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3Bs : A concept to Be : Jubilee hills

Absolute Barbecue, India's First Wish Grill restaurant to bring in BBQ experience in a whole new different way comes up with 3Bs, a new venture setup to top their game from the plethora of BBQ options that mushroomed in a short time in the city of Nizams. They bring in the concept of 3Bs - Buddies- Bar-Barbecue which takes the same food menu from AB minus the main course and add in consumer friendly priced drinks menu and makes it more effective place for hang out with friends for light dinner / drinks / fun and after my experience I should say THEY NAILED IT.. Well, almost :)

A Foodie Group was running a promotional event for dinner at 3BS. Couldn't resist the deal and applied for the same through forum. Lucky me got the confirmation within hours and allotted 7pm Slot on Monday Dinner. Was very much excited as I'm for ABs. 3Bs - the new venture from Absolute Barbeque is interesting concept to dine in with Buddies Bar n Barbecue grin emoticon What else does one need. Located in 3rd floor on same building as ABs, I went early anticipated crowed but it was hardly filled.

Ambiance (Decor & Interiors)

Now where do I start for this place. They open d door and WooHoo, you are transported to a Gold & Black themed grandeur everywhere. The black color elevates the golden touch that is in every single corner of the place. Be it the majestic High chairs that welcome you, golden framed paintings, Rich red Chandeleirs, Golden curtains, luxurious glassware. Everything speaks volumes of detailing gone into the planning and designing. It definitely needs a Salute for the vision and execution. Having a 70+ pax capacity dining in 4th floor (along with 20 member exclusive family private section) and open terrace 5th Floor, this place did tell me it got the right goods to impress or rather knock you down with its ambiance. But is that enough? Well read below

Food & Quality:

           All Starters Grilled Fish, Dahi Bread Roll, Boneless Chicken Kebab, Chicken Wings, Mutton Sheek Kebab, Grilled Pineapple, Mushroom Tikka, Paneer Tikka, Crispy Corn, Cheesy Grilled Potatoes . THE STARS were crispy corn, dahi bread roll n cheesy grilled potatoes n I went multiple rounds. Mutton was a bit let down as it was dry . Chicken Items were amazing as well. Main course had biryani and curd rice. Wife tried curd rice and said was very good and I did taste the chicken biryani and wow a BBQ place giving amazing biryani. not the best bet def had aroma n flavor. Desserts are let down as it had the traditional ice creams (on scoop or stoned concoction with condiments), gulab jamun and couple of mini pastry cakes.
           Liquor menu is quit exhaustive and some of them are absolutely cheap like pint beer on 99 , whisky (Teacher's Highland Cream) at 99 Rs, Tequila shots cost ~150 Rs and Specialty Cocktails are priced at 250 Rs.

Service & Hospitality

         ABs does it every single time and each time they notch it up. Gaurav took care of us and literally was with us entire time sensing what we need and always right behind us to serve. Guys you have an amazing service culture and hats off to that.


         Overall this place is must for people who want light BBQ experience and have fun with friends with couple of drinks and chill out.. Service will be a highlight for anyone dining there and they vouch for it. ABs has notched up my expectations with 3Bs and I wish all the best for them in success in this as well....

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