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       IndiBlaze - A new entrant in the city and got some intresting menu which more kind of resembles CHIPOTLE - fast food mexican grill chain in USA. It marks the entry of two eminent chefs in south Chef Sanjay Thumma & Chef Vikram Simha into this innovative new brand of fast food in the city and I'm glad they chose mexican style as they are hardly easy to count out in the entire landscape of hyderabad. The menu itself was inviting to me as me and my wife are hardcore fans of Chipotle for their burrito bowl and burritoes any day for the fresh veggies and amazing salsa and corn chips. Did this indi version deliver? Lets check out.

     Place is nothing much to talk about but has got ample inhouse seating, ample parking space and courteous staff and I guess its all required right in place.

     The menu is typical chipotle style again and they have 5 main varients along with your chocies of fillings/meats/veggies/sauces

1) Indi Pizza - This is nothing but the traditional quesadilla setup with just cheese and veggie fillings and they toss it in the ostove and grill it and call it pizza but is quesadilla.

2) Porotilla - Desi fusion try of bringing in porotta instead of tortilla base for wraps.

3) Hearty bowls - Traditional burrito bowl setup served with your choice of fillings.

4) Blaze Biryani - precooked biryani style rice tossed with your choice of meat or main veggie filling.

5) Kebab Wraps - kebab style cook on your choice of meat or vegggie and wrapped in tortilla.

Main filling Choices : Mushroom / Paneer / Grilled Chicken / Hot Chicken / Lamb

Sauces : Jholokia / Mustad / Sriraja . I DARE YOU TO TASTE Jholoka also famously named as Bhut Jolokia spiciest chillie in the world with 400 times hotter than tabasco sauce. I DARE YOU as I know how bad I burnt my toungue :P


Kokum / Lassi Mango  - Both priced at 40 Rs decent options for drinks apart from water but missing cold drinks which are typically good with such burritos - 3/5

Grilled Chicken Hearty Bowl - my wife is always a lover of burrito bowl and her obvious choice was this. With grilled chicken mixed with all toppings like coriander butter rice, himalayan beans, kashmiri rajma, mixed grains, sauteed veggies and peri per potatoes, it was worth for 220 Rs. The overall flavors came close to US version but two things were downer - adding potatoes in it and also I felt the grilled chicken was on the spicy end to tally with the veggies - 4/5

Grilled Chicken Indi Pizza - Basically a grilled chicken quesadilla but size again proved the price tag. Kids loved it and it was perfectly grilled and tossed with good heat on the meat chunks. The salsa could have been better - 4/5

Lamb Porotilla - Now here is where I took the biggest risk of my life, in spite of a serious warning of my foodie friend who tried it, I dared to ask them to drop in 2 drops of Jholokia sauce in the wrap thinking I'm a hardcore foodie and I can dare anything. Things arent the way you expect. Those 2 monsterous drops were the culprits as I didnt know where they were added in the monstrous wrap. The perfectly spiced and cooked lamb from first bit impressed me but one tang connect with this spice sauce and the hell cut lose. Its definitely ot for the light pallete and it immediately kills your tongue devoid of any response. Man I had to finish the whole thing to avoid wasting food but I know I burtnt my tongue badly  (had to gulp 1 full creamstone ice cream in a wiffy to compensate the fire accident lol )  but still worth the try . Definitely do risk only if you dare the consequences :) - 5/5

Grilled Chicken Hearty Bowl
IndiPizza with Grilled Chicken
Lamb Porotilla
Lamb Porotilla
Lassi Mango
Kokum Freshner

Service & Hospitality:

            Service was of course courteous but could have been better. since they are newbie and its more of a self service kiosk model, nothign much to complian or fix. You order, get the food, eat and leave. So quite the requirement fit.


    IndiBlaze is a definite breath of fresh air in terms of brining in some different fast food game to the heart of IT hitech City and I hope they maintin their quality of their ingredients. Absolutely loved their fresh veggies and the crunch I got in them. The meat choices and coo on them were also equally satiating experience. Do check them out and dont search for me if you try the Jholokia . I DID WARN U !!!!!.

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