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T Grill - Amazing Family Style Dining

     After impressed by their new outlet in Hi-tech Area , I was quite confident about the offerings in their main Branch in Madhapur and I should say T Grill has definitely impressed me in providing some amazing dishes and coupled with nice soothing relaxed family dining décor. Located in Kavuri hills, this restaurant might not have been in your list but if you are looking for a good family dining in this area, you definitely need to hit this place .

   The restaurant is huge, I mean really huge and it houses some amazing artwork that grabs your immediate attention if you are an art lover like me. The rustic brick red color and mood is maintained throughout and ample lighting as well. The tables are nicely spaced so that you can be very comfortable an also have privacy in your conversations. They also have 3 huge corporate PDRs which can house 20-40 people easily and will definitely attract corporate crowds near that area. With owner Chaitanya explaining their intent and kitchen operations, I know they are slowly building some nice quality execution and would keep getting nice recognition in upcoming times .

Note: This review is based on Food Tasting Invite but review and opinion stands unbiased in interest of readers.

               We started with something we didn't expect to be served there and they just did :). Since this is Ramadan season, they serve mutton and veg Haleem and so we started our order with that. Mutton Haleem definitely was flavorful but not close to authentic one due to mainly lack of mutton proportions. Flavor wise its a good option. Veg Haleem on the other hand impressed me very well. The nice balance of wheat and richness was prominent and definitely one of the best veg Haleems if you are looking for one. Crispy Babycorn gave a WOW feel with the super crunchy baby corn fries with nice flavors and spices. Do try them. Tandoori Veg Platter had an amazing array of veg starters including mushroom, kheema veg, hara bara kebabs , spring rolls and paneer. Most of them tasted amazing except the harabara kebabs which was too much bland for any of our liking and dry as well. Others impressed us.

          On non-veg starters, they scored home run in most of the dishes. We started with Nalli Vepudu which set top tone for the array of dishes to be served. The spice level, richness from the ground made spice paste and cook on the meat, simply WOW This was followed by Natukodi Vepudu (Chicken Fry) again impressed us with same rich spicy masala on well cooked country chicken. Next came Boti Fry which was another classic dish and they didn't screw it up. The richness of the spices again impressed us and the boti as such was super soft and the crunchy curry leaves made the dish to whole new level. Kaju Chicken was probably not the best as it was dry and we couldn't get much of cashews flavor but was cooked perfectly and they can definitely improve on this.

   The non-veg starters still kept flowing due to owner's recommendation that we should try them. Tangdi Kebab  was flavorful but was a bit dry and felt could have been served few minutes out of the tandoor. Bheja Fry had nice flavor again but nothing WOW about it as I felt it could have been cooked much but the typical Andhra spicy masala was dominant and definitely spice lovers will like it. Chicken Wings & Chicken Kebab both needs big improvement as both were too dry and flavor was not so prominent compared to the quality and flavor levels set by other dishes. These dishes were very much passable to me.

        Their authentic Telugu rice dishes I should say impressed us big time and they should be the must try dishes in their menu when you visit them. Just go there if you love rich flavorful rice dishes.


       Mamadikkaiya rice (both veg & mutton) both were brilliant and couldn't be perfected anymore. The gentle and clear flavor coming from the mango infused was evident and every spoon was yummilicious. Kudos to Chef on this one

          Then we tried Chinta Chiguru rice which is basically made similar to tamarind rice except they are done with tamarind seeds which are very seasonal and delicate to cook with. The flavor was nothing like traditional tamarind rice but was different. Not many will like such low flavor rice but I wouldn't complaint about it. Ragi Sangati with the dal and chutney served was nice and smooth. Thought it wont WOW everyone, it justified the dish and went well with the condiments.

         Ulavacharu Palak Paneer - You might as well like me might raise your eye brow on hearing such a dish and it looks very similar to traditional palak paneer curry but on tasting it, was blow away by the rich Ulavacharu flavor coming through at the same time retaining the unique flavor of palak paneer as well. The soft paneer elevated the dish's richness. Must try dish.

        Bagara Rice with Mutton Dalcha was another nice combination which the owner did stress on their pride and yes they indeed worked very well. Mutton Dalcha was impressive but I have had better ones but coming from a place which is predominantly boosting telugu dishes, it was nice and flavorful. The only big disappointment of the night came in the form of their Chicken Dum Biryani which was totally bland, over domination of spices and less of basic biryani essence. Very much below average while the other dishes knocked us big time.

         Dessert always excites us, be who you are and where you are. Having tried their desserts in their hi-tech city area outlet I was sure to get the same experience and nothing more and I was wrong big time as came in the star of the night - Gajar Ka Halwa which was brilliant and super soft cooked carrots. Easily one of the best ones I have had this year. Then came in the known surprise Kadhu Ka Kheer and this dish was again a brilliant dessert and same taste as in the other outlet. The dessert was crowd favorite of the night. Double Ka Meetha was the other dessert of the trio magic but this was OKish for me. Not that it lacked anything but wasn't the best of the lot and definitely being in the city of Nizams, we might get better ones for sure in our food journey. 


           T Grill - Their main outlet definitely has impressed me with their quality of dishes and keeping them close to authentic and also give nice variety of options like telugu dishes, tandoor and pulaos for regular customers and family diners. Big Shout out to Owner Chanakya & their team for hosting us and leaving us this dining experience a gala time. We really enjoyed the food and feedback was well received by Chef who has promised to definitely work on the main thing. The main feedback was to add on authentic telugu veg starters where they have to pay attention to give wholesome meal experience for vegetarian customers as well. Hope they work on it sooner and I'm sure this place if they keep their consistency and service engagement, can definitely do good in the area with limited authentic dining options.


Note: This review is based on Food Tasting Invite but review and opinion stands unbiased in interest of readers.

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