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Gloकal Junction


       Glocal Junction is part of FoodLink Restuarants linked to FoodLink Services a famous brand in F & B Industry and owned by Mr. Sanjay Vazirani. Started first in Andheri West (Mumbai), they have opened up right next to their earlier and first venture in Hyderabad - CHINA BISTRO. Glocal Junction is Videsi meets Desi - A Hinglish Affair. The innovative 'क' instead of 'c' in Glocal brings in the thought behind the creativity. The huge glass decor with the name standing majestically across the first floor from outside is so appealing much like its neighbour.


         Glocal Junction's menu is an fusion of global cuisines with a twist of regional flavors which combined various ingredients and techniques to evolve different cuisines, thereby offering some of the iconic dishes in a renewed avatar – the Glocal avatar! Glocal Junction, with its interesting cuisine, elaborate bar menu, well thought through interiors and exquisite ambiance is set to provide this city with a captivating drinking and dining space that allows its guests to enjoy the virtue of being local at heart. The place offers a "By-The-Day" menu for morning and "By-The-Night" menu for dinner which mostly is simlar with few differences.


Visit Scenario:

      After so many appealing and compelling reviews from dear Foodie bloggers and the idealogy behind Glocal was more than enough to attract me to visit this place. Was planning for a foodies meet up but couldnt resist the excitement. So headed with my family and brother for a saturday nite dinner.

Ambiance (Decor & Interiors):

          Welcome by a huge glass name hoarding screaming bright lighting and innovative 'Ka' (Hindi letter) instead of 'C' letter, the place right away impressed me in its decor. The inside was no different that kept it simple, blackish, elegant and classy without much screaming colors. The collosal cube metal structure that servers as the main framework for the bard in both ground and first floors was enough to convince me that the place has been well thought through. The prominant 'KA' letter everywhere branding their main intent was also a good marketing touch. The bright red and black combination (which is my most fav 2 colors) make it more appealing and inviting. The other light structures and seating was also thought through though I felt it could have been more comforting as you are expecting people to visit the place for relaxed dining experience. Nothing to complain about but then could have been more soothing for relaxed mood. The menu and the cutlery (spoon / fork / knife made to resemble wrench, spanner ) was very interesting as well. The menu was sufficiently made through and was quite elaborate. Overall It didnt blew me out for sure but none the less didnt disappoint me as well.


    If at all I had to point out a big concern from my side, it would be the dining table in the first fllor which we were initially offered was right next to the restroom. If they would have just thought through, they could have avoided it was it was too noisy and quite uncofmrting as well for me.


            Bouquet : The name by itself is a teaser and wait till you see the serving. This is the most visually appealing cocktail I have ever come across in India till date. Its basically Absolut Kurrant flavoured with Passion Fruit and Floating Flowers served in a tilted glass box with rose flowers infused on the top and torched to give that heat to the drink.The vodka with the passion fruit was a good fusion to try it and gave a soothing essense matching to its name. Thought a big bomber on the pricing (495 + taxes) , I should say the drink is worth an attempt for anyone who loves cocktails. I loved it.


          Toxic Jar : Absolut Vodka served on the rocks along with a fusion fluid with far east spices including cherry, leon and a big chunk of cinnamon stick for bringing the uniqu flavor profiles. The mixture indeed was something refreshing to start with but overall was nothing out of the world flavor for me but definitely worth the attempt.


         Kokum Cooler - A tradional kokum refreshing mocktail served in a huge glass version. This was OKish for me and felt could have been more strong in terms of the punch.


         Berrilicious - A mocktail fusion with guave juice, mango juice and pineapple juice. The guava flavor was dominant and I would look at this mocktail as a refined fruit punch which otherwise didnt WOW me for the pricing.


           French Fries - A McD version copied.

         CNC rings - A fusion attempt to serve garlic bread in form of rings to make them more munchy versioned appetizer dish. The bread rings were cooked perfectly thought I felt lilttle bit of more cheese could have been it more softer and spongier but never the less was an interesting dish.


         Kung Fu Nuggets - Oriental fried chicken nuggets. This was also nicely fried and crispy fresh nuggets and kids loved it. The sauce which was masically grounded red pepper and olive oil infused was a killer. I loved the sauce and could keep eating it more n more.


         Mint & Corinader Chicken Drumsticks - A mini sandwich meal plating style which has 4-5 chicken drumsticks served with mint and sweet tangy chutneys accompanied by 2 small cup buns and a piece of fire tossed corn cob. The chicken were just amazingly perfected witht he richness of mint and corinader flavors deeply infused into the chicken and meat was so tenderly cooked which tells the marination was more than just good. Amazing dish. The accompanying mint and sweet chutneys were mind blowing and fused with the main dish IT WAS A PERFECT MARRIAGE.


