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Gal Punjab Di

         Gal Punjab Di - An UnTraditional Dhaba is another cute little venture from Himanshu & Rahil d lovely young entrepreneurs who brought the VFM heaven Jassi De Paranthe in madhapur. I loved Jassi De Paranthe but I always felt bad that they don't have anything for meat lovers like me and here you go , wishes answered in big way.No nonsense place in terms of ambiance and theme based decor. Everything just fits in. A small cute place beside Wonton in Gachibowli and I can say, you get the feel.

Note: This review experience is based on Management Invite and was on the house & review shared is honest and unbiased in the interest of fellow readers and foodies.

Now coming to food - now where do I start, anyone who loves chicken or punjabi food or both, they will go gaga for this place. The innovative plating at fine-dining level, gaint portions, quality of cook, amazing flavor and to top it all, "Light on the pocket" pricing which will make you go "A WHAT??" and after tasting "OHH..MYYY...GOODDDD".. Food was finger licking good and heavenly in flavors.


Shikanji -> Known as Indian Lemonade was absolutely cute in that small bottle and one sip it took you to heaven. Simple yet absolutely brilliant drink. Got over in a gulp.


Papdi Paneer -> They bring in street food at fine dining level. crumbled papads coated on top of paneer chunks at tandoor. Absolutely light on tummy and paneer was super soft.

Suva Futiya Seekh Kebab -> As the menu says - SIZE MATTERS. Check it out for yourself. I had the veg variant and I went GAGA over it. Such an amazing cook on it.

Tandoori Murgh & Murgh Tikka -> U WILL DIE FOR IT.. No words to express. Absolutely fantastic spice levels on this with amazing glaze on d pieces. JUST GO N HAVE IT

Desi Nacho with Kheema -> Chicken variant. minced chicken kheema served on naan slices to look like nachos. Interesting twist & a very unique dish which can be had as mains if you 1-2 people but can easily turn into a starter for a bigger group

Asli Punjabi Butter Chicken -> One of d best I have had in my life. Close to what I loved in Moti Mahal Deluxe. This one is so creamy and absolutely super soft chicken pieces in it - MUST TRY

Veg Dildara -> Veg Kheema in tikki masala - Now even meat lovers will fall in love with this veg curry. Absolutely fabulous <3

Every dish was lip smacking and I never felt so full in body and satiated in heart.


A must go place if you want punjabi khaana and if you are in gachibowli, just dont even think , JUST GO!!!!! I'm going back for more.


Himanshu bhai & Rahil bhai - Thanks for having us and U have absolutely nailed it


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