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Punjab Grill

             Punjab Grill - Gourmet Fine Dining being part of Lite Bite foods leading F & B operator in India with lot many brands under its belt. When people say about gourmet or fine dining and couple it with one of the most authentic and crowd favorite Punjabi Cuisine which makes any food lover go Dil Bole Hadippa , you got make it more than perfect. Punjab Grill brand doesn't bring in just perfection but then royal authentic richness that amalgamates sikh flavors and royal richness in their dishes. The place exuberates Royal - Grandeur - Elegant dining experience and does deliver it. Chef Gurpreet Singh is an epitome of positive energy and brings a fresh perspective to the cuisines as the Corporate Chef of Punjab Grill .

          Without any further delay, lets dig on their royal offerings and how they fared.

Note: This review experience is based on Management Invite and was on the house & review shared is honest and unbiased in the interest of fellow readers and foodies.

      We started off the night with their mixture of mocktails ranging from Desi cola, Pineapple Breezer and few more and all had a nice blend of Indian flavors infused and were absolutely refreshing in the sultry weather and made us relax for a relishing dinner that awaited us.

        We had a set menu and so with their exquisite service staff, food started flowing in seamlessly and I should say their serving style and presentation are top notch with those giant starter trays and humongous quantities.


           Papad Platter was a platter of all sorts of papads infused with amazing sweet Chilli sauce, mint sauce and chilli sauces. The crispness of the papads combined with the authentic fresh chutney sauces made it an amazing start to dish with and definitely will want you crave more.


             Dahi Ke Kebab was unlike any other yogurt based dish or kebab you have had. With an overdose of cardamom and coriander, this kebab was so soft and had a sweet and tangy taste to it along with the crispiness on the outer. The soft smooth rich curd inside was so buttery that it just shaved smooth as we cut through it. Along with authentic mint dip, the dish screamed freshness and flavor profiles were near perfection.

             Paneer Tikka Multani again a veg starter than stunned us in its shear big portions and brought in skepticism that will they be cooked as they looked big chunks of paneer. But on the knife sliding on them, it proved the cook was perfect and it just was so soft to savor in gulps back to back. This dish stood another testimony to their cooking temperature perfection on all dishes and how it screams softness in the dishes. This one scored as equal as others - AMAZING.

     With the starting veg dishes scoring home runs, we were in for more royal treatment with Veg Kurkur and Tandoori Broccoli.

    My pick of the day of veg starters had to be Veg Kurkur Wonton skins filled with minced mushrooms, celery, Olives, pine nuts rolled in sevian coating to give the crunchy kurkure texture and served in an array of shot glasses of sweet chili dipping. This dish though simple brings in a satisfaction that is beyond words - Crunchy sweet - tangy and crunchy as well. Have it to believe it. The last Veg dish of the night was Tandoori Broccoli wand anyone who wouldn't love broccoli should try this.The cook on the broccoli and the richness from three cheese melted generously over the flowerets and the kebab char on the veg made it super relishing and even non-veg fanatics like me went gaga over this one and cleaned it in no time.

     Finally to the non-veg starters which kept deceiving us from reviews of previous visits of foodies and fellow bloggers.


    We started with Chicken Tikka Tandoor which was 5-6 huge pieces of chicken chunks so huge in sizes that it almost qualifies to a main dish by itself. The cook and the glaze on the meat was nothing less than amazing. The knife and fork just slide thew the meat without any trouble at all. The flavor was spot on and the richness of the Indian spices exemplified the dish to a whole another level.


    This was followed by Chaamp Tajdar again monstrous 6 rib sections marinated in an array of authentic Punjabi spices including cardamom, cloves and kasoori methi. the cook on this was top notch, the bones were charred to get the meat the whole level of another flavor profile. The meat was so tender and they were so buttery that they just fell off the bone. Another classic dish delivered top notch.

    We wrapped up the starter array with Salmon Tikka which I had a quick tasting encounter on their launch party and was amazed by the freshness of the salmon fish. The magical blend of fennel, ginger, honey and a tinch of mustard oil made the fish so soft and rendered it so shining and glazing over the cook. The dish screamed flavor all over that we gulped the entire dish in no time and we then realized how amazing it was. A Must have one as others of what we had.

Service & Hospitality:

            Bhargavi Yerram Franchise Owner who was gracious to invite us for a wonderful dinner kept us always taken care and their courteous staff left no stone untouched in terms of service, free flow of food and of course ensuring we had a wonderful time relishing their delicacies and not even twitch for anything we would need off. Top notch service and well suited the decor and ambiance that the place kept throwing royal fine dining experience on us.


    Punjab Grill , A no non-sense fine dining experience that any food lover should relish . Worry not about the prices as the dish portions are huge and will make you filled up pretty soon. So ensure you have a good planning on ordering their starters. Easily the most authentic royal Sikh flavors served in a fine dining royal setup left us want more. Unfortunately I had to leave before their main course dishes and desserts and with the flavor traces the starters left, I would definitely see me here again to taste their rest of the menu. One Amazing place that sticks to its brand and delivered it top class.

Note: This review experience is based on Management Invite and was on the house & review shared is honest and unbiased in the interest of fellow readers and foodies.

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