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Khandhani - RajDhani


       Khandhani Rajdhani - a Flagship brand of Mirah Hospitality & Food solutions Pvt. Ltd. as spread its aroma in this industry over the past few decades. Known as a "thali place" with 72 different rotating menus with 22,464 delicacies from Gujarat and Rajasthan, Rajdhani gives even the most regular customers out of more than 9 million delighted guests with the flavour of novelty.

        The complete Vegetarian Thali is a favourite experience for vegetarian lovers and of course for non-vegetarian carnivores like me as a change. As a welcoming change in this scorching summer , Rajdhani is celebrating "AamLicious" Aam Thali Festival currently in all their branches with a wide variety of dishes with mango as THE STAR and sweep you off with their amazing try outs in their new dishes. I was invited for a Bloggers Table by their Management via Foodie Friend Quddus and Soumali ChakraBorty (Pan-Indian Marketing Manager) hosted us a splended thali experience at their Kukatpally branch in Forum Mall.

#AamLicious     #OnlyAtRajdhani     #MangoFeast

             We were served a wide array of dishes most of them having aam (mango) as the star ingredient. We were being served non stop with all the delicacies. Most of them did deliver a unique flavor and awesome freshness with mango as the star.

Kairi Potli Kachori

Kairi Chilli Samosa

Aam Bhara Papad Roll

Mango Dal Dhokli

Aamras - Puri

Aam Ki Lounge with Khoba Roti

Kairi Somsa ki Sabzi

Mango Pulao

Raw Pango Pachadi

Mango Jilebi

    Top Picks were Kairi (Mango) Potli Kachori , Aamras with amazing poori, Khoba Roti and Mango Jilebi.

Most of the dishes were amazing , flavorful and absolutely made justice on flavor levels.

Last but not least , the Kichadi with ghee was absolutely divine. Nothing could have wrapped our thali session in a better way.


Service & Hospitality:

            This crew with MR. Satish heading the serving staff were literally force feeding us every single ime. They dont allow you to rest down with empty vessels. They keep filling you and with pleasant smiles indulge you in a nice and warmth atmosphere.

            We were also introduced the Chef Maharaj, the icon himself behind this aamlicious feast meal and he was so courteous to be with us for some time and even posed for some clisk.. Well lets just a few more :) Was a complet pleasure to meet him.


    Khandhani Rajdhani  and their mango fest thali is something that I guesss I might have missed if not for this invite as I was never a fan of thalis. The Aamliciious feast did prove meof how one ingredient can be a super start on a array of dishes in a thali .

   Priced around 470 Rs AI I think its an awesome deal for people who want to enjoy the traditional rajdhani khandhani meals or some one who is bored of biryanis and fast food style. The place is aboslutely worth it.



 I was invited for a tasting session on #BloggersTable and the food was on the house but review and feedback are genuine to the food served and service provided.

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