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Quattro Ristorante - Gastronomic Delight

     Quattro Ristorante is a well known brand in Mumbai that brought in molecular gastronomy to Indian landscape , well established with also its other offering restaurants SpiceKlub. Quattro Ristorante has marked its presence with it’s characteristic charm and elegance in Mumbai and Hyderabad. It has now gone international and set up its very own niche in the restaurant space in Dubai as well. The menu includes a wide array of dishes of Italian and Mexican origin, but with it’s own spin off, exclusive to the style of Quattro. Having been in the industry for the past 4 years, Quattro has recently taken a leap forward by introducing an all new menu. Using molecular gastronomy and liquid nitrogen in their food and beverages, Quattro is the epitome of keeping up with advances in food technology. The menu boasts of mesmerizing signature desserts including the deconstructed Tiramisu made with mascarpone cheese and coffee powder, served with tiny coffee caviar pearls, chocolate dust and Amaretti, placed on Espresso–soaked Vanilla Cake.

   The restaurant as such is rustic, pep and well balanced in terms of lighting to give that uber cool and fine dining experience as you enter. Décor is apt and suiting to the offerings on the menu and mostly resembles the love for food and Mexican dishes as predominantly the menu boosts of Mexican offerings. The clear wiry finish on the ceilings and the nice comfy seating arrangements definitely provides you a dim-light dining experience which the elite crowd of Jubilee and Banjara hills always prefer for. The décor is definitely thought through and well executed to make it spacious between tables.

Note: This review is based on Food Tasting Invite but review and opinion stands unbiased in interest of readers.

              Chef Naresh had thought through the set menu that will be served for us and so it made our job easier to sit back and relish the dishes which kept coming at steady phase from the kitchen doors.

               We started with Broccoli & Cheese Soup which may be deceiving in its appurtenance or serving but don't get fooled on, as you dip in the cheesy melt broccoli in the cram sup and savor it, the palate goes for a heavenly toss. Absolutely rich and flavorful and the soup cannot hit more perfection than this. Classic dish. When we loved the creaminess from this, there came the complete contrast soup for this, Mexican Tortilla & Red Bean Soup. This soup was served with red beans and tortilla chips served in soup tray and then served hot soup over it to make them evolve the aroma and the strong tanginess and spice levels hit us on right tones. The two soup offerings are complete contrast but both of them WOWed us.


            We also tried Spicy Watermelon & "Eat your Ice Tea" - Lemon. Spicy Watermelon  gave an superb after kick with the chilli spice while the freshness of watermelon gave the chilling effect but "Eat your Own Tea"- Lemon Flavor bowled us over the flavor it delivered when the dish as such looked very confusing and I was so sure it wont be anything but flavor. But when the lemon essence were poured on lemon rock crushes, the mocktail got itself  built right in front of our eyes and definitely it stood by its name - "EAT YOUR ICE TEA" and definitely impressed us big time.

          Taquito could be very easily the best dish hat can delude you in its look right away. Gluten-free fried cones filled with tomato salsa, jalapeno and avocado ice cream. The dish, had it one serving was a relish in your palate and the chillness from the avocado ice cream and the contrast flavor from the salsa makes you want more and more. On the other hand, Formaggio Di Patate where baby potatoes tossed in aglio olio topped with cheese sauce. The cheese sauce was served in a very unique way. The cheese balls were served as ice cream balls and on serving it over the potatoes, the dish had some interesting flavors. These dishes were served with wide variety of breads which were flavorful along with an array of sauces. I particularly liked the mango salsa and olives sauces.

   The next dish served in a big bowl of dry ice was a refreshing and fine artistry of plating. The Chilled Melon & Feta Cheese Salad. Melon spheres dipped in red wine with roasted pine nuts, sprinkled with balsamic pearls and crumbled feta. The salad was served on a jug of dry ice and the presentation itself impressed me big time. The salad could have had nice freshness to melon chunks and unfortunately the crumbled feta added some saltiness which didn't go well with the freshness of water melon. Mexican Burrito Pizza on the other hand, was perfection on the plate, wood fired baked pizza with double-tortilla flour as base, the burrito toppings of red beans, jalapenos and cheese - everything blended amazingly well and is one of the best made pizzas I have had in recent times, The jalapenos were too spicy for me and if you are a spice lover, do try this pizza for sure.   

