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       WOFL - a dine out place in Banjara hills that has been ringing with good reviews for their breakfast mainly their omlettes and wofls. It has alwasy been in my bucket list but due to distance kept missing it. Being in bachelor mode this week, how can I miss this, pulled couple of my foodie friends and we met there for dinner on a late friday night. The place neatly tucked from huzz-buzz of Banjara hills craziness is close by from Terra Rosta Cafe and its not much to miss.

     Place is nothing much to talk about. Its a simple and chilled out cafe style setting with ample seating and it also got interior seating as well. Quite spacy and can get privacy as well. Without much , lets get into the food.


Black Current Slush - Slush was fresh and tasty. Could have more icecrush to it but nevertheless refreshing - 4/5

Mushroom Cheese Omlette - silky smooth omlette, nice creamy cheese overflowing and perfectly cooked mushrooms with a good bread toast . Just WOW - 4.5/5

Salami Cheese Omlette - silky smooth omlette, nice creamy cheese overflowing and perfectly cooked salami with a good bread toast . Just WOW again - 4.5/5

Corn & Cheese French toast - serving was clean n chick. Taste did hit almost a perfect tone though I thought quantity could have been bigger for the price - 4/5


Pan Fried Chicken - perfectly cooked chicken breast pieces (well almost) on white sauce and superb garlic bread as side. This dish was completely appeatizing - 4/5

Trio Choclate Waffle - no dinner is complete here without WOFL. So tried their recommendation and I should i was WOWed at WOFL for this dish. three chocolate sauces - dark - white chocolate - regular chocolate - 5/5

Kit Kat Thickshake - nice quantity on it and I also loved the kitkat flavors crushed intot he chocolate ice cream . Was slurpy and creamy and heavey as well :P  - 4/5

Service & Hospitality:

            Service was of course courteous but could have been better. Since it was only 60% full, stil we had called each time the waiter several times throughout the dinner. This is something sthey should work on as I guess not all could be patient though food speaks volumes. Lotsof scope for improvement and can smile definitely :)


    WOFL andA must go place if you are oan omleete or breakafast or a WOFL lover like me. Their omlettes and WOFLs are iller and this should be your go to spot for sunday relaxing breakfast as there are good options in their menu to satiate your hunger pangs on a sunday morning.

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