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Shahib's Barbeque


            Welcome the new addition to the BBQ wagon of dining spots -  Shahib's Barbeque by Ohri's and their tag line "Hyderabadi Dawat Har Roz" says it all. BBQ buffet style with traditional and authentic Hyderabadi dishes and notches it up with a competitive price tag of 699 AI. Invited for their pre-launch review sessing organized by fellow foodie Mr. Quddus bhai. This place is making the right noise in terms of the dishes they serve in normal BBQ style and I was already very excited hearing it coming in my office vicinity and finally when this invite came up, how can I delay anymore. MR. Ravi Kumar and Ms. Priyanka Pinky (Opertions Manager - Ohri's) ensured there was not a thing to worry about throughout our entire dining experience and most of all got the chance ot meetup long due foodie buds Adil n Anil. So does Shahib's Jawab of BBQ lajawab???

Disclaimer: Invited for tasting session along with fellow foodies by the management and food was on the house. Review stays unbiased and entirely based on particular service & experience. Your personal experience might differ.

Ambience & Decor:

          Ohri's always keeps it unique and at the same time bring in the required ambiance and decor to complement the theme of the cuisine and environment. They do the same justice to this place as well. Quite contemporary lightings, good table cutlery and nice table structuring and very very comfortable seatings of all. Their usage of space is also commendable to ensure there is privacy yet maximum people can be accomodated. Nice and clear designing does the magic again.


          Since this was a pre-launch session, we had the privelege of getting everything served on our tables which made our job of relishing the food and enjoying great company of fellow foodies more enjoyable :)

Mutton Marag - Nice cook on the mutton that it just fell off the bone but too much kesar for me  - 3.5/5

Lukhmi - amazing dish. apt cook on the meat and awesome pastry crispiness . Slurpp  - 5/5

Bheja Fry - My 2nd outing with this dish and this time I was lost of words. Awesome cook and amazing - 5/5

Shikampuri Kebab - nice cook on the meat and this was part of our DIY BBQ on the table. could have been better  - 3.5/5

Talawa Gosht - Thestarter I was so excited to taste among all being served and turned a disappointment. a bit hard n chewy mutton and also too much chilli spice on it with less of black pepper . was a normal dish - 2.5/5

Tangri Sikandari - This caught our attention . Served in a sword- shaped skewer. This was just perfect  - 5/5

Taulia Naan - The start of the presentation front. Served on a taulia rack, a normal person would go WOW and take few steps back. The monster of a naan it is , the flavor was spot on and amazing cook on it. You add anything to it. It will implode awesomeness - 5/5

Khameeri Naan & Sheermal - Both served the prupose. I wish they served char koni naan with the marag. But sheermal was amazing - 4.5/5

DIY BBQ  - Prawns/Veg Kebabs - Usual BBQ place servings. Nothing extra orderinary but you cant exmplre much as you were already full with all above delicacies - 3/5

Taulia Naan on a taulia rack
Ghosth Marag
Pickles Paradise
Mutton Lukhmi
Talawa Gosht
Bheja Fry
Tangri Sikandari
BBQ Prawns N Shikampuri Kebab
Veg BBQs
Sheekh Kebab

Main Course :

        If you dare to taste and cross all the heavy lifters aka starters, you still got a huge array of main courses they serve in buffet lane which will make you GO - oh my god.

Hyderbadi Dum Murgh n Gosht Biryani - both had nice spice flavors and nice cook on their meats but was very average affair considering they want to showcase hyderbadi dishes in their menu - 3.5/5

Murgh Kaliyan & Prawns Curry - good curry options.Nothing great about them but served the purpose - 3.5/5


Mehkalia - This was my pick of the main curries, so rich and creamy it went soothingly well with taulia naan - 5/5

Hyderabadi Khatti Dal - My pick of the veg dishes and amazing flavor of it and went so well with rice - 4.5/5

Dal Makhani & Palak Makai Malai  - decent options for veg side. nothing fancy here as well - 3/5

Subz Panchratna - My start pick of the day, yes its a veg subzi but then the cook on the beans, carrot and other veggies wow they just melted in my mouth. Being a non-veg hardcore this was my dish, so you can do the foodie math - 5/5

Taulia Naan with DIY BBQs
Hyderabadi Dum Gosht Biryani
Hyderabadi Dum Murgh Biryani
Murgh Kaliyan & Prawns curry
Dal Makhani & Khatti dal
Veg Dum Biryani
Palak Makai Malai & Subz Punchratna


             Finally after a long tiem, a place that made me go DESSERTS Crazy. I never feela meal is complete with good and fulfilling desserts and if you are one such person, you would luve this place.

              We had double ka meetha, khubani ka meetha, thandi ice cream, kesar kheer, gulab jamun, Jauzi Halwa and sweet and chocolate paan.


Jauzi Halwa - This dessert with iits unique serving of wood smoked inside a jar with oak wood chips and the technique with which they do it is itself very inquisitive to try on and I should say quite interesting flavors. Made from nutmeg, lace, elachi, samnak (sprouted wheat), milk, saffron, kewra water and loads of ghee as well. Must try dish - 5/5

All other desserts wer eequally good and refreshing.

NOTE: Watch out for a surprise entrant in the desserts section which Chef Mr. Sahansar pal has specially instructed us not to reveal and I think he is right. One of the most surprising and shocking revelation of a dessert. Go try it out yourself. Believe me you wont be disappointed.


SPECAL MENTION (picture at the last):

       One of the most unique things I observed during my exit out was the royal servings of multiple mouth freshners. On enquiry, they said they are going to have 36 varities of them which itself would oen of a kind experience for anyone dining here. I tasted almost 5 of them and boy they were refrshing. GOOD JOB ON THE THOUGHT PROCESS. FULL MARKS ON THE SERVING BOXES - MUST TRY

Jauzi Halwa
Smoked Jauzi Halwa
Jauzi Halwa
Jauzi Halwa
Ice Creams
Gulam Jamun & Qubani Ka Meetha
Kesar Phirni
desserts array

Service & Hospitality:

            Mr. Ravi Kumar and Ms. Priyanka - Opertions and their crew took care of us from start to end with so much smile and pride on serving the dishes. The only thing which would enhance the diner's experience in this unique BBQ diner is if crew who can know more about the dishes and its history in hyderabadi cuisine, the diners would be more pleased to learn about that  as well as the dishes neeeds to be appreciated as well. Otherwise it was an immaculate service and I think we got the best we could expect. No complaints and I'm thoroughly pleased. It was also a pleasur eto interact with Chef Mr. Sahansar Pal who was so nice to take constructive and improvements feedback with smile and was joyously sharing his experiences as well with us for throughout the dining duration


    Shahib's Barbeque has really stuck to its authentic hyderabadi cuisine in the new format of BBQ dining mode. I'm sopleased I got to relish this before they are fully into 100% operational mode. As I said with a very competitive price of 699 AI I guess there is no harm to say its worth the bucks every penny. Strts and desserts which are the start and end of a gastronomic symphony is fulfilled here if they fine tune the minor offs in their key dishes . All the best and I'm definitely coming back with my family.

Disclaimer: Invited for tasting session along with fellow foodies by the management and food was on the house. Review stays unbiased and entirely based on particular service & experience. Your personal experience might differ.

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