Ohri's Coca Cola Happiness World - Ohri's a brand in the land of Nawabs known to dish out some flavorful thematic dining experiences across the twin cities tie up with the world's most favourite soft drinks brand Coke and launches this dining marvel in PG Road, Secundarabad, its quite enough to stir some excitement for hardcore COKE  maniacs like me. COKE being a quintessential in my US stay for almost 5 years day in day out, coke has been a integral part of my life and was a fellow companion in all the times.

        When fellow bloggers posted pictures of the food and their experience in here, and of course mentioning about the joyness and happiness with coke and related drinks made in desi style, it was ample push for me to buckle up for the longest drive I have ever made with my family to dine on a weekend. Coke knowingly or not, has become a integral part in metro culture of ours that you just cant ignore its presence. Set aside the other aspects, having coke as such is a feeling so synonymous for an adult to jump up like kid seeing THE JUNGLE BOOK Movie. I'm was one among the million dads who took their kids to this movie in the name of their entertainment but within ours hearts, we knew and we enjoyed more than our kids  to the fullest.

             Skeptical to drive so far and risking of taking my family who are worst critics when its comes to my food choices, I checked with fellow foodies who dined there in the event and also said a simple and formal HI to Ekta Shukla  (Sales at Hindustan CocaCola Beverages Private Limited and Region Key Accounts Manager - South at Coca-Cola) in facebook indicating I'm heading for dinner at their place. Reaching there on my reservaton time 8:30 PM, I was immediately recieved by Mr. Chandrasekhar who informed about Ekta's message and seated me and my family in the most comfortable section where I felt kids would enjoy and we can relax.

            Even before I start to tell about the place, Mr. Sekhar came back with a pleasant surprise of all , customized coke can with my picture along with my daughter imprinted on it. My whole family including me like a KID went AWWWWWWW.. I think that made me feel and look above said "HAPPINESS WORLD" it is. I'm not sure how they got that particular picture, but its till date the most fav pic in my life with my daughter Tharnika where both of us smile like nothing is important than this world and when I saw that one in this souvenir, You know I was not only surprised but kinda moved.

           Coming back to reality and still relishing this pleasant surprise which still made me at heart to jump and hop, I realized the place has got a vibe, a inherent feeling to make you feel smiling, the vintage pictures thats so authentic to coca cola themed places I have been. Coca Cola Museum in Las Vegas for instance. The place oozed red and black which are my favourite colors as well. The vibrant "Happiness World" LED board as you hop in, the star shaped Leds embedded in the wall and cieilings, the happy face counter button for kids and adults (kids within) to press and hear a happy face smile up , cozy little dining tables and of course authentic coke cups and coke bottles of condiments. Some places strive hard to hit hard and top notch on ambiance and fail. Some places know the essence and theme and do simply put that into perspective, Ohri's Happiness world is latter. Keep it simple Keep it theme oriented and rest falls in place.

Frozen Fanta : 4.5/5

       Bring in Frozen Version of my favourite coke variety and wola..This was aptly frozen but still got the touch of fant and boy was it a relaxing drink to start with on the scortching summer and headachy traffic. Completely original fant but with a twist and I loved it.


Katrina Mango : 4/5

      All it needed was the name to make me opt it and nothing else. Seen this in one of fellow foodie Arvind's pictures served in Ohri's 100 degrees, This was a perfect partner for any mango lover with rich flavours and of course katrina name to give it a notchy tadka :) completely flavorfull.


Lime Double Tadka : 5/5

      Limca, Lemon, Corinader and spices - toss it - mix it .. What else to beat the heat. Completely loved it and it just went inside like a jiffy.

      Their mocktails and desi twists on coke based drinks are a welcoming change from normal and usual boring drinks. I can drink all day any of their drink and all of them were so refreshing. Going back consiering the varities and the PRICES



Mexican Nachos : 4.5/5

                Crispy tortilla chips, abundance of flavorful sour cream and man to-die-for salsa brings in harmony of flavors to this dish and it screamed freshnes to our palattes and my wife who normally doesnt appreciate such dishes went GALA over this.


Masala Garlic Bread : 4.5/5

                Crispy , fresh beautifully buttered garlic bread with desi tadka twist was nothing but revelation in your tungue with blast of desi tadka masala and authentic garlic bread flavors. Surpsiingly htey worked together thought a bit strong but loved it.


Love Attack Pizza : 5/5

                Chicken, Jalapeno, bermuda onions and black olives. Pricing - sizing - seasoning - serving - flavoring - tasting - everything - TING TING TING. Scored 10/10. So fresh, so cheesy so yummy. 100 times better than the fast food kinds and made me and wife go like kids behind and kids had to watch us like "Really?? Are you gonna share?? LOL"


Fiery CokeGappa Shots: 4.5/5

               Innovation + GLocalization = Coke Gappa Shots. Pani Puri with shots of coke infused Pani water. for 49 RS This is pure desi bliss. Can't explain experience it for yourself :) Slurppp redefined for me.


Choco Volcano : 5/5

               Fellow Foodie Snehal did insist to try this dessert and WOW it proved absolutely worthy. Fluffy Choc brownie with volcano oozing with dark chocolate sauce and yummy vanialla ice cream aside set a fitting finale note to a absolutely warming and pleasant dinner experience. Again worth the bucks . Bang on freshness.

Service & Hospitality:

            I have never seen a person so smiling and so pleasant to watch serving 24*7 like Rishi bhai. Right from the moment he seated us and bid us bye bye the smile is something that made me feel "man thats quite a guy". A absolute pleasure to be served by him. A lovely steward I have come across in rcent times and man I was humbled with his smile . MR. Chandrasekhar did ensured we were chcked upon frequently though the place was buzzing with crowd right and left. Again this is anotherplace which proves the undeinable but yet sometimes forgotten truth - know your customer - know your strenghts - play it fair and you score it high. Salute to this team. I had to click the front operatons crew and the kitchen staff (pictures below) and more than the enlightment I felt , the smiles in their face knowing people like their food and the glitter of pride they got in their smiles and faces, I felt happier than ever.. After all its a "HAPPINESS WORLD" isn't it?


    Coca Cola Happiness World is not just a dining option for people who have experienced it, its a unique experience start-to-end and I felt it even though tired of driving so far. The BRand - The Food - The Ambiance - The smiles - The coziness everything does make u feel "HAPPY" for sure. Dont miss to dine here and experience it. OF course logistically please book tables upfront as the place is red-hot crowded on weekends and now I know why.


I'm definitely going back for their COKE Twists drinks and sizzlers as I couldnt cover them up stuffed with these choices of today.


LAST BUT NOT LEAST - THANKS TO LOVELY GESTURE BY EKTA SHUKLA on the surprise souvenir can - My daughter has already become a fan of it and is in SHOWCASE on a special place :)

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