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Subway Cafe - Banjara Hills

       Subway is not new to anyone who knows about their QSR kiosks all acorss the world and India as well known for their healthy sandwiches and salads. Started in 1965 by Mr. Fred DeLuca with a loan of 1000$ from his friend Dr. Peter Buck. The humble little submarine sandwich shop did change the landscape of food industry as we know.

      Having their foot print strongly in India as well, Hyderabad is no exception to embrace this fast food chain with both its hands and now its got 49 outlets all across hyderabad and couting as we speak. Subway India  with ideology to enhance the Subway experience has brought out the ideaology of Subway Cafe concieved and properly formatted by Mr. Sandeep Shah (Regional Manager , Andhra , Telangana and Odisha, Subway India) . Subway Cafe at Banjara hills is indeed got the prestige of being the first of its kind not only in India but also Asia. To celebrate and spread the word of the unique concept of Suway Cafe, their management invited a group of food passsionates on a saturday evening for an interactive discussion and also to experience "Make your own sandwich" works.hop

     Subway Cafe is more enhanced and upscale version of a typical Subway outlet paired with a separate exclusive beverages counter and more spacious seating arrangements. Also clubbed with an array of hot and cold beverages and fresh herbal tea variants at pretty competitive prices.

Note: This review experience is based on Bloggers Invite Event and food was on the house but experience and reviews shared is honest and unbiased in the interest of fellow readers and foodies.

    Plesantly greetted by  Mr. Sandeep Shah (Regional Head, Subway India) and Ms. Ruchi Pathania (from PR Marketing Subway) and , we started off with a quick video and presentation about Subway's history and growth which later followed off with a more detailed casual discussion with them about our experineces with Subway and feeedback as well. As we were seriously discussing, we were served their cold smoothies comprising off Very Berry Smoothie - a clear fresh smoothie out of blue berry and rashberry which was absoutely fresh and relishable,  Garden Mint Mojito - a syrup based mojito which was too syruppy and was not smudged properly and feedback was given for the same and finally with  Pulpy Mango Smoothie hich was definitely the least of my preference as it was too powdery on the top and too syruppy in the bottom and we did give our frank opinion on that as well.

Very Berry Smoothie

Very Berry Smoothie

Trio Drinks

Trio Drinks

Pulpy Orange Smoothie

Pulpy Orange Smoothie

    After some refreshing smoothies, we were served their new addition to subway menu - fresh all grains wraps. We were served their roasted chicken wrap , chicken wrap with peri peri sauce and customized version - Turkey wrap with harissa mayo.Roasted Chicken wrap was fresh and aptly clubbed with fresh lettuce and onions butthe harisso myo sauce was too strong for me and nullified the fres flavor of the meat and similar was my experince with Turkey Wrap but none the less the turkey slices were fresh.

Chicken with peri peri sauce -was of course spicy and not for mild sandwich and wrap lovers. Currently they have only 2 variants of of wraps - 1 veg and 1 non-veg but they have plans to bring in customization which might be in near future.

       For a break we had a detailed discussion about the beverages menu which comprises of hot ones like espresso and other coffee flavors and cold ones include mocha variants and flavored smoothies. Also they have an exclusive pastry section whcih is signature of the Subway Cafe. Pastries include fresh made cookies , carrot cake , cookie blast, choco cake triple layer, crossaint , bagel and hashbrowns.

   We were then served a combo of fresh made cookies including Single chocolate, Double choco magic and oatmeal.

Single chocolate and oatmeal are more regular ones which were by themselves very fresh and super soft. The surprise entrant was the double choco magic which they have imrpoved on the choco formulated and infused inside dark choco cookie which was absolutely divine. Superb they were and it was then followed by their in house crossaint which was super flaky and nicely baked to right texture. Taste was also almost spot on.

    We were then served their Carrot Cake which was visually appealing but they melted the white chocolate layering due to high temp in oven may be which melted throughout the cake. We then savored the cake which by itself was fresh but I would have preferred it more softer in texture and little les dominance of white chocolate which kind of marred the carrot flavor which should have been the hero of the dish. Hashbrowns - were served super piping hot and they were crisp but I felt they were bit raw or cooked fastly and I like my hash browns nicely grilled so that we get the crunchy texture on the top. This could be definitely improved.

       Further to our more discussions about their brand, we were then served samples of their flavored lattes and herbal teas.

Irish Latte - the most common lattes of all and it was super light and fresh. Aptly preparted.

Hazelnut Latte - I kind of not so WOWed by it as it was light for me but my friends liked it much.

Cinnamon Latte - This was preferred and appreciated by all as it left good after taste cinnamon flavor in your taste buds and yet was not overpowering.

Ginger bread Latte - This was personally my favourite of all flavors as it was strong and noting like others. I personallyr ecommend this.

Peppermint - This flavor was definitely not for the light hearted tea lovers. This was the strongest and almost close to polo circes. the moment you have a sip it cleanses the complete mouth with its freshness and you cannot definitely gulp the serving quantity for your order.

Rosehips & Hibiscus - This was another strong herbal tea which had a tangy flavor due to the rose hip fruits which are got from under the roshe bushes but the presence and essence of hibiscus was felt though I would liked it more stronger

Rooibos Orange  - This one was visually appealing as well as delivered the flavor not too strong not so mild as well. Right on the richness of orange and My pick of the teas was definitely this one.

     The whole session was none like any blogger's event I had attended, with such dedicated and serious discussions with their management who were so humble tot ake our feedback to ensure their brand embrance them and enhance the overall customer experience. Mr. Sandeep Shah himself was so friendly to talk about all subway's idealogies and next plans. As I had time constraint, I couldnt participate in their "make your own sandwich" but I'm sure it was a lovely activity. As a parting token of love they gifted this wonderful book by the Subway Owner himself named "Start Small Finish Big" along with some goodies.

         Definitely an evening to remember and definitely shows how much brands respect food passionates and bloggers' inputs and make it counted and Subway surely gave me an awesome event experience.

Note: This review experience is based on Bloggers Invite Event and food was on the house but experience and reviews shared is honest and unbiased in the interest of fellow readers and foodies.

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