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                   Habanero is the venture of Husband and Wife, Griffith David, Indian by native, and Elizabeth Bowden-David, a native of the US. Together they spent years in the American southwest, soaking up the region’s cheerful culture and the flavors of Mexican border cuisine. Being in Bangalore for the last six years, Griffith and Elizabeth understand the high-energy, fun atmosphere and authentic tastes that residents and travelers are looking for. So they launched this authentic tex-mex restuarant, where in you get the fusion of texas and mexican cuisine culture which includes featuring dishses under the range of classic Mexican foods, Tex-Mex creations, and Texas-influenced American items.

          This restuarant has been the #1 in my pending list for almost 2 years where I either never dared to visit them due to the mixed reviews or planned to fo for a family dinner by chance or by destiny. Now that might not be a big deal but it is for me as I'm a hardcore mexican and texas cusine lover and have been in texas for 2-3 years, I'm a die hard fan of those dishes. So finally ruling out new ventures as we got bored of routine items, I took my family here and I should all the mixed review notions and my notion of missing a place due to reviews was shattered, hands down the most under rated place in Hitech City area is what I would say after having dinner here.

         To attract family crowd, they have launched "Kids eat Free" on weekends which I would say is a blessing for family who dine every weekend like me :) No coupons, you can walk in and use this as its confirmed now. The Kids menu includes nice selection of choces from starters to desserts.  Every dish was made kids friendly no overdose of spice or pepper and Kids enjoyed it to the core.


All the below items were in Kids menu and were free in the bill.

Onion Rings - At first felt pricy for the just rings but on served with amazingly spicy sauce, the rings were crispy on outer and buttery onions inside and just melted in our muoths. Amazing starter.

Nachos with Salsa - Aptly fried and nice sals , could have been more seasoned but never the less kids loved it.

Chicken Quesadilla & Fries - The chicen quesadilla is the most cheesiest one I have had it in India till date. Super rich cheese and chicken was well cooked making this top class and kids enjoyed again and I had one separate one just for me . Slurpy. MUSST TRY Fris again was not over seasoned and apt for kids.

Chicken Burger (Kids Menu) - The burger was tiny and cute but was made with such finesse. The chciken patty was superbly cooked for kids without any over seasoning again and the cheese was just about melted making it another hit with kids.


Chicken Albondigas - Name sounded very interesting and so ordered the same. They are nothing but chicken meatballs in thick salsa curry and topped with nacho strips. This was definitely spicy and had the right amount of meat cooked. The balls were super soft and the overall strips of nachos soaked in the sauce and chicken made it another must try dish. MUST TRY.

Chimmichanga with Beef Tenderloin - Any beef dish excites me as its very tough to cook the meat so soft and melt in your mouth type. My foodie friend recommended this in her review and so without a doubt went for this. This is nothing but a fried burrito filled with beef tenderloin pieces minced nicely with spices and kidney beans (Smashed) served along with sour cream , guacamole , spanish spice rice and pickled tomato and onion salsa. THIS IS HEAVEN ON EARTH DISH HANDS DOWN - JUST TRY IF YOU ARE BEEF LOVER. The cook on the beef with the smashed kidney beans and the crunchy burrito coating gelled in alltogehter superbly. The spanish rice thoguh resembles our indian spicy pulao was very different when tasted along with gauce and sour cream. Brilliant. Gaucamole was again amazing though could have more tinch of avacado.


Molten Mexican Chocolate Cake - No meal to me is complete without dessert and though they have a good and interesting items in the menu for desserts, my eyes went into this because of two reasons 1) Chocolate  - no points for guessing and 2) mexican spice infused. Served in a decent quantity for the price, this one hit right node on the first bite itself where the chilli spice came in with the choco sauce along with vanilla ice cream and the chocolate brownie. Overall a good dish and I enjoyed it though I felt the brownie could have been more hotter to compliment the chillness from the ice cream as I would expect it.

Service & Hospitality:

            Service was definitely slow in the beginning but it went on well as they were attentive and though when I left , the place was packed the service was on top as I didnt see anybody complaining and thats a good sign. The only improvement area wher I would suggest is to have some kind of live entertainment based on mexican culture for kids or something or atleast an engageing Captain to ensure customer engamgenet is more lively as I felt that could elevate customers' experience.


    Habanero, without any further due or looping around, if you love mexian food, if you are looking for change in dining experience, if you dont mind getting a bit pricy on your bill and have a good time, Just head out to this place and I hope you wont be disaapointed like me.

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