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UP The Bistro


       UP THE BISTRO is another newbie in the hot and happening Gachibowli Area where IT ventures and food ventures are hoppning left and right. Owned by Mr. Yousuf Ahmed , Mr. Chandra Shekar Reddy and their partners, this place is coming up in the most exciting and of course risky sector of open terrace bistro which has been quite a rage in the city for quite sometime and there have been many many in last few years. Will UP The Bistro UP the lounge game, time has to tell :) but I feel they got the right tools and need to put up a rocking show in next few months.


Visit Scenario:

      A big foodie meet up was organized by lovely Bro Zubair Zuby Zu as the Management of UP Bistro invited a pack of passionate foodies for a dinner experience and share the joy of food with them. Invited with an amazing set menu, a big pack of foodies met at this place for dinner at 19th Feb, 2016.

Note: This was an reviewers table invite organized by the Management and the food was on the house. Review is unbiased to ensure they work on the areas of improvement but I feel they got almost everything right.

Ambiance (Decor & Interiors):

          Located on the top floor , as you enter you get to see a breezy lazed out lounge setup inviting you to sit down, relax and be yourself. A little bick too dark for my liking but then when you are with a pack of like minded food passionist and food-a-holics, who cares right :) The place has got a subtle decor to it nothing over the top scene, with minimal but effective decor. They have 4 sections - open terrace section, covered roof top open section, inside fine dining section (around 40+ pax - being planned and under construction) and of course a unique over the top terrace section for hooka lovers and of course people who luv heights and want to have a glimpse of Happening Gachibowli. The lightings were sufficient but I felt could have been done a bit more artistically suiting the theme of UP THE BISTRO. There is also a sense of relaxedness in the air which makes you just relax. Being the only open terrace on this side of road of Gachibowli, they have got loads to prove but with my experience , I think they are there but need to be a notch above the competition. They are planning to put up fine dining (interior section soon) and lots of ideas of beautification is in plans. I wish them very best. Overall I felt a little bit more vibrant energy and lighting would excite people but it could be just me.


Fusion - Live Band by CORNER STONE:

     The management had organized a Fusion Live band by Corner Stone Band which was formed in 2013 they feature  Genre: #Rock #Alternative #CARNATIC FUSION #BOLLYWOOD #BLUES The crew consisting of Raghav(Vocals,Lead) Nani (Canjon) Joe (Guitars) & Theo (Sitar, Rap ) delivered some unique fusion mixes of unimaginable numbers acorss genres and just kept them coming on and on. Raghav as such was a tough guy delivering non-stop rendition without break(s) though I felt we as audience could have encouraged them better :) We are foodies you know - food blinds us. They also launched a new fusion track called "Phenomenon" and thought wasnt the best, I liked it and it justifies to kind of music you want to hear in such places. Overall amazing performance and hats off to them. To know more of this band, visit

    This was a huge and amazing set menu planned and offered by Management so that we could enjoy most of their key signature dishes and provide feedback for betterment (if any). I would say at high level 70% of them delivered it in a unique way and there is definitely scope of improvement but nothing hard for them to perfect.



     Mocked Champagne  a fusion of ginger ale and pineapple juice and was decent. They could perfect the mixture ratio to get an energizing feel to it as for such places the drinks sets the right context to head into the whole experience.

    Passion Delight was my pick of the day on drinks as it was vibrant and a bit more on the lemony flavours but then I felt it did justice to my pallete and felt refreshing. Of course, this as well needs perfection.

    Virgin Pina Colada another regular in most of the loungers and this was no different and neither did WOW me. It had some strong essense flavor to me and could be better..


Soupds & Starters:

    Tom Kha Soup (Non-veg) and Cream De Funi (Veg) soups were served in quite massive cups. Both were decent and had good flavors. Non-veg soup had strong cocunut cream to it and wasnt to my liking.


     Starters Veg : Ajwani Bharwan Mushroom, Teekhe Mutter Anjeer Tikki ,Paneer Sandwhich Kebab and Malai Broccoli

     Mushroom and Malai Broccoli were my picks as both were well cooked and well presented. Even a person who doesnt like Broccoli would like this dish and I would say this easily can be their signature starter.


