Amongst the plethora of lounge/open terrace bar setups comes "Park Vue" Restaurant & "Park Den" Sheesha Lounge in KBR park area next to OSS & CreamStone. The place is located in a bit tricky place. Located on 1st floor, the place is spaicous inside but I felt the entry part inside the big dancing hall was a bit congested and confused. The spacious dining spaces with cushions is a big place. A bit more vibrancy can do wonders to attract more ppl to this placeTheir USP is a big dancing floor along with around 20-25 PAX facility. Upstairs leads to open terrace lounge that serves sheesha. The place has a different tone for decor and ambiance. But nice big table seatings with cushions all across to make sure you are comfortable while dining. #FoodieSquad was invited to review the place and provide feedback and I should say after dining experience, the food speaks in a pleasant note. They still have few teething issues like vibrancy in the decor which is all workable.

Note: This review experience is based on Management Invite and was on the house & review shared is honest and unbiased in the interest of fellow readers and foodies.


  With entire menu open for our choice, we started off with mocktails and most of them impressed me but each drink had a fix tied with it. Overall they are refreshing but a bit overdose on the sugar syrup and they can definitely work on strong flavor coming in their natural juices .

Mango Maniya was on OKish front and so was Blue curacao Mojito which was bit high sugary but I liked it with fresh mint and was my pick.Water Melon was again too artificial and didn't go well for me  but Fruit Punch was refreshing and wonderful.Country Lemonade was another nice drink to keep you relaxed and start yourself for a nice meal. Ferraro Rocher Shake & Oreo Shake were definitely nice and flavorful though I preferred it to them bit more chilling. So overall I should say their mocktails fared well.

     The starters most of it did impress us in terms of quantity and flavors. Though initially they took sometime to bring in some food once started, it was back to back and all were nice flavors to be frank. 

     Tom Yum Soup was definitely a bit high on spice but it played well for someone who had slight cold. Completely powerful spices and the broth was apt and definitely did the job in terms of satiating with nice spice levels - MUST TRY.

     Chicken Minestrone Soup was the star of the soups as we had no idea it would be so awesome. Huge chunks of egg white and ample chicken chunks in it , it was a perfect summer soup light and fragrant and nice flavors - MUST TRY.

      Malai Brocolli was served lukewarm but I would have loved it with a bit of more heat to it. The pieces were huge and nice coat of malai over the pieces. It could have appealed more to me but nevertheless was good.

     Crispy Veg  was an absolute delight with nice toss on the batter fried carrots, potatoes and other veggies and the honey glaze on them was simply superb. Nice crunch as you bite them and this was a favourite among all of us - MUST TRY.

     Jalapeno Poppers was the star of the soups as we had no idea it would be so awesome. Huge chunks of egg white and ample chicken chunks in it , it was a perfect summer soup light and fragrant and nice flavors - MUST TRY.

      Chilli Cheese Toast was nice and crispy but cheese load could have been better.

       With almost all veg dishes impressing me, I wanted to see if they meat dishes match it and yes they were almost spot on.Nice cook on all dishes as well

     Tandoori Prawns  was an absolute delight though pieces for the pricing could be a concern for few, the cook on the prawns were nice and charred a bit but made total justice - MUST TRY.

     Boti Kebab was another excellent dish with the spices nicely absorbed in the good chunks of meat nicely cooked and almost soft but a tad hard to call "melt in your mouth" kind - MUST TRY.

      Angara Chicken was absolutely delight. nice cook on the chicken pieces again and little burnt on edges added that texture to the dish. nicely presented as well - MUST TRY.

      Pesto Chicken had nice cook on the chicken but presentation & appeal wise could have been better. Chicken was also a bit tough to cut down. Flavors wee nice though.

      Black Pepper chicken was another lip smacking starter dish which is a perfect snack by itself or with liqor. The pepper levels on the chicken were almost perfect and immediately hit you as you eat but in a nice way- MUST TRY.

    Chilli Prawns is your typical Chinese dish served with nice heavy chilli spice levels and spring onions and bell peppers. The prawns were nicely cooked and the batter gave enough crispiness needed - MUST TRY.

      BBQ chicken Pizza  was a absolute divine pizza. look sturdy but then the nice smoky BBQ sauce drizzled over olives, veggies and chicken chunks and apt amount of cheese and nicely sized pizza base made it a must have for all and vanished in a jiffy. One of d best pizzas I have had - MUST TRY.

    Alfredo Chicken Pizza isn't a typical pizza you see but they have brought in pasta Alfredo white sauce as base and played with regular pizza toppings. though I need a bit more of cheese hit, the pizza was nevertheless flavorful and definitely impressed - MUST TRY.

      Pepper chicken had nice after kick to it from the spices used and its easily a favourite whoever loves asian flavor starters. With nice cook on the bell peppers this was the curtain showdown of the starters which almost impressed us in every dish.

    With starters almost filling us, we went to minimal main dishes and we ordered  Nizami Handi (Veg) & Chicken Lababdar along with roti basket. The curries impressed us big time. Nizami handi had loads of paneer chunks shredded nicely to blend with other veggies and the loads of creaminess in it was absolutely lip smacking. Chicken dish was also equally impressive. All Rotis served were piping hot and aptly coated with butter and were ideal partners for those amazing curries - MUST TRY.

Service & Hospitality:

     Since it was a tasting session and management ensured we had a good time, service was not in any mode of complainable. So I cannot personally comment on your normal experience but the servers are friendly and smiling all across which is a good thing.  Manager also took care of us and coordinated we always had food on our table.


           Park Vue - definitely mighty impressed for a place which I had no expectations on any level looking its reviews and the pictures in zomato. The food though initially had hiccups in coming on time, definitely were of nice flavors and high standards. Nothing to complain about in terms of flavors. Whatever served were really nice and I'm impressed.Tweaking their mocktails to be refreshing and also be not too dominant on sugar syrups will be a definite area of improvement. I think the place has potential and with sheesha lounge in the open terrace, this could pull youth crowds for its pricing and good quality of food. I wish the management all the best and definitely had a great time and thanks for having us IF you are looking for a good place with nice finger food and sheesha at affordable rates but in KBR Park area where pricing are always high, consider this place and I'm sure you wont be disappointed.


Note: This review experience is based on Management Invite and was on the house & review shared is honest and unbiased in the interest of fellow readers and foodies.

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