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Heart Cup Coffee


       Heart Cup Coffee to me is one of the few places I go when it comes to lounge experience, drinks and some amazing food. I have been there 5-6 times including one of my all time favourite experiences of Liquid Art's Cocktail Workshop which remains till date my bext experience. Check out my Zomato review @ HCC for the pics and review :)

       It wasn't too hard to get tempted when HCC announced The BruncHCC - The new Sunday Brunch at Kondapur Branch. Fellow Foodie Zubair invited me for the same and You got to be out of this world IF you say NO for such an invite. Did HCC notch up the Brunch Experience for me ? Well lets get started , shall We??


BruncHCC Details:

       Sunday 12:30 - 3:30 PM. Unlimited Sangrias - DIY "Do It Youtself" Cocktails and Mocktails , a superb buffet spread. Cost is 1499 + Taxes with alcohol and 899 + Taxes for Non-Alcochol Brunch. Now they notched it up with Live Performance from Meghna Dundi , Loki and Pavan - It doesn't get better than this!!!!


Visit Scenario:

            The BruncHCC special was easy pick for me and so I tagged along with few more foodies for a lazy cozy Sunday Brunch on 3rd April.

Ambience (Decor & Interiors):

         All the times I have been to HCC, I have been to their outside dine and bar. This time as it was scortching hot, we got it inside as the Band was also playing in the center stage. Thanks to Owner Mr. Roshan Chhabra for giving us the best seating on the house so that we could enjoy the band as well as their amazing brunch. The interiors is just amazing. The picture frams literally thrown around the entire place was superb. The collections were also so unique and picture perfect right from hollywood singes, Great indian legends, Amazing Indian Film Makers, International Music Creators. The also interesting observation was their unique aristry like plated guitar, from scratch lady doll made from the wastes and huge bar setu. Everything was done in a unique and interesting way. The furniture and chairs were absolutely comfortable and also a look at the live kitchedn added more value to it. The only thing I personally felt was as such there could have bee little bit more lighting as even thought it was noon, it was more darkish than being perfect ambiance.

Live Band - Meghna Dundi (Vocals) / Loki Pai (Guitars) / Pavan (Drums) :

     This group started off slow and steady which didnt impress us but then as they picked up wish list tracks, they kept rocking every single song and Man - Megha The lady has ana amzing vocal and brought the roof down on so many awesome numbers. The crowed enjoyed every bit of it and Loki on guitars was also equall rocking. Their finale performance was the icing on the cake and every single person in the place shouted "ONCE MORE". Amazing performance and do catch her on Facebook and Youtube:


DIY Cocktails n Mocktails:

                  We sarted off with DIY Cocktails and Mocktails and tried the classic Virgin Mojitos, Cranberry Mojitos, Old Fashioned , Whiskey Sour, Screw Driver , Water Melon Slush + Vanilla Ice Cream Cooler and also got the invite few mystic monster cocktails that we couldnt name but Boy they were strong :) Check the pictures above for the same. Overall everything were amazing and apt for the brunch feel and perfect compliment to the live music.




       Salads & Cold Cuts - Finally a awesome cold cut spread (everything was chicken) the bacon cut, salami cut with cheddar and other cheese slices went amazingly well. Slurppy man.

Starters: Thai Chin Chicken was my pick of the starters. Amazingly spiced and apt sauce made it super duper dish. We went multiple rounds with it. Other starters were good but we didnt concentrate much with the live band performance going on. Spicy Grilled Chicken, Beg Sheekh Kebab, Italian Cheese Fingers, Mushroom Salt & Pepper, Crispy Fried Vegetables, Mutton Hussaini Kebab and Chilly Fish - All were good.


Chicken Pizza  (thin Crust) - The thin crust was amazingly cooked and was not at all burnt and was perfectly spiced and super dish again.

Main Course & Desserts:

       Laal Maas, Chicken Pulao, Chicken and Sea Food Pasta (Live counter), Dal Makhni, Veg Jalfrezi, Roasted Chicken and Burnt Garlic Noodles  - Everything was superb. Amazing Dishes. The top picks for me was Laal Maas and chicken pulao. Both were amazingly authentic and yummilicious. Other dishes also including pastas were superb and the Indian Breads with Laal Maas was PERFECT MARRIAGE.



        Now this is where things werent WOW and didnt excite us much as it was the ordinary and standard ordeal - Pista Pudding, Caramel Pudding, Fruit Salads, Chocolate Brownie Pudding, Pastries and Ice Creams and gulab jamun.

Frankly none of them impressed us though we were super fill the desserts got to impress you as they are the finale act in any dining experiences for me. We did provide our feedback to Roshan and he did ackowledge our feedback which by itself was a polite gesture and they told they will definitely work on it.

Service & Hospitality:

       HCC Crew has always been amazing to me in my visits and this was no different. Always approachable and ready to take care of customers and always on the toes. As usual Mukesh and other guys, amazing and I'm definitely coming back.


    BruncHCC as such is one of the most amazing brunch experiences for me (not that I have had many :p) and thanks to Roshan for taking awesome care of us and ensuring everything was spot on and indeed so polite to take feedback from us and ensuring to implement them sooner or later. Anyone who wants to laze out on a sunday, have some good food for tummy and good music for soul and relax for a longer time, just head to HCC and you ain't gonna regret a bit. BANG ON FOR YOUR BUCKS...

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