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The Moonshine Project


       The MoonShine Project - another open terrace lounge that has been making the right noise since inception and of course via that, marking my attention to visit this place and try out how good they are. Located in Film Nagar which seem to be getting blessed with all the newbies in recent times, its pretty much on the main road next to cafe melange and kind of opposite to churros decaf. The place has got ample parking space and its a breather considering the crowd this area attracts on a daily basis.


Disclaimer: Invited for tasting session along with fellow foodies by the management and dinner was on the house. Review stays unbiased and entirely based on particular service & experience. Your personal experience might differ.


Ambience & Decor:

            The place has got finesse in setup as its got first floor that hosts the traditional bar setup inner seating with live music stage and ample seating for almost 60-70 pax capacity. Also they have a live bar and a very good aspect that I observed was a separate "Smokers only" area from the inner seatings. Full score on that. On the second floor, they have the open terrace that can house around 30-35 people with a big Projector Screen for watching IPL matches along with a fun and fancy Volkswogen van turned into a live bar and DJ roll up section which was very quite innovative. The space was ample and perfectly done. Overall impressed man. The other thing that caught my attention was the mafia gang graffiti paintings on the walls which were unique and something different than traditional art works.

Green Apple Mojito
Mango Monster
Barman's Special Mocktail
Barman's Special Mocktail


             We started with array of mocktails from the live bar which includes Sweet n Tweet, Rebecca, Strawberry Delight, Satana's Kiss, Devils Own , Green Apple Twist, Double berry cooler and Mango Monster

Top Picks:  Mango Monster (Mango , Vanilla Ie cream and Mango Juice) , Double Berry Cooler (Rashberry, Cranberry, sour mix, lemon lime soda) and Devils Own (Frapper Blended with oreo biscuits)


Suggestion: They need to work on their drinks as most of them were very ordrinary and nothing WOW. The Mango Monster was natural and amazingly refreshing but others fell flat in terms of the usual expectations form mocktails as it should kick start your engine palate for a good dining experience ahead.


Sesame Chicken
Chicken Nachos
Jalapeno Poppers
Beer Battered Fish n Chips
Butter Garlic Prawns
Corn n Beans Quesadilla
Corn n Beans Quesadilla
BBQ chicken Pizza
Veg Sheekh Kebab
Sausage n Cheese Omlette
Veg n Paneer Medley
MoonShine Special Chicken Steak
Naan and Murgh Musallam
Molten Mexican Choco lava

Starters & Main Course:


Moroccon Meat Balls - Finally a placed delivering amazing meat balls - YUMMILICIOUS - 5/5


Butter Garlic Prawns  - Another cracker dish . amazingly perfect sauted prawns - YUMMILICIOUS - 5/5


Chicken Sausage n Cheese Omlette - JUST TRY THEIR OMLETTES PERIOD - 5/5


BBQ Chicken Pizza - Nice crust on the base and ample chicken toppings along with nice sauce flavors - 4.5/5


Chicken Nachos - Rightly delivered mexican flavours  Nice crunch on chips andchicken was prefectly cooked - 4.5/5


All American Lamb Burger - Amazingly cooked meat and burger amazing as well but could have been more perfectly done- 4.5/5


Corn n Black beans Quesadilla - nice flavors and the beans was cooked well - 4.5/5


Sesame Chicken Strips - Amazingly done thogh chicken could have more softer but flavors rightly done - 4/5


Naan & Murgh Musallam  - Naans were nicely cooked and the curry was amazing in terms of flavour but could have perfected more - 4/5


Beer Battered Fish n Chips - Amazingly done though chicken could have more softer but flavores rightly done - 3.5/5


Veg Sheek Kebab - Nicely cooked kebab patties but little high dosage of salt on it - 3.5/5


Jalapeno Poppers - along with french fries, this was decent in terms of taste but very less jalapeno - 3.5/5


Veg n Paneer Medley - This paneer steak try out was a disaster that it was too salty than normal and didn't gel with the sauce - 3/5


Moonshine Special Chicken Steak - Had too much expectaiton on this I guess. The chicken was not cooked to perfection and the sauce was very bad. The mashed potatoes also was not creamy and was like boiled mash with no seasoning- 3/5



  After such heavy hogging and also drinks on the sides, we were introduced into their desserts menuwhich looked impressive but unfortunately found out theat they serve only mango custard and choco lav cake.


Mexican Choco Lava - They are still perfecting till date and this was godo enought for the presentation  - 4.0/5

Mexican Custard - This was very limited in quanity. Decent taste to bring in flavors of mango but not so original one- 3.5/5

Service & Hospitality:

            Mr. Sridhar (Operations Manager) and his crew including ever smiling Himanshu bhai were amazing and almost delivered a nwar pperfect service to us. Though ours was tasting session, I know our service would be taken care but then I watched them serve other tables as well which was pretty much same. So they effectively were taking care of our big group and still serving others as well which is commendable. Their smiles, their suggestions and obviously their politeness won us over.

         Mr. Sridhar was informative off how they setup things and also shared us some good insight intotheir place and its specialicies.He was also ears open for our feedback which was well recieved.


    MSP - MoonShine Project  is nothing short of a strong contender into this sector of open terrace lounges and best I loved sabout how you have options for seating and based on your mood, you can choose one. BE sure to book your table ahead as its gets really packed up even on week days. Overall with few minor insights into their food and fine tuning their bar quality, this place sure has potential to be threate for others and at treat for you. DO CHECK THIS PLACE OUT !!!.



 I was invited for a tasting session and the food was on the house but review and feedback are genuine to the food served and service provided.

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