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Roastery Coffee House - A Trend Setter 

     Hyderabad has been showing tremendous diversity in terms of restaurants and setting new trends. When we hardly had any brews last year, we at least have 10+ now. Each and every place wants to stand out Unique and consider that should be the selling USP to attract customers. This is probably NEED OF THE HOUR as well and it is no wonder that entrepreneurs do think a lot to diversify themselves in their offerings. Cafes - well we have plethora of them but how many of them serve original and authentic coffees? How well do they roast and brew their coffees in house? How can they assure customers they have one of a kind café experience in theirs? Well you got to do the home work before you get into those. Nishant Sinha (earlier owner of Coffee Cup, Sainikpuri) did exactly the same and toured to all coffee sources in India and scouted for the best flavors and bring in a collaboration of authentic coffee flavors to Hyderabad which otherwise was only scoped and available for elite crowd. It was never in the spotlight to get authentic complex coffee flavors for a common foodie like me in Hyderabad till now. With the immense background work and plans to roast the coffee beans in-house, Nishant has opened up Roastery Coffee House in Banjara Hills and post visit I should say, What an Effort <3 .  This review will be more on their plans and strategy to make it one of an unique experience and less on food as I felt they need to be known by readers to understand the owner's effort into bringing such aspect into Hyderabad Food scenes.


     Their view and future plans are so exciting for any coffee lover. Coffee Lovers always like it to be in a relaxing environment where you can unwind yourself and be what you are. Sip of coffee , laze around or read through some pages of your favorite novel or play around a friendly game of chess and much in some crunchies. Well you know what, that's exactly what RCH has executed in-house. Tucked inside from the huzz-buzz of Banjara hills yet so near to main lanes, I guess this is perfect hide out spot for anyone who wants just drink a good cup of coffee and revitalize yourself. As you enter into this 2-storied bungalow converted cute little place, you got a nice cute café setup with lots of minute art work all across. Right from the cute little bonsai plants, to coffee beans plate, a huge book shelf for the book worms out there, a nearly planed kitchenette for serving food and coffee, nice cute plant hangings and of course a majestic looking chess board to sharpen your game skills. The place just oozes energy that you can relate when you sip in your coffee. Décor and ambience has been well thought through. The ambiance is quite nice and as you open up the balcony door, you are open to a refreshing greenery garden area with enough seating so that you can just gaze around plush greenery and feel @ home. The place is yet to be fully furnished and equipped in terms of maximum seating capacity and they have plans to expand the capacity with garden area and first floor. So as of now they might be able to seat around 30-35 pax max.

Note: This review is based on Management Invite but review and opinion stands unbiased in interest of readers.

           On sitting down with Nishant for a conversation of his plan of execution and how to bring in that customer experience, I was very excited as his thought process was clear. They are as of now planning their own roasting from August 10. Once they get their own roasting machines and already ready-set-go coffee sources from Coorg, Mangalore and other regions of India, I think they are going to make it clean and deliver some amazing coffees to coffee lovers like me. They are also planning not to keep the café as a dining lounge but more to conduct workshops and also roasting sessions to everybody interested to create awareness of how fine is the art of coffee brewing and how much goes into making a single fine cup of coffee. We just sip and say , yeah its good or bad. But the knowledge he brings in of how seeds are selected up and until its served to you in a cup, you will be amazed on the knowledge which he brings in from his 12 years of roasting experience.


        They are planning to conduct such open workshops for people to also get a unique experience along with some good food and make it one of a kind experience for the customers. Well, if you ask me , is this place only abut coffee, well NO WAY. They have a good sized menu with lots of options for crunchy munchies from fries - wings - pastas - sandwiches to burgers. The main USP of their menu is their pricing. Believe me if you are a frequent diner in Banjara hills area, you will know what I'm talking about. They are aggressive and the most assuring thing is Nishant says "We wont increase the price once we get a hold of customer base. We want to deliver the same quality same food at same price for our loyal customers and we are going to keep that value." Now that tells about perseverance to have proper execution and planning strategy.

  When you are in a place like RCH, you bound to start with coffee of course. A simple hot n pippin cappuccino and some freshly blended rich Cold Coffee kick-started our dinner for the night. I should say both of them were pure BLISS. The cappuccino was fresh, and you can relish the richness coming from the coffee and each sip made you go WooHoo. On the other hand, the cold coffee on first sip make us OMG. This may be the best Cold coffee I have ever had in Hyderabad and I mean it. The richness, the froth consistency, the thickness and the flavor consistency everything was top notch and this could be your drink if you love coffee and can go in rounds and rounds.

        We then started with some recommendations to start munching. Cheese Onion Rings was one of the best starters anybody can ask for. The cheese coating inside the crispy onion rings and the accompanied sauce was super crunchy. Cheese Cheese Fingers was another dish which was served with some amazing crunch from chicken fries and also the BBQ sauce tossed on these fries was relishing .

      Then came Open Baked Egg & Cheese Sandwich which had also a serving of french fries which was fresh . The perfect balance of cheese and egg was simply splendid.

     Then for the mains, we ordered Fish & Chips , BBQ chicken Wings and Chicken Mixed sauce Pasta.

     Fish & Chips was fresh and crispy battered baha fish served along with some nice jalapeno and mustard sauce. This was one of the best refreshing flavorful fish n chips I have had in recent times. I could only suggest a tint of salt to be added to get that flavor kick.

     BBQ Chicken Wings was another kick ass dish. Nice flavorful wings and the accompanying BBQ Sauce was absolutely brilliant.

     Chicken Pasta was Nishant's recommendation came in with mixed sauce. The mixed sauce was absolute delight to taste in every spoon. The pasta was rich, creamy and the sauce was so creamy that you can keep slurping.


           Roastery Coffee House - This place if as per Nishant's view is going to have a clean strategy of executing their ideas as discussed above, is definitely going to set a new trend in Hyderabad food scenes and will be a must-go place for coffee and café lovers like me. Its a must visit place for a relaxing mind set and sip around some coffee. Their menu, their staff all look solid and I hope once they start roasting, they should be booming with customers as most of them tend to be locals during my visit. Watch out for this space for more such exciting workshops and I'm sure you will love it if you LOVE COFFEE <3.


Note: This review is based on Management Invite but review and opinion stands unbiased in interest of readers.

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