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Moti Mahal Deluxe (Gachibowli)


            Moti Mahal Delux - Tandoori Grill is a global chain of restaurants with over 120 franchises in India and around the world being the first to introduce Punjabi cuisine. This fine dining place has two branches - one in Madhapur and one in gachibowli while later being the recent opening. Madhapur one was always my refered outlet during my working in  that area and have dined there quite many a times and always was overall satisfied with food over there. Gachibowli outlet on the other hand has bnever been in my radar due to its odd location or may be I just didnt think of it as an option anytime. So finally when I was planning a bid week dinner with couple of foodies , I thought to try out this place and I should overall I'm surprised that this place did deliver in terms of authentic punjabi food.

Ambiance & Decor:

          On entering, I always get a good or bad vibe but going through this place, I dont know but still have a mixed feeling about the ambiance and decor. It is supposed to be giving you fine dining experience and make you comfortable but probably the odd colors chosen and the combinations dont work much for the place and also I felt lighting was dull and boring. The furniture also were all dark brown which normally works either too good or OKish and for this place it turned latter. Overall I think this place needs minor makeover but nothing massive from-top-to-down but they should experiment to make it more vibrant or totally class.

Set Menu:
        Being to try this place, I din’t want to miss any of their signature or popular dishes, so we had worked upon a set menu and pricing with them and though I felt its  bit pricy but food did deliver and so I have no issues for a hearty dinner. Most of us had no or minimal expectations mainly because of not reviews of this place but hyderabad as such is looking for odd or unique ventures and we have now plethora of options and newbies are coming every alternate date.

Tomatar Dhaniya Shorba - quantity wise it sufficed. Shorbas are meant to be light but i felt it could have been a tad thicker and also the dhaniya was overpowering which while having was no issue but hits you at the back of the palate - 3.5/5

Tandoori Chicken - Full chicken was cooked for 6 of us and I should say this dish stole the show. A BIG DOUBLE THUMBS UP  for this. The cook on the chicken and right levels of spiced all the way through the middle of meat. Right amount of heat and awesome accompanying chutney . Bliss I should say  - 5/5

Fish Tikka Ajwaini - This dish was look wise not so appealing to us and when I sliced the fork into it, it just melted like butter. Huge pieces of fish pieces and good thing was there were not much bones to trouble us. The perfect cook on it made the tikka just slide into our palate so easily. Damn good dish  - 4.5/5

Honey Chilli Potato - My kids all time favourite dish. Any restaurant that has it has been checked. So this dish is quite close to me. They served a good quantity of it and the sauce was near prefect. To me the only dampener was the soggy potato sticks which if crispier would have complimented the sweet sauce with its crunchiness . Could have better - 3.5/5

Paneer Tikka Shaslik - The presentation was top notch on this as it had huge slices of paneer cooked with right colour on the glaze. I was skeptical about the huge slices of paneer may not be cooked or over cooked, but as we cut through,it was smooth and soft. The flavor were just about right and nothing over powering as well  - 4/5

Dahi ka Sholey - This was probably a dish that could have easily WOWed me but slipped due to the soggy bread on the outer and very less yogurt stuffing on the inside. The cream dahi could have been more and it more tasted like cream cheese and also the corner sides were too tough. Presentation was appreciable - 3/5

Butter Chicken Curry - finally a place that to me served authentic creamy rich absolutely lip smacking butter chicken. Soft chicken pieces which just melt in your moth and that richness of the butter cream infused in the gravy along with the assortments of naans was HEAVEN ON EARTH - DO NOT MISS IT - 5/5

Mutton Rogan Josh - Another amazing curry where mutton was perfectly cooked falling off from the bone and the tangy and rich gravy was again a killer one. MUST TRY DISH - 5/5

Paneer Butter Masala & Dal Makhani - both curries served the purpose with former bring good and rich and the latter being a bit under spiced and was kind of bland  - 3.5/5

Paratta & Naan Varities - in order of my preference as follows : Green Chilli Paratta, Paneer Stuffed PAratta, Garclic Naan, Onion Kulcha, Kheema Naan and red chilli paratta   - 4/5

Chicken Pulao - with no more gap to hog on more, they did kind of serve the rice dishes and this chicken pulao was initially not to my liking because of too much gravy and then later after few spoons, felt the nice masala curry flavor coming in and the chicken was very nicely cooked more. The rice could have been more fragrant  - 3.5/5

Veg Pulao - My lowest pick of the day. Decently flavoured pulao rice and nice cook on the vegetables but the addition of rose water essence killed the very freshness of the pulao and over dominated all the veggies . Couldn’t take more than few spoons  - 2/5

Gulab Jamun with Ice Cream - A hearty meal is never complete without desserts and so they brought in these huge yummy gulab jamuns with grated almond over it. To me who is a dessert addict, this was a bit harder and also the cook was little over need. Flavor was there but then I love softer gulam jamuns.  With ice cream , I guess it filled the gap and shortcut to heaven was declared :D - 3.5/5


Service & Hospitality:
            Mr. Ajay who was supposed to attend us was busy and so Mr. Jitendar was attentive and another lady supervisor also joined hands. The service was apt but then again like ambiance I feel a disconnect in terms of their dish awareness and involving some lively customer talks are missing. Most of them stand along and wait for orders and then roam around. It feels OKish but could definitely been more active and interactive asking feedback of dishes and something else.Both Ambiance and service to be seems to be almost there but yet still not there.
Key Points/Improvement Areas:
       1) More lively customer engagement by supervisors
       2) decor could be more vibrant color choices seem to be hayward , confusing & not appealing to have a lively and hearty meal
    Moti Mahal Delux Gachibowli, for most of our gang was with low expectations during start but somehow pleasantly surprised us till the end. Starting soups and ending pulaos were dampeners but overall a fully satisfied dinner with few minor comments which were directly passed onto Chef Mr. Mohan Singh who was gracious to spare some time with us inspite of his busy cooking schedule. Thanks sir.Worth a try for punjabi cuisine and mainly for their butter chicken masala and definitely you wont be disappointed.

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