     Starters Non-Veg : Coal Cooked Cilantro Pesto Prawns , Murgh Mirch Tikka , Spicy Chilli Lamb & Mylapore Fish Fingers

     Now except Murgh Tikka, everything delivered to me. Pesto Sauced tossed prawns were amazing and quite unique flavours and nicely done. Spicy Chille Lamb was the SHOW STOPPER to me as it had the spicy flavors shouting out on the first bite and I loved every bite of it. I would hit this oneagain and again. Mylapore Fish Fingers with 2 sauces to accompany was also something good and interesting but I felt and of course intrigued with the refer to Mylapore City in Chennai reference. May be Time will tell.


Hookah - Sheesha :

      Of course who wouldnt try hookah in abistro. They do have some decent flavors like double apple, kiwi delight which were quite on the decent front. Some were strong some were weak and there was inconsistency on the rounds but as a newbie I can say they need to get this act right to attract the right pulse of crowd in this area.

Main Course:

    I was too stuffed to the core and tried a few of the dishes. he mTawa Gosht Biryani, Butter Naan with Tandoori Masala Roast Chicken & Fish with Sour Red Chillies Curry. Both dishes of curries were amazing. Briyani in a Bistro - I know you can laugh if you want but I liked it, had the right texture on the meet and rice was flavorful. Definitely not the best but fulfilling. Naans were basic fillers nothing WOW about it.


     I should say after a long time, (of course after SPICE 6) a place WOWed me in the desserts section. We had the following including a new-to-be-launched Indian Fusion Tart.


    Blueberry Cheese Cake and Strawberry Cheese Cake both the cakes DELIVERED SPOT ON (well almost). the crunchy tart in the bottom was so soft and crumbling but yet kept the cheese cake mixture so well and on flavors delivered almost a perfection.


     Indian Fusion Tart a new experiment from the Chef is basically a unique try of infusing gajara ka halwa on a crunchy tartlet and jamun to top served over a web of strawberry syrup. I loved the idea and definitely flavours were there but I felt the tart as such could bring in some contrasting flavors to the otherwise regular gajar ka halwa. Definitely not concerning but then the sweetness from both desi sweets should be compensated from some flavors coming form the crunchy base. Something they need to re-think and try out.


    Mooch Waali Meethi Lassi - Well I'm kinda of allergic to curd or its based drinks and Lassi is something that many have tempted me to try but I kind of walke away from it every single time. Looking so tempting on the tinted glass jars, I went ahead and sipped with so much aversion but I would say I kind of liked it. Immediately I woudltn say I'm gonna be a Lassi fan but then its a good start for some one who has stood away from lassi for 20+ years :)  Nice punch and freshness from it and I did gulp half of the serving.


  Overall a absolutely promising start - a bit down main course but almost perfect finale in desserts ensured that our big foodies meet came to a exciting finish and one to remember for sometime. OF course, company of fellow foodies with common passion about food and music made it even more elevated and enjoyable one. Thanks to every one who made it to the meet up.

Service & Hospitality:

      Mr. Yousuf and his team (mainly Madhu bhai) ensured that we were continuously fed and never wait too much for any items and didnt had to turn up for anything more. Its just they knew what was required next and kept them coming with proper co-ordination and orchestro from MR. Yousuf. Guys its tough to satisfy a single foodie like me but then with almost 15+ foodies who are so focussed on gulpin n sippin , I feel these guys delivered it and a big applause for them to keep up with us and our noise :P


   Overall a good debutant lounge in this area and delivering some unique and good food. Lots more review tides are up ahead and I hope and wish them all the best that they come out of them successfully . Definitely they have areas to work upon and perfect but considering they are just up 1 month and running and with some good ideas by the owner(s), this place deliver above expectation(s) if they focus on few subtle things and deliver them in their own unique way. Overall people who wanted a relaxed bistro with some good food, good hookah and of course loads of fun chit chats with friends, definitely try this out - YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED.

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