       Wild Mushrooms & Cheddar Kebabs - A dish very similar to the chicken dish above and served with 8-9 mushroom pieces. I kind felt only OKish on the dishes not that nothing impressed me but the mushrooms was too softer without any crunchy appeal and the cheddar infused wasnt the best but the combination did work and everyone in our family LIKED it.


       The CHAAT Pizza - A dish that perfectly screams GLOCAL right from presentation to the flavors.The huge pizza style serving where the traditional chat toppings of sev , tomato and surprise ingredient of pomegranate seeds on a typical pizza base. The first look was so appealing and as we tasted the first bit, it was food-tastic. The fusion attempt did score 100% for me as the crunchiness of sev and the sweetness from the fruit and the typical pizza cheese made the dish stand out right away for everyone.


         Churrasco Chicken Plate Steaks - A mini sandwich meal plating style which has 6-7 piece servings with mint and sweet tangy chutneys accompanied by 2 small cup buns and a piece of fire tossed corn cob. The chicken were amazingly cooked not burnt or over grilled but perfected to go well with (again) the midn blwoing chutneys. Another stand out dish for me.


       Old school Fish n chips - My wife's world most favourite dish and so she didnt even think for a second to order this. The fish was amazingly cooked though oily n crunchy on the outer the inside was so tender that it was just falling apart. nicely coupled with aptly fried french fries, the dish along with the tradional mayo was another dish that screamed flavors and scored perfect score from me.


         Tandoori Chicken Risotto - The name itself screams GLOCAL - tandoori chicken + risotto. That was more than enough for me to order this dish. IT came in a huge serving portion and on look, I was like will this deliver the final punch in our dining experience and one spoon , #FOODGASM #FOODPORN #HEAVENLY . The dish made the unimaginable tandoor chicken flavors infused winto the chicken and twine in the risotto so well that you cannot think of what made Chef to think this fusion. The marriage is beyond PERFECTION and I could easily say THIS WAS THE SHOW STOPPER OF THE DAY in my dinner. Hands down one of the most unique but yet flavorwise top notuch dish I have tasted in recent times.


        This place definitely needs a special mention mainly for their innovate and creative presentations of desserts line up. Right form the names to the way they are presented , they scream creativity to me. Though priced very much on the insane side but none the less they are worth every penny to taste them purely to apprecite the flavours thought through.


       Baked Filter Kapi - What ends a perfect south indian meal , nothing but a filter Coffee (read Kapi) and Glocal brings in a twist in form of baked kapi mousse served in a typical Coffee Davara (as they call in tamil nadu) with a froth topping of espresso coffee foam. The dish screams coffee all across and people who love coffee now know blindly their dessert choice. The coffee mousse was well executed with the dark cofee flavors from the foam. The dish scored well in my book.


      Kalakatta Paan Cheese Cake - People in hyderabad have already got so excited with various paan infused dishes like paan shots, paan ice creams and gelatos and as typical nizamis we need refreshing paan to and any happy and satisfying meal. This has been the logic behind infusing cheese cake served in two mid sized betel leaves and typical topping with a stick and cherry. The quantity was very small for the pricing but nevertheless the perfectly made cheese cake went well with the betel leaves and this dish definetely is well thought through and executed in a vision.


       Masala Chai Pannacotta - If you are a tea lover, just blindly order this one, the typical pannacotta preparation served in a cold mutka and toped with pale G biscruit crumblings on top as well as on side. The pannacotta had the right texture for its name and gave an authentic flavor and aroma for masala chai. You either get it right or screw up the fusion but again Glocal proved they can play with fusion and do it brilliantly. THIS WAS MY PICK of the amazing desserts we tried.

Service & Hospitality:

Mr. Deepanshu (think I got his name correct sorry If I wasn't) was a complete caretaker for my table. Understoof the family ordeal for ordering, providing us good recommendations, was knowledgeable of the dishes and most of all served the entire duration with smile and politness. Again they scored so well in this as well but as always they can be a bit more faster to just blow away the customer on their engagement. Neverthless JOB WELL DONE


   Hands down the best place I have tried where ambiance delivered and to top it , the dishes were so innovative experimental and still delivered high refined flavors in each and every dish we tried (most of them except the traditional fries). The place is definitely getting a very strong fan basse vibe and I can only think its going to get more and more busy in terms of providing some amazing food, elaborate menu choices and the whole dining experience is nothing short of amazing. With such a big menu, I'm definitely going back mainly for their cocktails and the fusion entree`s.


   Last but definitely the Least aspect - Chef Mr. Gaurrav Gidwani has pulled in some bold experiements in terms of dishes and their unique flavors which dont look like hit and run but definitely thought through to delivery CREATIVITY + FLAVORS that make you want more and try many dishes. That is the biggest success factor to me and I think if the behind the scene Kitchen team delivers this quality of food consistently, I would still go to this place more often than others which are on higher end of pricing :) A dining experience that goes as one of the most creative fusion experience I have had in my stay in Hyderabad.

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