadi delicacies.  I was excited about the launch of this eatery when I saw few bloggers review of it and main aspect that caught my attention of SUSHI in buffet. So when a prominent foodies group DESI FOODIES launched a Sunday Brunch event at this place, I knew I got to do it as the pricing and the menu was unavoidable and got me super excited to dine at this place. The buffet was at a special price of 650 AI as part of the event which I guess on normal times is around 750+ taxes but after dining I felt the normal buffet price is totally WORTH IT. Read on to know more..

        The place has got everything in terms of a fine dining buffet decor and ambiance. The spacious ambiance, live kitchen see through, live dimsum and sushi bar, exhaustive bar setup and elobate designs all acoros the place making it one of the spots which has been thought through and then conceived in designing and architecture. Everything just fell in place. The seating chairs could have been more relaxing and comfortable for me as I felt they were little crampy but not too much to o complain about.

Mocktails & Breads :

Green Garden - A Freshly concieved drink which looked very appealing having mint, apple juice and kiwi. The drink served the purpose by giving you a fresh appeal to kick start a exciting buffet ahead.

Strawberry Lemonade - simple and refreshing drink which doesnt fail to make me go multiple rounds

The breads both the plain one and the olives and Jalapeno infused herb bread impressed in terms of their softness at the same time richness in aroma and both with butter and other condiments , made me enjoy the start phase. I always love breads and these two made me go gaga in the start.

Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade

Green Garden

Green Garden

Roll Pastry

Roll Pastry

Olive Jalapeno Bread

Olive Jalapeno Bread

The  Salads section always catches my attention in any buffet and mainly the cold ones does attract me as they give you a refreshing start to your meal and I love how chefs experiemtnt o provide that cold but yet flavorful feel to our palates.

Kimchi - also spelled kimchee or gimchi, is a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings. This one was one of the best I have had in any buffet pots. The fermanted flavors and the rich freshness of the veggies was absolutely splendid.

Macaroni in herbed Cocktails  - macaroni based cold salad with herb infused and tossed tomato was a good one again. The cream could have been a bit more to ensure that herb feeling could have been balanced.

Chicken n Bell Peper Salad - elf explanatory salad and it served the purpose though I felt the chicken cut was too cold but flavors were bang on.

Larb Gai Salad - also spelled laap, larp, lahb or laab) is a type of Lao meat salad is the national dish of Laos. Its nothing but minced chicken salad. The coarse grain mince of chicken was good but was too dry for indian palate. Something binding could have made it more interesting.

     contended with cold salads, I jumped ont to the starters but mostly limited to continental and oriental dishes on the buffet as I'm bored of eating rotis and curries limitless in every single buffet and I didnt want to miss the unique servings they offer.

Penne Fresh Tomato - Beind an avid lover of alfredo pasta, I normally dont prefer arabiatta (tomato) sauced based pasta. This one looked very appealing with olives and fresh aroma clearing the air. One scoop you would know the Chef knows his flavors. This was bang on. Amazingly cooked penne pasta and you couldkeep eating this one if you are an Italian flavor lover like me.

Exotic Herbs Potato  - Anything thats got Alloo itself attracts me and with italian twist to it, How could I avoid this dish. Again another superbly conceived dish. The herbs gelled in well with perfectly boiled potatos. A tinch of more thime and rosemary would have made me go WOW for this one. Nevertheless was amazing.

Grilled Fish with lemon butter  - Innovation spoke about this right when we saw it. Flavors were again bang on and the soft and buttery cook on the fish made me go multiple rounds on this one again.

Fish in XO sauce  - Its a spicy seafood sauce that originated from Hong Kong is made of roughly chopped dried seafoods, including scallops, dried fish and shrimp, and subsequently cooked with chili peppers, onions, and garlic. The cook on the fish was good but I felt the sauce would have been more spicier to get the kick compensating the otherwise normal flavor of fish.

     Now I headed into their Sushi section which was my most expected try out for the day as I had very few encounters with them and only one impressed me in my experiences..

Salmon Cheese Roll - Simple raw salmon wrapped with cheese slices and sticky rice. PERFECTION DELIVERED PERIOD

Spicy Crabstick Maki - This one was bit skeptical for me as crab looked more raw but to my surprise this was a balanced dish as it had the cucumber slices in it to compensate the spiceness and absolutely loved the roll and finishing.

