Oakleaf  a specialty multi cuisine restaurant in house of Oakwood Residence - Kapil Towers has made a name for itself within just one year of its inception serving international gourmet classics, Asian favorites, and a variety of healthy options and of course offering Hyderabad classics. Open for buffet breakfast and lunch , the place of course has garnished quite a name thanks to the ever demanding IT corporate crowds when it comes to food experiments..

            Invite over a bloggers table to relish their buffet, I was plesantly greeted by their Sales & Marketing In-charge Emili Chowdhury. As we sat down to taste some of the items in the main buffet and discuss more on their marketing ventures , we were joined by their Head Chef Brijesh Kumar and shared his thought process and of course ready to take feedback of the dishes. It was indeed a pleasure to meet him in person and get to share food experiences.

Note: This review experience is based on Bloggers Invite Event and food was on the house but experience and reviewsd shared is honest and unbiased in the interest of fellow readers and foodies.


From the mocktails array of menu, I opted for Blue Bangle - an interesting drink which was fresh and damn refreshing. Pink Floyd- Name intrigued me and so did the actual drink - watermelon was fresh but I didnt feel pinch of ginger, could have been better.

Mushroom Cappucino - Chef's signature creation was served on a cappucino cup and one sip would tell you, it was absolutely amazing. The balance of mushroom and the cream was a killer combination and the rosemary sprinkled all across was a good addition. Definitely set the tone for a good lunch ahead.


Bharwaan Mushroom Ka Kebab - Mushroom filled with cheese and indian spices definitely set the tone as a good started the cook was very good but the filling was not upto themark could have been better.

Teriyako Chicken Skewers - Nice cook on the chicken and the teriyaki sauce was definitely a game changer. Could have been more softer to my preference but was indeed a good one.


Stir Fried Lamb - Nice cook again on the meat and the veggies compliment the meat well except the spring onions for me which kind of didnt go well with lamb. I would liked a bit more spicier sauce tossed around it.

Prawns Fritters - Prawn dishes always interest me but very few impress me. This one failed unfortunately as it was tad more salty and the batter on the fritters was more than normal which marred the main ingredient of the dish. It was OKish.


Gongura Mamsam - Main course servings started with 4 curries with rice and roti baskets. First to catch my attention was Gongura mamsam as I'm a mutton lover. The color and enticing aroma took me to try this but I should say it didnt leave me WOWed. The gongura was so densily minsed and ti gave a kind of sour taste over the mutton though it was cooked good. Could have been better.

Dalcha Gosht - Dalcha by itself impresses me as a simple but yet elegant dish with its richness and softness companied with good roti or rice. But mutton version of this somehow didnt fly well with me as the mutton was overpowered byt he richness of the dhal which by itself was good. Nice dish but could have WOWed me.


Gaeng kiow wahn (Thai Veg Red Curry) - Served with hot and steamy rice, this was absolutely divine. The richness from the coconut milk and cream and the right amount of spices and yet the spice from red chilly was amazing. Veggies were also cooked well. Amazing dish.

Dum Ka Murgh - Though visually this dish didnt scream much to me, the flavor was bang on. What a cook on the chicken which just fell apart like feather and paired with butter naan, It was indeed a delightful curry. Amazing Dish.


Grilled Polenta with wild mushroom Fricassee - Finally a continental dish in the serving and I was already mightly excited. The reason being they provide zillion wasy of creativity and there is limitless combinations you can experiement and try. This dish was one of the perfect symphony of brilliantly made polenta (made out of corn meal) with the richness of mushroom sauce bed. One of the best harmonious dishes I have ever tasted in recent times. MUST TRY. Picture Credit : Jet Set Eat Aka Vishal Fernandes

Char kway teow - The dish which is nothing but "stir-fried ricecake strips" was served visually looked appealing but lacked in terms of quantity of sea food propotion. The cook on the noodle and the veggies made the fare good indeed. But I would have loved it with a tinch of chilli flakes toss to notch up the taste buds a bit more. Good dish overall.


                     Any meal be it lunch or dinner isn't complete with desserts and Oakleaf's simple but elegant dessert array did total justice to that. It did put the whole buffet experience to a sweet and complete tone for me.


                   Among the array served, pretty much everything was good and not too sweet and interesting in different ways. Kiwi Delight, Mocha Pastry, Kiwi Delight were the ones which impressed me in terms of single servings size and flavors packed up in such small servings.

                      Service was of course top notch as expected on blogger's table but what impressed me was the staff were knowledgeable of the dish served without any hesitations even before we could enquire and the promptness in cleaning and serving wihout a whif of break was surely making the whole experience to next level of satisfaction.

                     The overall experience mainly was interesting with the part of interaction with Chef Mr. Brijesh as it is always pleasure and interesting to have discussion about food and I never get bored of it. Buffet for its price is definitely worth the try considering the options you are spoilt for the Gachibowli and Financial District area its placed.

                   The buffet priced at 580 + Taxes would place your cost around 650+ which I would say is definitely worth trying considering the unique dishes you get here apart from the traditional asian and indian fare of dishes which is part of every buffet in the vicinity.


Thanks to Oakleaf Management and Mrs. Emili Chuwdary for the invite and overall event.

Note: This review experience is based on Bloggers Invite Event and food was on the house but experience and reviewsd shared is honest and unbiased in the interest of fellow readers and foodies.

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