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Tiki Shack - Rooftop Bar


      Tiki Shack - is probaby one of the complete try out attempts of installing a pure shack like experience in Hyderabad - wherein most of the places in the vicinity of Banjara and Jubilee Hills is about fine dining or international cuisines. The place recently opened caught my eye because of the vibe delivered through fellow food critic pictures and the unique Menu namings as well.

     Located in the same building that also hosts Via Milano and EEat India Company, this place replaces the old "Fly High by LS " and caught our attention from Day 1. Well did i fair our debut dining experience? I should say YESSS.


Ambiance (Interiors & Decor):

      The place has a vast spread area as you enter the roof tap terrace. The woody OWL welcomes you as you grace into the open trrace area whigh high wooden charis and low light decor. As you cross them, you get this vast high cieling shack feel with inner seating with a full fledgeed bar service. The main attracting seating was the beach like goan shack feel in the center. Decored by fish nets and sand flooring, you can aramse relax without your footwear. The seating was very comfortable but I felt the table could have been a little more height to adjus tto the seating alignment as you had to bend down every single time for dining. 

    The main attraction to me was the vibrant simple ceiling with bamboo trays tossed as lamb shades and the color and the reddishness gave it a whole elevated feeling. Perfecto was the word for the creation. Overall the place delivered in terms of ambiance.

Mocktails & Cocktails:


Chocolate Martini : 4/5

Self explanatory drink andyes the chocolate brought that sourness and sharpness to martini and it was indeed refreshing.


Water Melon Martini : 5/5

This new twist on regular martini was a refreshing release to me. The watermelon's freshness with martini's sharpness tallied the equation to me. Served as such in the water melon shell itself, thsi had a heavy dose of ice in between and martini served inside. The drink was refreshing but could have been a tad stronger.


Kala Katta Martini : 3.5/5

The name prompted me to taste it but it was OKish I should say among the drinks we tried. Could have done more sharpness.


Orange Mojito : 4.5/5

Friend who had it said it was just prefect and refreshing as well. I didnt taste it.


We got bored of having regular ones and we went towards the bar and on light chat with the bar crew, we asked him to toss something unique and refreshing with our personal choices of alcohol for my friend and myself.


Bar Special (On request) Whiskey Sour with JD black Twist : 5/5

We asked him to do Whiskey Sour with a twist of usign JD black and make it strong. This was pure bliss. Too strong to me but then the kick it delivered on first sp was top notch. The bar guy sure does know his stuff really well.


Bar Special (On request) Secret Cocktail with Bombay Sapphire : 5/5

I asked him to make smoething of Bambay Sapphire as I'm avert fan of it during my US Days and I have neever had any drink with it in India. He did toss up a new drink with it and boy it was amazing. Again strong but that's what delivred the notch of Bombay Sapphire, a little of tabasco sauce elevated the drinking experience altogether.


Chocolate Martini
Kala Katta Martini
Orange Mojito
Whiskey Sour
Bar Special - Bombay Sapphire
Water Melon Martini

Food (Starters & Main Course):

    Let me really talk about their menu. Its a big monster to hold and have a quick view :) The most interesting and quirky thing was their food category names like  "Mera Pyaar ka rass rara - Chakhna", "Slider - Weeee", "Abeyy OOO - Pakdoe","Phraans",""Jurassic PORK", "Woh Cone thi". ONE of the most amazingly thought through and cracking menu I have seen in recent times.


Chilli Oink Oink : 5/5 

Man those were pure bliss. The prk was prefectly cooked and served with ample sauce in it. the oink oink really made us go Oink Oink. Finally a place I can vouch for pork dish and consistency.


Pork Ribs in BBQ Sauce : 4/5

This was also perfectly cooked pork meat ribs but the BBQ sauce was not upto the mark and on feedback they tossed it with more dosage of BBQ Sauce but that also didnt much justice but overall good cook on the meat.


Calamari Kaaram : 4.5/5

I always love claamari but this dish name raised eyebrow and so we ordered Taste was very good and apt usage of andhra style karam podi on batter fried squid. The dish was sumptuously snacky and crunchy.


Wasabi Mayo Phraans: 2.5/5

The worst of the night. The prawns were amzingly cooked but there was no touch of wasabi in flavor or looks. The Mayo also was very low quantity drizzle that we hardly realized it was there. The whole dish fell flat being so bland.


Achari Murgh : 5/5

                Another rock start dish. The chicken was awesome and star ingredient did scream the best way - Achar. The blend was near prefect and this vanished in no time in front of us.


Chicken Pizza : 4.5/5

 We opted the customizable Chicken Pizza (499 /-) and added very few toppings with BBQ sauce. The pizza was enough for 3 of us and we easily could feel the freshness of cheese and the book on the base . The BBQ chicken was prefect and so as such we found another amzing pizza place in our list as there are very few who notch it close to authentic.

Chilli Oink Oink
Achari Murgh
Ribs in BBQ Sauce
Wasabi Mayo Phraans
Chicken BBQ Pizza

Service & Hospitality:

            Apt & sufficient is what I could say. Always reachable nothing fancy or uniquely mentioning about. No complaints.


    Tiki Shack is definitely a new breath of fresh air in sowm of newbies coming up in jubilee and banjara hills. The shack style with nice and vibrant music being played definitely is a crowd puller. The menu by itself should have some serious fans including me. Overall the place for its ype did live upto my expectations and I'm definitely coming back to xplore their menu and drinks. A PROMISING AND DELIVERING DEBUTANT as I should quote and end.

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