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New York Tavern

              "Vera Pizzeria", A cute little Italian food stop made waves when they launched Pizza Buffet for affordable price and made the right noises. Having skipped two invites during the launch and another event, I think I was destined not to visit this place for some reasons. Then came in the invite to try out their new concept of Battle Of Pizzas where Chef Vishal has tried to make Desi version of pizzas Vs International ones to see which fonder into Hyderabadi palates more but keeping the authenticity and concept of Pizzas. I along with few more members of our F.o.o.d.i.e. S.q.u.a.d went in on a Thursday evening to try out them and find out if they are worth the talk and most importantly are they VFM ?

Note: This review experience is based on Management Invite and was on the house & review shared is honest and unbiased in the interest of fellow readers and foodies.

      We were seated as we kept arriving and then came Chef Vishal who introduced himself and walked us through with the concept. At first he asked us to chose one Desi variant with which he will pair a secret International pizza variant and vice versa. We had multiple choices and looking at our speed, Chef decided to send out his choices and hot picks from both DESI and VIDESI categories which made our job easier.

      As we waited for the main pizzas, we were served some mocktails including Banana & Almond Smoothie - this was rich smooth and extremely refreshing, Fruit Tango which was a bit more tangy for a mocktails but felt good in the climate and finally Chocolate Monk which was another standard chocolate milkshake and nothin fancy.

      Then came a Garlic Pizza Roll which is different from the traditional garlic bread sticks which disappeared in a jiffy as we were all damn hungry. The drinks could definitely improve and give some rich flavors to contrast the strong flavored pizzas for sure.   

Fruit Chatpata (Desi) : Now on first look of this pizza served, I thought well how is this boat shaped pizza gonna impress me. One bite and I was like WOW. The fruit chaat inspiration having grapes and other subtle sweet fruit cuts, was amazing melody in my mouth and to me this was the PIZZA OF THE DAY for me irrespective of what followed that night. People who want different spin off from regular flavors in pizza should definitely try this. Also the sauce of the base did compliment the sweetness.

Kolhapuri Spice - Veg (Desi) : Now this came in from Chef's recommendation and when served the veggie in our table, said Oh god another non-veg pizza but it was named Kolhapuri Spice - Veg which made all of us go WHAT??? Yes, you heard it right, a fish shaped pizza just to tease the meat lover in you but at the same time give a satisfaction to a veggie who otherwise cannot relish anything FISHY :) This again was apt in north Indian spices and made again with super soft and consistent pizza base. The sauce again was different than the regular marinara sauce which is boring to see it in all and also was super crispy on the outer. Everybody who normally prefers meat variants liked it as well.

   We were served both Desi and International pizzas in a mix and match style and so I have put in pizzas in no particular order along with my review of them and my taste preferences.

Farm Fresh Pizza (International) : This is your regular international variant in any good pizza spot and the flavor of this item makes or breaks the place's pizza acquaintance and its authenticity. Thank god the pizza base was soft, consistent without any watery feel to it but intact to hold the entire toppings. Filled with Jalapenos, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumber, cheese and other veggies, It was fresh , clean and definitely cheesy goodness.

Roasted Lamb Pizza (International) : This one Is also quite similar to the one you get in dominos and pizzas is what I perceived when I saw it but then on first bite, I was proved wrong. The succulent yet perfectly roasted lamb pieces well balanced with the olives , red chilies and apt amount of cheese made this one super smooth in terms of flavor and with contrasting spice levels, this was a instant hit in the table.


Katti Kheema (Desi) : Mutton makes everything rich and super tasty if you are a pure HYD foodie. This mutton kheema mince filled in a pizza roll was something again which Wowed us on the cook and richness of the meat at the same time not compromising the pizza authenticity anywhere. The sauce definitely was a killer in this.


Sea of Spice (Desi) : Finally a sea food pizza which had fish and prawn pieces over Chettinad spice flavors and very subtle coconut shavings inside which is not so strikingly visible. The sea food aroma together with the to-the-dot spice levels from South Indian standards really made it another WOW variant. Again the base consistency impressed us.

Veggie Roast (International) : This one was your typical veg variant with fresh veggies and a tint of masala over it and had spinach and coriander in it. I would say this was good but others took over this by miles.

Chicken Wings : Finally as we screamed WE ARE FULL, chef served us these delicious and yummy looking chicken wings. They were spicy but not over the board , succulent and at the same time something different in the spice mix . It wasn't Hyderbadi nor your regular tandoor types, but was definitely delightful. WE finished off the meal with this dish on a strong note.

         No Meal ends without dessert, not with me . NO WAY. We were served with a beautifully crafted Fruit Tart which is a whipped cream on a tart base, apple n kiwi slices and pomegranate seeds and strawberry gel sauce. The freshness it gave was commendable but wasn't A WOW dish but considering this comes from their regular Buffet menu, I felt it fits well for a regular buffet there. We did propose few changes or ideas to twist it to Chef which was received well.

                Then came this Choco ball shells with stuffing inside. As the steward poured hot chocolate sauce, the shells melted opening up a mix of coffee ice cream , brownie and toffee sauce mix in the middle. The combination of each of the ingredient - be it the hard choco shell, pudding, coffee ice cream and the sauce - it worked really well and finished the meal on a really high note. Note : They are still to name this one and so try them and provide your feedback . Who knows your choice can get into their menu.

          After the entire meal, our team sat with Chef Vishal and had a detailed feedback and discussion session and it was definitely encouraging to hear how chef tries umpteen combinations to get the right spice levels and combinations and provide variations in sauces for each pizza on the menu. We were also asked to provide our TOP Favorite in the BATTLE OF PIZZAS which to me was very tough as each one impressed me in different levels but if I had to pick one, I would go to Fruity Chatpata by a minor margin above Khatti Kheema. 

Service & Hospitality:

            Chef Mr. Vishal and lovely steward Shivam ensured we had a great time and as it was tasting session, nothing much went down south and overall we were taken care promptly and totally satisfying.


           Vera Pizzeria is definitely a front runner after my today's experience in terms of providing variety and authenticity to pizzas than the run-to-mill brands out there pricing at rocket prices but this on other hand keeps it more reasonable and also customizable for young crowds. I saw this place was buzzing even on a weekday evening and that shows the PLACE DELIVERS. Food impressed me really good and I would definitely recommend this place for any pizza lovers and still want to keep it light on their pocket. VISIT AND I'M SURE U WONT BE DISSAPPOINTED.

Note: This review experience is based on Management Invite and was on the house & review shared is honest and unbiased in the interest of fellow readers and foodies.

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