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Oriental Kitchen - Park Hyatt


       Park Hyatt Hyderabad is not a place you just walk in and dine on a regular basis and if it happens for a normal foodie like me, the kid in you screams out of joy and gets so excited for the day. The place as the pictures all across screams grandeur and royalty crafted in elegance and design mastery.

       Park Hyatt is currently hosting Truly Indonesia - A Pop-up Kitchen Series from 17th to 27th March and they have invited respected Chef Gatot Tistsianto from Grand Hyatt, Jakarta to bring in some authentic vibrant flvorful indonesian dishes to indian flavor buds. So when Zomato Team of Ms. Monica Bannerjee , Mr. Masroor and Mr. Kartik invited us - a bunch of Zomato reviewers and bloggers for Master Class of Indonesian Cuisine Feast with Chef Gatot , It is nothing but double dhamaka for any food lover and Invitation for it as such excited me to the limit. So on a lazy sunday brunch tim, I headed into the place that redefines GRANDNESS - Park Hyatt in Road No 2, Banjara Hills.

      Indonesian Cuisine is one of the most vibrant, dynamic and colorful cuisines in the world. Diverse, evolvcing, heavily cross cultural influencing, its one of the cusines that brings in lots of complex dishes for flavor profiles. Famoush dishes include nasi goreng, satay, gado-gado, beef rendang, sambal and of course not to forget their official symbol dish - Tumpeng.

Ambience (Decor & Interiors):

            Should we need to talk about decor here, Oriental Kitchen & Bar in first floor in Park Hyatt was our meetup venue and as we got into the vast spread decored fine dining restuarant, we were enthralled to see the detailing and decor done on each corner and each section was so different from other. You name it, they got it terms of decor. Live kitchen with a huge array of condiment and spice jars hovering over the entire wall makes you go WOW every side and every angle.

            The live kitchen as such was so pleasantful to watch and see how chefs create with so much flare and passion that they put in each and every plate. Watching a live cooking session from Chef Gatot Chef Agnimitra & Chef Mayanand made me respect so much more and how much they put delicate handling into action and create such master pieces. As they cooked, they also were so generous to explain the reciepe aand cooking style which made it even more interacting and interesting to learn. Overall, the restaurant was just near perfect for such a superb session and dining experiene as such was top notch.

       Vinod and Akanksha Saxena from Park Hyatt welcomed us for the sunday brunch session and we were greeted with Plum Tonic which looked so vibrant and simple. First sip and you know it was too strong and sour. It initially was too hard for me to savor it but as I sipped few sips more, I liked it as it was a perfect palatte cleanser which lead us to be ready for tasting chef's master dishes :)


       Soto Ayam (Clear Chicken Soup) - The cooking session started with Chef Gatot and Chef Mayanand making the chicken Clear Soup. The dish is an amalmagamation of herbs, spices, shallots, thin rice noodles or vermicelli. This soup is one of the most popular traditional soup  in Indonesian cuisine. Besides chicken and vermicelli, it can also be served with hard-boiled eggs, slices of fried potatoes, Chinese celery leaves, and fried shallots. Final touch is to serve the soup with hard boiled egg, fried shallots and herbs. The soup as such can also be served as hearty main dish or a smaller serving as a soup starter. This dish made by chef was very quick but fragrant. But when we got to taste them during our dining session, it was more flavorful and aroma was better. For hyderbadi taste buds, its very dull and so adding either of the condiments (sambel - red chilli n garlic paste / oinion - carrot - olive oil salad / lemon slices) will make it more adaptable as well. As such the soup was a fresh starter for our lunch.


     Satae Ayam aka Chicken Satay  - Satay or tradionally termed as Sate is chicken  skewered , seasoned and grilled and served with peanut sauce. Sate as such can be made with goat, mutton, beef, pork, fish, other meats, or tofu as well. Being a popular delicacy in Indonesia, there are other variants like Sate Ambal, Sate Ampet, Sata Ayam, Sata Babat, Sate Babi as well. Chef made us the tradional and most common dish Chicken Satay. Sliced chicken meat slices into skewered sticks , seasoned and cooked on hot over surfae for around 20% and then coated with other sprices and turmeric and peanut sauce and grilled for reminder of the cook, the cooking itself looked so tempting and when it was served along with the yummy peanut sace, it was absolutely phenomenal. The peanut sauce was also equally authentic and tasting it we would know how a real one is made than the ones that use too much of peanut butter combination(s).


    Nasi Goreng aka Chicken Fried Rice - No Indonesian cuisine is complete or meaningful without this NATONAL FOOD OF INDONESIA. Literally meaning Fried Rice in Malay , it refers to fried pre-cook jasmine rice, spiced with  kecap manis (Sweet Soy Sauce) and also salt, garlic, shallot, chilli pepper, spring onions, turmeric, oil, onions, palm sugar, ginger garlic paste, and slices of cucumber and tomato for garnishing. It also includes often includes krupuk and bawang goreng (fried shallots) or (fried onions) to give a crispier texture. Eggs might be mixed into fried rice or fried separately, either as telur ceplok/telur mata sapi (sunny side up eggs), or telur dadar (omelette), and also telur rebus (boiled eggs). The addition of fried egg is often named as nasi goreng spesial (pakai telur) (special fried rice topped with fried egg). Chef made us the sunny side up eggs version and served along with chicken satay and the supplementary condiments as final garnish. The chef's version was amazing but when wew were served on table, it was even more amazing - well balanced, well cooked and definitely well crafted dish for a light hearty meal.


     Fried Banana with Coconut Ice Cream and Powedered Sugar Drizzle - The finale dish of our planned meal and was served with chill ice cream. The freid bana as such was sweet and rightly fried but I didnt kind of like the coconut  ice cream as it didnt give my any coconut flavor and so did most of the foodies . So this dessert as such didnt WOW me much but then the other chef's creations made the day complete for a passionate foodie like me.

Service & Hospitality:

       Park Hyatt's Customer Engagement represented by Vinod and Akanksha along with their top notch crew made sure we were pampered with service and courteous care throughout. So nothing much to complain about. It was one of my very few fine dining experiences I have been and I'm definitely cherishing this one. A big Shout out to Chef Gatot, Chef Agnimitra and Chef Mayanand for making the cooking session as interactive and teaching us the dishes in an elgant way and also having us to taste their delicacies. Finally, Zomato Team (Monica / Masroor / Kartik) for making this another Zomato Party that notches its level still higher. You guys make each and every one better then the earlier and I'm loving the places you bring up for our meetups. Zomato ROCKS.


   A Sunday Day time well spent in company of awesome foodies / food passionists / Zomato Team / Amazing Chef  / Awesome Park Hyatt Team and what else a normal foodie like me could ask for. 


    Last but not Least we were parted pleasantly with a surprise from PARK HYATT  in the form of Macaroons Goodie bags as it was International Day of Macaroons and my kids loved the colors and flavors. Made the day even more merrier. Thanks for having us and it was a memorbale delightful dining experience for me. 

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