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Guilt Trip


       Guilt Trip - a name that springs up anytime anyone asks for desserts and it was in my go-to list for a long time. Known for their cheesecakes and all foodies except me visisted there was almost like a GUILT on my part. So when a surprise birthday party invite came from fellow foodie Saritha Agarwal ji along with my fav HOMP pack of foodies, how else could I miss the visit. Did the trip make me guilty? Lets see..


Decor & Ambience:

        The place is neatly tucked in bakery space but intelligent use of space has made many private spaces where you can sit, relax, sip in your coffee, have some finger food and have your own world around you. The stairs to the top floor private area looks a bit clumsy but knowing the space constraint, I think they hav edone maximum justice. The lighting and the guilt trip log design was something that was so catchy and attractive. Ambiance did justice to the place and kind of complemented the menu as well I should say.

Drinks & Mocktails: 3.5/5

             Since we were a large group, we ordered various ones just to get taste of most of the drinks. Most of them served the purposes but were too syrupy and could have had more fizz and refreshing tone to it. My top pick was Caramal Frappe.

Caramel Frappe, Forest Green, Orange Mojito, Virgin Mojito, Apple Mint Splash, 3Ls (Lychee, lime, lemonade)


Starters & Entrees: 3.5/5

Creamy Chicken Penne Pasta - was good amount of chicken and nice cream accompanied - 4/5


Pesto Penne Veg Pasta - too much pesto sauce which was over dominating even in smell distantly. Horrible - 2/5

Veg overloaded Pizza & Rosated Chicken and Onion Pizza  -  both versions were guey , creamy and well made - 4/5


Chicken Wings - Finally a different cut of chicken wings and perfectly roasted . Amazing dish - 5/5

Veg Snacker Platter -  had paneer balls, french fries and few fried veggies I guess - was crispy and tasty - 4/5

Chicken n Veg sandwiches - decent versions. could have reduced adding lettuce which was dampener for me  - 3.5/5

Fish Burger -  Finally a place which has proved a fish burger can also be tasty and yummy too - 4/5

Veg overloaded Pizza & Rosated Chicken and Onion Pizza  -  both versions were guey , creamy and well made - 4/5


Desserts : 4.5/5

Blueberry Cheescake - Missing or even commenting on this without tasting is a sin. YUMM TOP NOTCH - 5/5


Red velvet Cheesecake - Flavor was spot on but cream could have been softer and smoother. Amazing one again  - 4/5

Chocolate Ganache - least preferered for the night. Was too dark chocolate for me which kind of overpowered being a dessert - 3.5/5

This place is of course for desserts and they have some wide variety of cheese cakes and cup cakes as well and on looking at them, we know we can hunt on all of them and go crazy.

Blueberry Cheese Cake
Red Velvet Cheesecake
Blueberry Cheese Cake
Blueberry Cheese Cake
Chocolate Ganache

Service & Hospitality:

            The crew knowing that we are a big group of hardcore foodies and we are very particular about the drinks and servings, they alloted a server all the time to us and which ensured we didnt had to wait too much on anything. They kind of came in back to back and food was coming in at regular frequency which was nice. Nothing over the top to WOW but definitely nothing more to demanded off from the place as well.


    Guilt Trip - If you are desserts lover and also want some lone time or company wihth friends and have some decent finger food, then this is the place to be. DO NOT MISS THEIR CHEESECAKES. The its a purely GUILTY TRIP I Say :)

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