Food scenes across India has been changing every since not only in dining restaurant options but on dine-in options as well. What was considered as out-of-sense dining options are not trending mainly due to technological advancements and also life style and cultural changes in the society. 5 years ago, If someone says lets have frozen food, you will say "Are you nuts? We can cook our own" . For a family model setup that time, it made sense, with the always 24*7 busy life style today where family members don't get to spend much time other than dining together, it has become a must or rather need of the hour to be at least with the family during meal times. Frozen food I think has brought in some solace to that aspect in terms of busy working class couples mainly where they don't have to again head out to dine together but to be with each other and having to dine something at home. Now when two working individuals as a couple head home, you don't expect either of them to have energy or excitement to cook and more importantly patience to wait until cooking is done, they want something quick and fast but at the same time with taste and flavors.


     This is the cadre where Frozen foods have slowly got major significance and usage to bridge gaps of food availability for dine-in options so that people don't have to waste time travelling for dining together. Last 5 years, has seen tremendous growth in this industry, that now every super market has a separate section for frozen foods ranging from pizza, burgers, fries, vegetables and what not. Sumeru Foods (

a brand leader in frozen foods in India. It is part of Innovative Foods Limited (IFL) is a major player in the Indian food processing industry since 1989. Under the brand name 'Sumeru'. they manufacture and market various types of ready to eat vegetarian, non-vegetarian which includes sea food. They have retailed the multi-category product portfolio across the country with a presence on all major modern trade counters with a pan India presence which covers all tiers of cities and towns. Also, they have embarked our presence in the Indian ethnic export market viz USA, Canada and UK, while the manufacturing units are located in the south Indian state Kerala, Kochi.

       Sumeru has frozen products broadly classified as Classiques (parathas) , Five senses (meat and sea food) and Wassup (Fries & Snacks) among which Classiques parathas already are famous for their authentic Indian Taste. The Parathas in Classiques brand are prepared with original recipes and a blend of spices from the traditional kitchens. Every product is maintained in at a frozen temperature of 18 degrees. They can go straight onto a pre-heated tawa & cooked on a simmered flame for 3 minutes (flipping it every 30 seconds) OR by placing them in a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees for 7 minutes approximately.

      Their first Classiques series has 7 unique flavors : Ajwain Paratha, Malabar Paratha, Methi Paratha, Jeera Paratha, Onion Paratha, Aloo Paratha &  Flaky Paratha. 


       Their new launch of Parathas 2.0 is to introduce 4 new flavors namely : Beetroot & Jeera , Turmeric & Ajwain, Multigrain & Methi and Spinach varieties. I was invited for the Parathas 2.0 Launch at ITC Kakatiya , Hyderabad by their GM IFL, Mr. Suraj Sharma and Sumeru brand ambassador  , Host & Judge of Master Chef India Season I and II, Mr. Ajay Chopra. With lot of media coverage and fan-fare, Chef introduced the 4 new flavors. Wait, the event didn't stop there. He himself dished out 3 outstanding stellar dishes out of the Classiques parathas right in front of the audience and served it. His artistry and fluidity on the cooking was evident. He being brand ambassador, spoke about how Classiques parathas are high in brand and quality in terms of shelf life and flavors among other brands and why he chose to be associated with the brand.

     Chef after brief about the products himself dished out 3 amazing dishes live.

     Quesadilla made with methi & spinach paratha was simple, elegant and had rich Desi flavors but the simple tomato salsa and sour cream elevated the Indian dish to be a true Mexican classic. Lasagna was another straight hit with rich layers of cheese, veg fillings and layers of various flavored parathas, this was absolutely sinful. We could eat it on and on. Finally Shammi Kebab Roll was a fitting finale dish where the richly made shammi kebabs themselves were amazing and when sandwiched inside the flaky parathas and added cream and sauces, they turned out simple but brilliant in flavors. Overall we were the privileged few who could taste Chef's creations right away and were blown away with the flavors still intact and also could appreciate the quality of those frozen parathas. With a load of goodies including their Classiques Parathas v2.0 samples and other promotional content and of course a branded Cook apron, I was more than delightful to be part of such a unique launch event and get to share space with such a a celebrity Chef who is an idol and inspiration for many chefs and cooks in this vast Country. Him vouching for a brand itself is the biggest recommendation by itself.

    You can order them online via the online portals: Big Basket ( , Grofers ( & Zop Now (

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