Tempura Maki - The veg variant was quite a refreshing version by itself and made good competition with non-veg variants.

Overall I think the is place knows their sushi and with their dipping sauces, any sushi lover should try them and its a sin to miss them here. BEWARE of thei wasabi sauce which they provide as part of dipping sauce. Not for faint hearted, it just takes you to hell in a wiff :)

After having a good try on their oriental dishes, time to head back to our roots of Hyderabadi cuisine whithout which of coure yeah no meal is complete. Its a weakness you see :)


Rara Gosh - Perfectly cooked mutton along with bones (thats where the real essence is there) made this the SHOW STOPPER for me. With those buttery naans they served (which by the way were the best naans you could have tasted) was MARRIAGE IN HEAVEN.

Butter Chicken - With strong claims in most of their recent reviews that they serve one of the best ones in the town, It was to be tested and justified. The look was pretty simple but I should after tasting them with those naans, I should say they have stuck to the authentic version and kept it as original as possible. Loved it but being selfish mutton lover, I felt the rara gosh swept me off my feet.

Chicken Tikka - Nothing much to speak about this one. Good and succulent chicken pieces but felt the tikka masala could have been more appealing. Was the best I have had.

Mutton Dum Biryani - Very passable one. though the dum flavors were there, it was again dry and cold as served in buffet style. Could have been better but consideirng this was the only dish which kind of let me down, I wouldnt mind skipping complaining about it.

Mamalade Prawns - Marmalade Sauce generally refers to a fruit preserve made from the juice and peel of citrus fruits boiled with sugar and water. Generally distinguished from jam by its fruit peel. The prawns were out of this world and the sauce took to a whole new level  - MUST TRY

Masala Dosa - Being a native of Tamil Nadu, not many places impress me when it comes to dosa may be because of my root still have an impact in my palatte when it comes to dosa and idlis. But this one got me almost there, fresh batter, rich masala flavors and rightly made crisp dosa made my day. For a tamilian, its like BOY IM BACK :)

Dimsums - Both chicken and prawn versions were served hot and with good dipping sauces (Again beware fo their wasabi sauce :P ). I felt the prawns verion was good but hicken version was too dry and not upt to the mark. But understanding its part of a huge buffet and they have to keep dishing out them, its human tendancy to get it right every time which is very much acceptable.

Chicken & Cheese Pizza - The visual would tell you it was made so authentic and so appealing. Right amount of base , perfectly melted cheese, well cooked roasted chicken and superb mushrooms all gelled into make my pizza venture a successful one.

               A elaborate and lavish buffet cannot be complete and entirely relished without desserts and being a desserts lover, I know I cannot skip them no matter how much I'm stuffed :)

   All the dessert were almost amazing and made through in terms of flavors and decorations.

Cappucino Creme Brulee was my pick of the desserts. Its a show stopper simple dish for strong coffe lovers like me. Yes, its strong but absolutely divine. Then comes the Mango Cheese Cake which excelled in terms of visual appeal as well as strong flavor of mango and no artificial flavours and was spot on. Chocolate Pudding was another show stealer, looks decieve and though it looked so simple. the smoothness, richness and the exquisite flavor not overpowering your sweet tooth was absolutely brilliant. Almond Choco Cake & Strawberry mousse did make the desserts expeience to a good finishing touch.

Service & Hospitality:

            The man himself Mr. Suryaveer singh aloong with his eminent captains and crew tried teir level best to keep things the best they could offer. Though hungry 40+ foodies were demanding prompt serice and refills, the crew was on their feet all the time and thats not, always with smiles which makes a big impact and a very simple but often missed factor. The crew is one of the best coordinated ones you can see in hyderabad. They were able to serv the event customers and the same time took care of normal incoing guests and preferences. Suryaveer definitely has put in prompt thought to get the right crew and I gues they are his true asset. Good job and keep this the seme way as it begins good always and then deteriorates in due course and often I tick off places that fail to prove their consistency in this factor. ALL THE BEST.


   V Junction Global Eatery , as the name proclaims is a conglomeration of multiple cuisines under one roof ranging from global to local and still somehow achieves satisfactory delivery in terms of dishes and quality of course. If you dont mind shelling a bit extra for a complete and lavish buffet experience and not burn your hands at top fine dining places, V Junction is where these two requirement meet. Visit them and I vouch you wont be dissappointed.

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