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Mustang Terrace Lounge


       Mustang Terrace Lounge - A strong debutante which has been impressing me with the pictures and reviews and coming up  in the booming Indira Nagar area. Terrace Lounges are not anymore a rarity in this city as every week there is a release much like movie releases. More the merrier is the saying but more the confusion as well for people to try out and its going to be even more challenging for lounges to get customers and turn them into repeat ones. Did this one deliver such an experience? Well lets see.....


Disclaimer: Invited for tasting session along with fellow foodies by the management and dinner was on the house. Review stays unbiased and entirely based on particular service & experience. Your personal experience might differ.


Ambience & Decor:

            No marks for guessing I was flattered with the decor and the richness that went with the name "Mustang" which means free roaming and wild. The place's decor and furnishing exactly spoke to me of free flow and wildish brown all over. This paricular horse statue in below picture is something that amazed me in terms of the look and the insight that has gone into getting the right decor for such a place. Mustang gets everything right in terms of inside bar-o-side seating, inner seating with d most comfortable couches, outside seating and open terrace seating and what I loved more thn these sections was all private family section whcih can hosue 10-15 people with separate LED TV for watching matches and another completely open gathering in the corner which gives u top notch view of DLF and financial district. This aint enough? Go visit yourself, you will love it.....


             We started with array of mocktails from the live bar among which Black Current Delight , Blue Wonder & Virgin Mojito impressed me and my friends. Their drinks are limited in terms of mocktails and they are still experimenting on their menu. Most of the drinks had too much sweet or syrup feel.They definitely need to work on their drinks as most of them were very ordinary and nothing WOW.


Pandumirchi Cheese Brocolli
Indonesian skewered chicken
Nizami Paneer Tikka
Darbari sheik
New England lamb meat balls
New England lamb meat balls
Lebanese skewered shish tour
Lebanese skewered shish tour
Kowloon chilli fish
Greek pizza
Rosemary grilled chicken pizza
Party calamari & harissa mayo
Piquillo peppers & cheese stuffed ch
Penne with white sauce chicken pasta
Piquillo peppers & cheese stuffed ch
Seared skin on red snapper fillet

Starters & Main Course:


Pandumirchi Cheese Brocolli - Name says it should be unique. So was it. Brilliant - 5/5


Party Calamari wtih Harissa Mayo  - Finally a place that delivered claamari right. Amazing and sauce Ufff... - 5/5


Darbari Sheek - Mutton & chicken Kebab in terms of Sheek Kebab style - AMAZING - JUST TRY - 5/5


Indonesian Chicken Skewers - Amazingly cooked chicken and the peanut sauce man amazing - MUST TRY - 5/5


Lebanese Skewered Shish Touk - Amazing fish sauce soaked chicken skweers. Very different & amazing flavor - 4.5/5


New England Lamb meat Balls - Very good and absolutely loved the cook on d meat but could have had more heat - 4.5/5


Kowloon Chilli Fish - nice flavors and fish was absolutely cooked beautifully - 4.5/5


Rosemary Grilled Chicken Pizza - another amzing pizza place and their rosemary chicken pieces slurppp - 4/5


Greek Pizza - amazing veg pizza and that feta goat cheese on the topping was amazing- 4/5


Piquillo peppers & cheese stuffed chicken breast - Very unique dish and stuff chicken is must try. Mashed potato and sauteed veggies were bad and was not upto the mark - 3.5/5


Seared skin on red snapper fillet - fish was cooked very good but lacked seasing and also the white sauce was too sweet - 3.5/5


Stir fried greens with black bean sauce - Good dish for veggies. Just tasted the veggies and they were cooked well - 3.5/5


Penne with white sauce chicken pasta - Tthis was the lowest fulfilling dish of all. either there was too much olive oil or butter was cooked too much. Pasta tasted very average and the sauce could have been more creamier - 3/5




  Well dont get shocked , they are still not yet setting up their desserts menu as their prime focus seem to be setting up the main course menu and get the engine running up consistently. But then no meal is complete for me without desserts and so I was kind of disppointed there. Hope to see them come with solid and synergical desserts with the rest of their menu soon.

Service & Hospitality:

            Mr. Praveen Rao (General Manager) and Mr. Murali (Captain) aling with their cruew were amazing and almost delivered an amazing perfect service to us. Though ours was tasting session, I know our service would be taken care but then I watched them serve other tables as well which was pretty much same. So they effectively were taking care of our big group and still serving others as well which is commendable.

         Mr. Murali needs special mention as he was well informative of their dishes and their specialities.He was also ears open for our feedback which was well recieved.


    MTL - Mustang Terrace Lounge  is a pure blessing in disguise for pople around indira nagar and gachibowli as they have been exactly waiting for such a cool hang out place and I have no doubt that this place is going to have a solid growth and customer base just based on their decor and food that tthy are trying out. Their menu is simpole but very unique and have some signature dishes which I havent seen anywhere in such lounges. I just hope they bring in the desserts section as well which make the experience complete and there should be NO LOOKING BACK!!! BEST OF LUCK Team....



 I was invited for a tasting session and the food was on the house but review and feedback are genuine to the food served and service provided.

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