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SkyHy Lounge


       SkyHy Lounge -Hyderabad is seeing plethora of open terrace lounges every week or so and its not only making choices for foodies a bit more tough but on the other hand, makes so many choices to try and experiment. One such newbie is SkyHy Lounge opened at gachibowli along with Masti Sports Bar and Bowling Arena. 4th Floor houses Masti - Sport Bar and top open terrace floor is for SkyHy Lounge. A group of good foodies friends decided to meetup for some fun and food and knowing most of us heard good things about this place, we zeroed in and went on a satuday evening.

Ambience (Decor & Interiors):

         First few of us caught up at Masti for couple of bowling games. Priced at 250 Rs per game, I thought it was a fare price but then the lanes and bowls were not upto the mark. The lanes as such were lighted dark black and bluish which was fancy but the balls were either too heavey and not having the finger spots properly configured. The quality of those pins did hamper a splendid bowling experience. Overall an OKish lbolwing experience. then once rest of the folks joined, we headed over to the terrace and we were WOWed on the first go itself. As you entire past the security area, you se a rustic old style military jeep , then a completely indoor dance floor, nice and trendy (unique sofa decor with newspaper style finishing) , n then open seating space and beholding all is the monstreous large Projector Screen which was almost close to a mini multiplex screen size. I was like WOW this got to be awesome and for us IPL match was playing and what else could have made the viewing experience better.

          Mr. Roshan was kind enough to make our booking on the open terrace and so we went ahead on the top balcony terrace and man it was still better. Nice comfortable seat,s and the viewing experience was top nothc.


         The most unique and actually plesant observation was this lounge though typically young crowd puller had good of family groups as well with kids which is not a regular scene to see. The music levels were well under control and pleasantly enjoyable and still you can have a lovely conversation and relax. I should say that aspect itself made me score for Ambiance on a top range. OVerall one of the BEST longe setups and I'm definitely loving it.



      Caipiroska - Infusion of Smirnoff , Mint leaves , Lime & Brown Sugar - No flavor of brown sugar. was more like virgin mojito - 3/5


      Mai Tai - Usual rum, orange liquer, , ipneapple and orange juices mixture  cocktail. Good one - 4/5


      Long Island Ice Tea - Vodka, Gin, Bacardi, Tequilla and Triple Sec with a dash of cola - Superb - 4.5/5


      California - Watermelon, Strawberry and Cranberry Infusion Mocktail. The best heat beater - Amazing - 4.5/5


      Cherry Cola - Cola with cherry infusion. Was interesting and refreshing- 4/5


      Banana Strawberry Delight - Banana and Strawberry shake mix. Decent flavours - 3.5/5


      Virgin Pinacolada - Pineapple Juice and Vanilla blended with Coco. Another good Drink- 4/5


Starters/Main Course Dishes:


      Murgh Malai Kebab - My usual pick of starter. Good Flavors. Quantity was sufficient - 4/5


      Mutton Hussaini Kebab - Finally an amazing mutton starter after ages Succulent meat, nice hot tampering on the top crusty cook and flavors were superb - 5/5


      Fish and Chips - Quanitty was a dampener and why do they add chilli masala on fries. I hate it. Otherwise the batterd fish fry had some spice tang also on it which is not authentic but sufficed the flavor buds of us - 3.5/5


      Battered Fry Prawns with Soya Pepper - Nice quantity. Fry on prawns was good but could have had more strong flavors - 4/5


      Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Jus - BRILLIANT Dish. amazing quanitty for the price and man that gravy over the chicken and the mash alongside, everyone scooped like kids and was over in a jiffy . THE PICK - 5/5


      Mutton RoganJosh Curry, Murgh Peshawari, Lal Maas - All 3 curries though looked very much same in texture and appearance, the flavours nailed it and all of them were properly cooked meats and some amazing killer aroma and they just went perfectly with the butter naans and kulchas we ordered - 4/5


    I was running late and so didnt get to taste their Kheema Pulao and by ooks I believe it was an amazing dish as well.

Service & Hospitality:

       Service Staff were prompt and courteous inspite of the place being full capacity and everybody were anxious to order drinks and food which I believe is needed and truly appreciate it. But a slight concern was that their stewards know the dishes names and also recommend us when we ask for the same. This was a slight dampener for me which otherwise was a pleasant evening with courteous service and thanks a bunch for Mr. Roshan and his crew to keeping it cool and making us enjoy till the end.


    SkyHy Lounge is finally a open terrace lounge that didnt scream too much to me only for youth crowd but also for a decent family gathering as well due to pleasant music levels and very comfortable relaxing furniture. Finally this is the lounge that gave me a feeling that I might bring  my family may be on a week day and relaxing the viewing experience. Of course weekends this place is jammed :)  Overall a well deserved debutant and I wish they keep the food flavours and drinks consistentnly and if so , I'm definitely coming back.

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