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Smokey House - Beer & BBQ

               Re-branded under the new name as Smokey House - Beer & BBQ , launched itself about less than a month now which was earlier operating under the name of "BBQ House" in the hot and happening Mind-space IT Area. The place which was competing in the live BBQ buffet format against some top names did make a big impact in providing quality meat BBQs and also top it off with a wide array of your regular buffet experience without compromising veg and non-veg options much. In my  multiple visits to BBQ house, I have never been disappointed in terms of food and quality f service received. After a brief hiatus, Owner Mr. Vineet along with new potential partners launched the place as "Smokey House" and bring in beer - quintessential component that goes so well with BBQ servings and put a very competitive pricing and buffet model that tops the earlier offerings.

            We the #FoodieSquad was invited by the owner for a review tasting session and being already there on a foodie group event, I know I would be complete satisfied and would definitely enjoy with my pack of gang.

         We started off with their trademark mocktails and both my favorites Blue Magic and Berry Love served were brilliant and I can keep gulping them again and again with consistency always there :) Mainly the berry love , I don't know how many a times I can gulp it and everyone loves it. Along with it comes our Hyderabadi favorite Paya Shorba, the picture itself should tell you about the cook and the richness of the shorba along with the perfectly cooked lamb trotters. This paya shorba was absolutely flavorful and almost trying close to the authentic one and is definitely amazing. Even my kid loved it that she cleared the bowl. With rich spices, this dish wont disappoint you anytime :)

                   This place always keeps me engage with their cold salads and always there is plenty of options to discover and they keep changing. Mainly the day's servings cold prawns and cream salad , Spice Chicken Salad & Coconut yogurt salad were amazingly fresh and definitely awakens your palate for freshness and enable you to move onto the feast.

The BBQ grill options are served on table as typical to any BBQ place and this place has loads of options in both veg and non-veg. Veg includes pineapple, mushroom, paneer, veggie skewers and non-veg has Tandoori chicken, prawns, fish and mutton sheikh  kebab. Everything is absolutely flavorful and cooked almost perfect. The veg skewers lacked seasoning due to low salt and since they are veg it resulted in more OKish experience but the non-veg item mainly the green sauce prawns were simply amazing. The fish BBQ also was equally good. Mutton Sheekh Kebab served on table also was very good and soft meat ensured we can gulp them almost without much chewing. Along with the BBQ items, they also served few more starters like Shanghai chicken, Chicken Manchurian Dry and on multiple refills they kept vanishing, that good they were. The Crispy Corn & Pepper also was another star dish which goes amazingly well with drinks and d most engaging finger food in the offerings.


   The new addition to Smokey House are the LIVE COUNTERS which have replaced their old live counter for fruit jilebi which itself was a big hit in the earlier buffet format. Now they have been replaced with LIVE MONGOLIAN COUNER & PASTA COUNTER. My favorite was the Mongolian section which had interesting meats like rabbit, duck, chicken and prawns. My top favorite is ALL MIX VERSION with both rice and noodles and all meats including squid, chicken, rabbit, duck and prawns along with all 3 of their sauces . Mainly their plum chilli sauce is amazing. This combination on request is made and I hope you love this combination of crunch and softness at the same time. Also appealing is the ITALIAN PASTA Counter and my default choice of Alfredo Chicken Mushroom pasta never goes wrong here and they make it the same way every time and it delivers without a doubt. Nothing WOW about it but it appeals more on a regular basis as comfort pasta without any flavor issues.

          Now if you think their starters and the live counters are no match for you, then be ready for a complete array of regular buffet experience where they have around 10 veg and non-veg dishes to keep you engaged for a complete meal experience.

My top picks are Mutton Bhuna Gosht , Crab Curry, Methi Murgh and even the veg dishes mainly the curries impress you but with Crab curry, paya shorba, Bhuna gosht, I doubt any hardcore non-veg person like me would venture into that section :) Do not miss the recommendations.


Mutton Bhuna Gosht
Methi Murgh
Crab Masala
Paya Shorba
Egg Masala
Egg Bhurjee
Chicken Dum Biryani
Veg Curries
Veg Curries
Veg Curries
Veg Curries

         If your foodie soul still looks for sweets and desserts after this humongous array of dishes and choices, they have three variants of cake, qubanni ka meetha, kaddu ki kheer and sevai ki kheer. They also keep rotating their desserts section but in this visit, both the kheers impressed me. Mainly the Sevai Ki Kheer though dry was very flavorful and completely felt home made without much flavor dilution. I loved that and all others were nothing extra-ordinary but typical buffet compliments which should fulfill your standard buffet requirements. There is also a LIVE ICE CREAM counter like OSS or Cream stone and they can mix and math ice cream flavors and with your favorite toppings of your choice. Options and choices here are always good and you can try if you but I was super full with the main dishes that I just relished only chocolate ice cream and it was good.

Service & Hospitality:

            With owner Mr. Vineet being our side to enjoy our company and Mr. Sai head operations looking over our table, we didn't feel a need to complaint on service front. The service was clean and smooth without any much hassles. I have been also for a foodie event before with around 50+ hungry foodies gorging on food and I could vouch that the service levels were consistent then and now and so they got it under control.


           Smokey House is definitely an excellent option if you want unlimited BBQ food and starters along with good drinks and beer at an more competitive price of 649 + Taxes and considering the locality, I feel its a striking deal for BBQ lovers. With the focus and quality on the main courses as well which goes amiss in other BBQ places, this place will definitely satisfy no matter what kind of dining requirement you have and their large PDR setup should give you private dining experience for corporate or private functions or events. DO check it out and I hope and wish you wont be dissappointed.

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