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Sly Tech Bar

              "Sly Tech Bar", the third venture from Claridges of Azure Hospitality is their new venture alongside Mamagoto and Dhaba in Western Pearl Building in Kothaguda. The bar is named aptly in the sense the entrance to the bar is as such deceiving and very cunningly placed as a typical wooden wall but alongside their reception area you do realize as they open the door, and you go "Wow. I didn't see that coming" and packed inside is a completely off-beat IT Techie's perspective of a bar. A pure IT techie can relate to it and it looks more of a messy workplace where things don't fall into place but innovations and Ideas sprout out. The place is completely asymmetrical in space or thought process and every inch of the bar is decor-ed with crazy but interesting art works and wordings. From the star trek characters to a God Father Movie inspired high Chair to the dark and shiny bar setup and the crazy bear logos everywhere. The place might deceive you to be a randomly planned one but I think that's their USP that the designers made it so clumsy to make it unique and yet make it feel relaxed when you sit back and relax.

               The place along with its IT version of a cook book based menu impressed me on the first look. Right from the quote "IT TECHIES NEVER QUIT" which I can relate so much too , the ideology behind the techie version of listing items was innovative. The item naming also have gone through some deep thinking and for most of it , I loved the ambience, the unique decor it has and definitely the menu work.

Note: This review experience is based on Management Invite and was on the house & review shared is honest and unbiased in the interest of fellow readers and foodies.

  We were invited for a food tasting session and we started with some cocktails as they are currently running 99 Rs Menu where they are serving plain liquor like Black Label (small) and some cocktails - interestingly named like Mr.Miyagi, Lychee Rose Martini and few more. They are regularly priced between 199 - 399 but are now on offering of 99 INR which by itself a BIG STEAL.I tried Mr.Miyagi which is basically orange marmalade with triple sec, and shaken served in a martini glass but the interesting twist is the typical martini glass was served on a glass with dry ice and the smokey effect made the drink all the more ravishing . Another cocktail that highly impressed me was Lychee Rose Martini where typical martini vodka was mixed with lychee juice and also with dash of rose petals and syrup. That contrasting flavors of lychee and rose made the drink quite unique again.

They don't have much options on the mocktails except may be 4-5. I tried Orango No-Mojito  which was looking like typical orange mojito but surprised me when they added orange chunks and also a dash of rose syrup which brought in a sharp contrast to an otherwise regular mojito. This was loved by everyone and went into multiple servings. Thai Nimboo pani  is another twist on a common man's sprite was adding kaffir lime leaves and a dash of lemon grass infusion which made it not sweet as your regular lime juice but a bit on the sour front but yet very refreshing. Overall both cocktails and mocktails mightly impressed me for their prices and definitely set the right tone for the place.

           Their menu is more of finger food type where you have varieties to choose from and each name and description wants you to experiment them but you just cannot eat that much food. Considering the price points of dishes from 150 - 350 I would say they are very well reasonable for the pricing around that area and if food delivers, you know they are gonna rock.

             We started off with Fish pointing Fingers which was an instant hit on its serving style and the crunch it gave on first bite. Aptly golden fried fish fingers served with chilli garlic mayo was an absolutely Winner for me - MUST TRY.

              This was followed by Chicken Biryani Balls - whose name itself is quite exciting enough to try and the dish made up of deep fried balls made of north Indian style chicken biryani and served like your typical cheese balls was killer and the imli chutney & mint chutney along side was simply scrumptious - MUST TRY. Next came C80s Jalapeno & Cheese peppers which looked so simple and low in quantity and definitely made us go its just chips and cheese balls. But the moment we tried the cheese balls, we knew it was super delicious. The gooey cheese melting in from the balls and the apt jalapeno balance it was infused with was brilliant and the crunch from the chips added more flavor to it.

     Next came in Dharamsala Chicken Momos now I have never been a fan of it may be I have never had it in the right places and know there are quite lot of places in Hyderabad for the same but never happened to me. This one was to the dot. Aptly boiled momos where he chicken was super soft cooked and the tangy chilli sauce was an amazing combination - MUST TRY.

      Next came Toast Master which visually looked appealing and is oriental veggies and potato mashed and made into a toast with sesame topping and served with chilli mango sauce dip. The toast as such had a tarnish taste over powering due to the sesame overload and didn't quite appeal to our palate much . The chilli mango sauce also was slightly over powering as well. But the crunch on the toast was definitely refreshing.

      We also got the non-veg variant of Toast Master Beijing Rotation Shrimp which was the shrimp variant but this one was more appealing due to the flavors of shrimp and nice cook on it. Again the dip wasn't appealing. They should definitely rework on that - MUST TRY.


        Now every dish that we tasted till now definitely impressed us in the speed which they were served and obviously no compromise on the flavors and hitting the right note.

        SF BBQ chicken Wings which is most of our favorites was served in the bright reddish glaze and definitely hit the bulls eye. The smokey BBQ sauce along with chopped parsley on the top along with tat garlic mayo dip was blissful PERIOD. IF you are a fan of BBQ wings, this is the place to try it out - MUST TRY.

       Pulled Mutton Tacos was an instant hit in the table without even a tinch of doubt. The shredded tandoori raan served with mint chutney and onion slices in soft tacos were simple but yet amazingly flavorful that it disappeared in a jiffy. A nice fusion and a definite WOW dish again - MUST TRY.

        So Fried ! Chicken Sliders is  typical Louisiana style fried chicken mini burgers with melted cheese and served with potato chips. The most interesting piece was the sauce dip. It was banana and cinnamon flavor infused and it was WOW on the first tasting itself. So unique and so simple but yet gelled superbly with the burgers and this dish again WOWed us - MUST TRY.

        Chilli Cheese Toast came on Manager's recommendation and didn't fail to impress us. The crispness of the toast and the contrasting flavors of chillies in it with cheese went really well and you just cannot go wrong on this simple but yet delicious dish.

         Now to me no matter how complex or simple is your main menu, My thought process towards the end of the meal always goes to the DESSERTS menu and unfortunately or rather not, Sly tech has only one DESSERT - Sly Sundae, which is their only choice and yes its alcohol infused. Vodka soaked brownie served with vanilla ice cream and coffee sauce. Now you need to be extremely clear when you bring in chocolate and alcohol because wrong levels could make or break the dish. Luckily the Bar Magician Sunny made it so perfect that I loved it. Beware if you are not a strong flavored desserts lover as yes it does get strong as the brownie soaks more of the alcohol in the serving :) I liked it though as it gave a different spin from regular sweetish variants.

Service & Hospitality:

      This guy in the bar Sunny was a powerhouse and each of his creations above were amazing, truly flavorful and absolutely refreshing. This man does know the flavor profiles of cocktails and mocktails and presentation was spot on. A definite worth mention among the staff whom I observed that night. Also to mention Steward Krishna who was all the way smiling and serving for all of us was a worthy mention. This set of crew for Sly tech bar know the routine and they were all pepped up , smiling and running back and forth to ensure their  customers were happy all the time. Well done on the staff selection again by Azure Hospitality similar to Dhaba and Mamagoto experience.


           Sly Tech Bar may resemble just another bar lounge concept with finger food and drinks but there is a connective aura with it and it definitely makes you feel at ease as soon as you get in. It may be the decor, the dark ambience or the food as such, it has got something to make you unwind no matter how stressed you are. With some amazing offers during their current trials, its a steal for anyone who loves to relax, sit back and relish some drinks and food over with friends. Head out to there and I'm sure you wont be disappointed either.

Note: This review experience is based on Management Invite and was on the house & review shared is honest and unbiased in the interest of fellow readers and foodies.

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