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Jassi De Paranthe


       Jassi De Paranthe is the brain child of two passionate youngesters whose taste buds went in search for authentic punjabi dishes at affordable prices. Their mission simple and straight forward :  "to deliver tasty and great quality food to people. Aim : Not simply to please you with food, but to make you so happy that the last thing you say to yourself as soon as you finish your food is ‘I cannot wait to order again."

      With cooks being native Punjabis food is designed to deliver excellent food preparation and mouthwatering taste. While glacning through theie website, I loved the way they want to target with this below quote:


Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves  ~ Steve Jobs

      Owners Mr. Himanshu Agarwal and Mr. Rahil Gupta have started this passionate dream come true place to deliver quality at no compromise to price and quantity and see if they notch the game of economical punjabi affair which is a welcome change as I personally felt based on my visits only few places deliver THE AUTHENTIC FLAVORS. Not that I'm a connoisseur but then being a hardcore foodie, we know if it delivers or not.


Visit Scenario:

      Midweek Madness for our foodie pals initiated for Wednesday lunch meetup and this time Manish Bhai suggested Jassi De Paranthe based on good reviews and mainly recommendation from our dear Amir Bhai. So we a bunch of foodies brotherhood Manish Bhai, Pruthvi Bhai, Paramjeet Bhai, Afzal Bhai, Shareef Bhai visisted this place on 16th Mar, 2016 for a relaxed lunch.

Ambiance (Decor & Interiors):

          Its not a fine dining or a fancy restuarant - lets get that clear before you place for the visit. Its a elegant and bit higher class of self service eatery but bridged some of the features of a typical restuarant. The place could seat around 50-55 pax I believe. Its mostly yellow & black combination and some pictures of food dishes. The one that captured my interested was the quote "Im not a glutton - I am an explorer of dood" ~ Erma Bombeck". So was my mind set as we wanted to explore veg punjabi food based on our reviews. The place is slick, neat and aptly sufficient for a family dinner or a quick lunch for IT corporates around the buzzing Madhapur area. Dont expect fancy lightings and amazing service aspect but Himanshu does bridge that gap by taking care of your orders.

  Note : Interesting fact - Your order once ready is announced via a railway announcement type style which was very interesting :) Do visit for that experience....

       Owner Himansu was so kind enough to sit with us and help us decide our dishes and also gave their special recommendations. So we didnt spend much time in exploring their menu but as I glanced they do have Veg Sabzi / Chinese / Veg Starters / Paneer Sabzi Variants / Tawa & Tandoori Paranthas / Rice Combos / Thalis / Kulche Combos and rotis/rice sides. Beverages are basic but have some good variants of lassi.


        Paneer Haryali Tikka, Veg Sheekh Kebab - Starters Both were above average and sufficient quantity for the price. Paneer Haryali was better dish in terms of presentation and also the flavours. IT had nuts and so me not being a big ardent fan of Paneer didnt impress me. But others felt it was good. Veg Sheekh Kebab was a bit salty for my taste and I felt still HYD has to impress me on Sheekh Kebab variant. 2-3 places in my 4.5 yrs in Hyd have blew me out. Yet to find the best one :) Pineapple Raitha was a pleasant dish recommended and I tasted a bit and I loved the sweet flavor of it though I'm a hater of raithas.


     Lahori Kulcha, Amritsari Kulcha  - Brilliance and Simpleness personfied. Amazing dishes and both along with their side rajma curry was jst melting in our mouths. both variants scored big time from a carnivore like me.


    Paneer Tikka Masala , Nizami Handi, Dal Makhni -With huge array of garlic naans and lachcha parathas , these 3 curries were custom ordered based on suggestion from Himanshu. Paneer Tikka Masal  - Hands down the pick of the day - Amazing sweet, soft and paneer just was so soft that it melted with the buttery gracy and with lachcha paratha mainly , it was PEREFECT PUNJABI AFFAIR  :) Nizami Handi was differnet but didnt impress me. Needed more improvisation to make it another unique dish. Dal Makhni was amazing - simple yet so flavorful.


     Last but not least, JEERA RICE. Just ordered it and ask no question. Simple Dish as many would say but to get the rice consistency and the richnesss of Jeera to ensure its not overpowering the entire rice is a challenge and JDP blew us out on this. JUST ORDER THIS DISH.


   We ordered Strawberry Lassi, Mango Lassi and Lime Sodas. I had the lime soda - the freshness was evident - fresh, aptly sugared and more importantly rejuvenating after a hearty warm meal.


Service & Hospitality:

       IF the places's owner suggests the order and ensure we the group of hungry pandas are taken care, what else you can ask for. Mr. himansu was smiling and eagerly serving us with some good co-ordination from their staff. But I had to do justice and I did monitor their other orders (which were self service) and I guess it was not too much waiting time for most of them and all I saw were happy and satisfactory faces. Now that tells a lot for a newbie. The only thing I would say is whoever still serves anything to customer could smile and be more apealing for customers. Nothing as a complaint but as an area of improvement.


     Also, they have a strict policy against bottled water and cold drinks. So beware of this incase if you are an ardent fan of mineral water of soft drinks addict like me  :D


   So overall Jassi De Paranthe did prove that the reviews across the board werent a fluke and they do know their food and they do want their quality to speak for itself. I wish the owners keep this principle in mind and dont try fancy stuff and mess up this good and flavorful foundation. Owners have the passion and their staff have the skills and the dishes speaks flavors - NO FANCY NO FINE DINING BUT PURE SOULFUL HEARTY DISHES. On enquiry, they are indded working on expanding the menu and also bring in non-veg. Being a hardcore carnivore, I just want cant wait for their non-veg variants and combos. But still a veggie place after a long time impressed me hands down and that spekas more of it. Among with me were other Non-veg foodies who also felt the same and that will assure you if you are a normal veggie, you should visit this place ASAP.

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