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               No matter which kind of cuisine makes you love food more and cling on to it, "There's is always room for desserts" and if that's shakes & gelatos, you know you are going to be drolling. Hardly you find people who would say NO to cold desserts irrespective of age. 6 - 60 always bows down to it. Tempteys is an ambitious venture started with intention to serve natural gelato based Premium Yumm-licious shakes and gelato Shakes. Vouching on their natural ingredients, they are less than a month old newbie and striving to trend a unique name for themselves in a bit challenging but always exciting steam of food spots.

         Owners are young entrepreneurs from Canada who wanted to venture into Food out of their passion and we met one of the owners Krish Magapu who is here for few months and ensuring the establishment into Hyderabad is solid and picks up good. I was invited to review their products and provide feedback for any improvements and ideas on the same. The place as you enter is slick and neat, no over done décor and keeping it minimal and portraying Purple & White colors all across works well. It was pleasant and sufficiently well lit. The seating is comfortable but I felt they could have provided little height on the table servings. The place for it location will definitely make waves if they hit it right and I think for most part of it, they are there. They basically import all the natural fruit pulps from Italy Brands to ensure the best of Quality for customers and are in no mood to compromise on that even on cost perspective and this angle of the owner himself and having a vision about the technology behind the gelatos is a good sign for a good place that's venturing into a competitive landscape.

Note: This review experience is based on Management Invite and was on the house & review shared is honest and unbiased in the interest of fellow readers and foodies.

          Their menu is clean and simple and you choose either of two bases - Gelato Base or Avalanche Yogurt Base and then select the fillings which are preset across multiple categories (fruit based, Choco based, premium shakes and healthy shakes). The pricing is 120 - 180 ALL INCLUSIVE which I feel after relishing their shakes feel complete VFM and definitely wont hit your pocket for a quick and relaxing experience in the DLF Area.

          We had the option to pick up anything from the menu and with recommendations from owner who also is conversant to make the shakes himself, we tried the following array of shakes and overall I would say THEY DELIVERED.

           We started with Raspberry Day which made of fresh raspberries and home made ice cream with raspberry syrup. This was absolutely delightful , not too thick and at the same time giving flavors on the first sip and I could feel the minute raspberry slices as well for the experience. RECOMMEND IT.  Next followed Peach Mango which was the yogurt variant having peach syrup and mango along with mango crush , somehow I didn't get this flavor hitting WOW for me. It was a passable one as I felt the peach syrup didn't provide the leverage it should do for an yogurt based drink but not a bad one either as me who is Yogurt avert could enjoy it but as we allowed the yogurt to melt a little bit and then tasted it, it actually did better. So give it a try. Next from fruit section was Crunchy Orange which is crushed wafer rolls and corn flakes with whipped cream and sprinkles. This one was on the passable side as well as the soaked corn flakes actually didn't give much crunch per the name and I felt rather they would play it with orange pulp slices which would give the orange citrus feeling over the orange syrup along with may be some nuts like walnut to give the overall crunch feel.

                   Next we moved on Choco based drinks which started with Choco Brownie which just BRILLIANT. The nuttiness of brownie and the thick chocolate flavor uniformly all across the drink and you can feel the flavors from the first sip bang on. MUST TRY. This was followed by Mr. Cake Fruitti which name wise sounded very intriguing and so had to try it. Its the basic fruit cake blended with tutti fruitti with ice cream, whipped cream and fruit cake shavings on top. This was good but not WOW as the fruit cake mashed ice cream was almost giving a standard Choco frappe feeling and we couldn't really get the tutti fruitti flavors. They should play with more of the dry raisin jellies inside to give the contrast of the flavors and definitely can improved to top notch.  Then came in the ever popular kid option Bubble Gum flavor which we all know gets instant hit and attention from kids in such kind of dessert outlets. Frankly this was our last but most anticipated one as we wanted to see how they bring out but unfortunately was the let down of the evening. It was almost a light strawberry flavor vanilla ice cream shake with bubble gum gel syrup infused. unless you have the gel, you don't get to identify it as bubble gum flavor and nothing proved for me on the flavor and they should definitely work on it big time.

                   We always feel to reserve the BEST FOR THE LAST and I felt the last 3 of these shakes offered (not in order) nailed it big time and THESE ARE OFFICIAL GASTROHOGGER'S RECOMMENDATIONS from this place.

                 Coffee Brownie which every coffee lover can relish was absolute delight. The bitterness from the strong coffee base complimenting and at the same time contrasting the bitterness from the brownie mash and pieces played a perfect balance and was top notch that we sipped it in a jiffy.


                 Blue Fall was the best recommendation by the owner who stated it should visually appeal and on served, we acknowledged it. The sky blue effect with dark blue syrup all across and colorful sprinkles on top made the wonder more amazing. This is a unique flavor made out of blue strawberries which is a rather rare ingredient I have heard of and is very seasonal per the owner. The flavor spoke for itself and nothing has to be hyped for it. GO FOR IT.

                 Raising Rum was THE BAAP OF ALL SHAKES (Alcohol based and so note it). A heavenly mix of rum infused and soaked raisins, chocolate and ice cream, whipped cream and some nuts, this one on first sip would make any RUM lover go gaga about it. The perfect balance of the rum in the raisins complimenting the chocolate and ensuring nothing over dominated each other made this THE BEST of the evening hands down and me and my other foodie friend who have alcohol, slurped it till last drop and went to FOODGASM.

Service & Hospitality:

            Of course with the place being almost empty when we started and served by the owner himself Mr. Krish, we had no issues of service and the drinks were brought one after the other to ensure we enjoy each flavor in its individual way. The staff person was also courteous and I should say when we finished the place was packed.


           Tempteys has got all the ingredients and strategy for making it a big success if they keep to play it simple and keep the quality consistent and not to compromise or glamorize much from what they have. Also I feel they should play with some flavors and based on my Raising Rum experience, they should play more with Alcohol based shakes as there are hardly big players in this sector. They are on right track and if they tweak some passable flavors and keep signature ones screaming in their décor, THEY ARE THERE. Wishing them all the best for keeping a good run all across and I'm definitely coming back.

Note: This review experience is based on Management Invite and was on the house & review shared is honest and unbiased in the interest of fellow readers and foodies.

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