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RoN - Lemon Tree - Hitech City


       Republic of Noodles - One of the dine spots in Lemon Tree Hotels in Hyderbad. Lemon Tree Chains operates in different levels like Resorts (Lemon Tree Amarante & Lemon Tree Vembanad) , Economy (Red Fox Hotels), Midscale (Lemon Tree Hotels) and upscale (Lemon Tree Premiere). RoN is part of Lemon Tree Premiere category and are located in Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Hyderabad , Delhi, Jaipur and Ahmedabad. Republic of Noodles is fine dining restuarant in Lemon Tree Premire, Hitech City along side Citrus Cafe, Kebab theatre & SLounge.

            Meant to visit this place for a long time but two things kept me away for it knowingly or not - Cost and good company and though its been one of the walkable options from my office, Its never been planned and that day dawned on 18th April for a small foodie meetup with fellow friends - well lets just say a friend as another couldnt make it.

Ambience (Decor & Interiors):

         This one is located in Level M of the premises and we wre welcomed plesantly into the place and all I could see was authentic , pan - asian decor with red and black theme running all over the place. There are various depictions of the cuisines served here - thai, chinese, malaysian, cambodian and srilankan pictures and artistry that sync well with the food served here. Nice vibrant and simple. Overall a nice upper scale feel to the place and the seating did totaly justice to that feel as well.

Popiah Je
Thai Chicken Satay
Thai Chicken Satay
Wok Tossed Mushrooms
MHAD Noodles
MHAD Noodles

Popiah Je : 3.5/5

                Popiah (pronounced as "Bo-BEE-a" meaning thin water) is a Fujian/Chaozhou-style fresh spring roll common in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.Popiah "skin" thin paper-like crepe or pancake made from wheat flour. This one though was typical spring rolls wrapping and fried.

                 Typical Vegetable Spring Roll and after some feedback to Manager got to know they are the only ones who use Worcestershire sauce in this reciepe and perfected it. IT was served with chilly plum sauce. The rolls were god but I felt too much dose of turmeric flavor and color in the veggies wrapped but the sauce was amazing. It served to componsate on an otherwise normal veg rolls.



Thai Chicken Satay : 2/5

                Chicken Satay is a very popular indonesian delicacy and anyone who knows their cuisine should or must have tasted it. So that being my absolute favourite didnt even think twice to order it only to realize it was a disaster. Nothing to hide about. The chiekn was under cooked, so stiff and was hard to even take out of their skews that I had to fight with them literally. Peanut Sauce of course was amazing but if the hero is not making your dish interesting who cares for your sauce. Again an overdose of turmeric flavors and colors. Very disappointing.


Wok Tossed Mushroom with Pok choy : 4/5

                This curry was amazing. The brialliantly cooked mushrooms, pok choy and burnt garlic soaked made the curry typical pan-asian style without compromising the authenticity of flavors. Thoroughly enjoyed with MHAD noodles or shall I put it this way. It saved us from having an OKish noodles and turned it into a above average main course.Must Try.


MHAD Nooldles (Veg) : 3.5/5

                This dish was spoken in most of the reviews and even my foodie blogger pals did mentione about how secret this reciepe is and how amazing it was. So no other choice obvious and we ordered this. Serving was sufficient for 2 people for a quick lunch. This is a mixture of crispy fried noodles with soft noodles cooked with regular thai spices. For me this combination of crispy and soft noodles was first time and I think I didnt like quite that well. But with the curry, it gelled in and overall it turned out to be a good dish. The spices were right and I liked it. But lets get it frankly I Still dont know the madness behind this dish and the mystery behind MHAD name. I felt it could have WOWed me more.


     We had no time for desserts as it was a quick lunch meetup and so we wrapped up with main course.

Service & Hospitality:

            The staff were absolutely polite and prompt. Thoguh restuarant was fully empty they made us feel cared about and were so prompt in suggesting dishes, servicing and always keepign a smiling face The manager as well took our feedback so positively and said will get back to the chef o this but I wish he should have chcked with us during the meal as some of the dishes didnt go to my taste buds liking and we could have promptly provided feedback. Overall nothing to complaint but I guess customer engagement could have been more pro-active.


    Republic of Noodles is definitely a bomb on an average foodie's pockets but considering the upscale ambiance and quanitty , I felt it wasnt too sky high but a tad higher for the dishes and options around. The dishes could have WOWed me but I'm not ruling this place out. Thanks to Vani Keerthi who made me an amost veggie on that day, I guess it could be because I picked up some wrong dishes for my flavor profile and definitely considering they serve pork, roast duck and other meat delicacies, I'm definitely going there until I get an otherwise perspective and idea of their food. Overall I say its a good try out place whoever wants to have calm and peaceful lunch or dinner and beware of their prices :) .

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