        Spicy Mexican Queso again proved the artistry of plating and arrangements by Chef. Cottage cheese cubes served in a skewer like arrangement and spiced with chipotle chilli , grilled and served with topping of spice oil foam definitely made its impression. The taste also delivered with nice softness from the cottage cheese which just melted smoothly and the crunch from the chipotle chilli flakes was amazing. The foam by itself was spicy and added another layer of flavor to the dish. Chilli Mexicano on the other hand was nice and crunchy, where chillies filled with Monterrey jack and cheddar cheese and batter fried were served with some nice tangy BBQ sauce. the chillies to me could have been cooked a bit more as they were a bit rubbery and the cheesy nature from the stuffing didn't gel well with the hard texture from the chillies. But flavor was bang on. 

          From the mains, we tried Spinach rice with vegetable paprika which had spinach flavored rice served oer a bed of paprika sauce and creamy vegetables. the sauce as such was mind blowing but the arrangement didn't marry well with the spinach flavored rice. May be adding mushroom or some other softy texture ingredient would have filled that gap made the dish even more amazing than it was. Something to look upon.

         Dessert always excites us, be who you are and where you are. We were excited to try their offerings as the dishes speak via the artistic presentation. But we were in for a finale dish - Grilled Burrito Meal. Burrito with Mexican rice, tomato salsa, gauc and sour cream served as a complete meal along with red beans. The burrito as such was flavorful and at right temperature but the Mexican rice was average and feedback was given on the same to stick ot the authenticity of the same as it elevates the burrito experience.

        Chocolate Dunkers came in as a painter's tray with absolutely interesting arrangements. Melted Choco bars filled in filo pastry and baked and served with 3 sauces - strawberry, caramel and chocolate sauce in oil color paint tubes and served with cookie dough ice cream, The pastry was absolutely feathery and had light appeal to it and the oozing choco sauce from it was amazing. The sauces did compliment the pastry. The cookie dough ice cream as such was again nice and flavorful but some of you could feel that the pastry sticks to your tongue which many of us are used to when we are having puffs.

        Chocolate Saturn & Hot Chocolate soup was a marvel of a creation. One look at it, you will just fall for it and be amazed at the finesse and artistry of the arrangement. Choco mousse filled with choco shell and covered with frozen chocolate and drizzled completely in chocolate sand. Also filled with layers of choco and mango gel layers in the mousse. This dessert was a heavenly creation as such. If you a dark chocolate lover, you will go heads over heels for this. Do not miss it and the richness from the chocolate in different textures , once they pour the hot chocolate soup over the frozen choco shell, makes it open like a lotus and crumble with the rich hot chocolate aroma filling the air. You cant explain it unless you have it. HAVE IT TO BELIEVE IT.

    Though the desserts are considered pricy, Its an experience overall visually and also for your taste buds. Do try them and you wont be disappointed.


           Quattro Ristorante - The place oozes experience and finesse in plating dishes. If you are bored of regular fine dining and wanted to relish some vegetarian  dishes, don't hesitate to visit Quattro and it will leave your visual senses in for a big treat. Service was apt and the dish names though sometimes tough to remember, were clearly remembered by the serving staff. Service was crisp and to the need and no qualms over it . Big Shout out to Owner Ranjith & Chef Naresh for hosting us and leaving us this dining experience a life time experience where visual artistry of the dishes took us to a whole new gastronomic experience level. I do hope they keep the quality of the dishes and consistency which would bring in customer base again and again and I can see they are already doing it as the place was near full on a week day dinner. That tells happy customers and everybody were having a gala time.


Note: This review is based on Food Tasting Invite but review and opinion stands unbiased in interest of readers.

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