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Spice 6


       Spice 6 - The Global Cuisine located in Banjara Hills is a no surprise favourite for many if you are into the foodie world. This place owned by Mr. Yousuf Khan is famous for their Lebanese, Mughalai, Chinese and North Indian cuisines and has been in my to go places for a long long time unfortunately for no reason. I think its just some places keep getting the same strong positive feedback from foodie world and you want to go there but it doesn't click. Dining at his place finally  happened and I'm so happy it did sooner than later and I'm just amazed by the experience.


Visit Scenario:

      A foodie group meet up initiated Taher Bhai and myself among fellow foodies for a week day dinner on 17th January , 2016. This place is favourite for the regulars and Obviously I think this was perfectly the right time and right company to visit this awesome place for their lebanese cuisine. Now lets homp on and Hog on :)

Ambiance (Decor & Interiors):

          Welcome by to High lit Spice 6 Banner, vibrant and classy glass door & vibrant Dark Blue Hoarding, this place is hard to miss on Banjara Hills Road #1 just after you pass Bikanerwala on your left. Ample vallet parking facility is a big relief as its a nightmare for parking otherwise. The interiors are done with minimal but effecti artistry pieces. Colorful dull chandliar lambs over the desserts / open salads counter. The open live kitchen with shawarma section clearly visible for diners. Comfortable seating covering maximum utilization of the space. The 1st floor is more of family dining section named Kabannah. Overall I liked the ample lighting and nothing so fancy that makes you out of place.

    Since we were a gang of 6 monsterous foodies, we decided to hog on the key signature dishes and we decided our menu to keep it simple and effective dinner.



     We all ordered Saudi Champagne  a mocktail version with fresh cut oranges, applies, mint leavs, lemon and orange juice and soda fizz. Sounds nothing fancy but then it was fresh and enough to make our palletes ready for hogging.



     We ordered for Chicken & Mutton Shawarma  for all of us (cut sections so that we dont stuff ourselves). Promptly served in aluminium foil wrappings and accompanied by garlic mayo dipping and hummus. I loved the chicken version as the meat just melted in my mouth and  my god , the garlic mayo was simple amazing and lip smacking. We all finished them in a jiffy. Mutton one was equally good and meat was beautifully cooked not too tender but soft for a shawarma feel but I felt it could have been more juice for me but others loved them. And at the end we cleaned our plates clean in minutes. We were also served traditional sides of pita bread and Hummus (Food dip or spread made from mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic) both of which were amazing and authentic. Hummus was the best I have had till date.

Main Course:

    We ordered for the huge mix meat platters and extra sauteed prawns. The mix Non-veg Platter had Fish Tikka , Murgh Nawabi Kebab, Murgh Adraki Kebab, Grilled Mutton and Sauteed prawns. Each dish in the platter was amazingly soft and freshly cooked and had the needed warmth in them. Most of the stuff just melted in my mouth as I scooped pieces over pieces. My pick was the Grilled Mutton as it looked more rawish but was cooked to near perfection, right heat, right flavors and more importantly the right texture for grilled version. Sauteed prawns was my next pick but those babies were so HUGE.. Each prawn was so full that if you eat 3-4 it could be a dinner meal itself for a normal foodie. We almost had push our limits to hog on 2 servings of it :)


       Khabsa Laham - How can I end up a Spice 6 meal without their ultra-famous dish. Tender slow cooked meat served with flavoured rice (garlic infused) and of course drizzled and garnished with toasted dry fruits and kismis (dry grapes). This dish screams aroma when it was served. I have had ones in other few places I know vouch for it, but hands down this on just blew me away. The meat was literally like butter melting in our mouths. Though we were fully done, we still were able to savor the meat as it was so soft n tendery. The rice did totally justice to the meat and was amazingly done. Hands down this was my pick of khabsa in HYDERABAD.


     Now this section (thought I know had some signature dishes that loads of foodies have recommended and talked to death), with quite still high expectations, still on tasting JUST BLEW ME OUT. Hands down this is the best finale of any of my dinner experiences where I went through #FOODGASM #FOODPORN #FOODHEAVEN.

     KUNAFA - Actually termed as künefe (Turkish) or Kanafeh, this turksish version of pastry is a semi-soft    

                        cheese made of raw milk, for filling base and layered with cheese and topped with wirey shreds 

                        called tel kadayıf and drizzled with shredded pistachios. This one was subtle, soft, not so ehavy thought

                        had cheese in it and of course was super light and yummilicious.

     UMM ALI - This bread pudding is an Egyptian dessert which means the mother of Ali in Arabic. Fusion dessert

                         consisting of Dry bread, dry raisin, nuts, cream mik and baked. 

                         THIS IS HANDS DOWN THE BEST DESSERT I HAVE HAD .....PERIOD..... 'nuf said.

        People who want to know and are curious, can read the history behidn the name of this dessert which is quite

        interesting (link below)


     BAKLAVA - Turkish sweet pastry made of layers of filofilled with chopped nuts and sweetened and held together

                          with syrup or honey. This one again amazed me with its subtle flavours and the rich nuts and the

                           syruppy texture just flowing in our hands to make us want enjoi this dessert.

Service & Hospitality:

             Spice 6 Service Team are down the professional, polite and courteous for customers category easily. They made us feel at home and ensured we get the right attention and ensure you go with a appetizing smile after your meal. Good job guys.


                 Now I know how much of a mistake I have done till date of postponing this place for such a long time. But I feel I hit this beauty with the right group of people who love and enjoy food and foodies company and I couldnt have asked more of such an awesome experience. A PURE DELIGHT FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE ARABIC/LEBANESE CUISINE and want to have a memorable dining experience. They made total justice to why they were awarded THE TIMES FOOD AWARDS 2016 for BEST ARABIC/LEBANESE RESTAURANT.

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