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Firehouse - Terrace Bar


            After my visit to Chaitanya Family dine and a quick visit to their semi open terrace lounge bar made me finalize a foodies meet up with my foodie pals for a friday dinner. Firehouse - Terrace Bar as I entered it on the top floor of Ekta pearl, was warmly greeted by its lovely owner Mr. Ramesh Mandava who immediately made us feel at home. The place is indeed bringing in the much needed terrace bar experience in this area and is indeed a blessing for me as its the neartes one for me to relax from now on.

          The place is right about everything, the minimal decor, woodish style finishing everywhere to keep it gell with lounge atmosphere, a big screening, nice bar setup and of course very comfy seatings . Everything feels in place for Fire house and they have made good and intelligent use of their space I would say as without even A/C settings the place was super breezy using natural freshness and breeze. Clever designing in this area and I loved their bar setup for sure..



        While we were waiting for the bar person to make us some mocktails, owner Mr. Ramesh was discussing about his beers and how and where he imports them and was also sharing about his hardships and experiences. As we were discussing, he did surprise us with some of his specials (imported beers) , I should say not only I was floored but amazed at their flavours.

Birra Moretti (Beer) - imported from Milano, Italy its got a uniquely bitter flavour which is quite unique & strong - 4.5/5

Amigos (Beer) - Originated from UK, this tequilla flavoured beer with a hint of lime was a HEAVENLY drink - 5/5

Honey Dew (Beer) - Originated from UK again, this spicy honey malted was pretty good- 4/5

Fuller's London Price (Beer) - From London, England, this distinctive malt base was smooth and astonishing  - 5/5

Beer Sandy (Cocktail) - Beer  based refreshner drink splashed with sprite and tinch of lime was absolutely refreshing  - 5/5

Blue Hawaiian (Mocktail) - Mocktails with blue curacao always attracts me as its quite interesting comination with pineapple and coconut flavours. Again very fresh and was good - 4/5

Starters/Finger food:

        We had a set menu fixed for our meetup and so we were served a mix of veg and non-veg starters and served in firehouse terrace bar.

Spicy Chicken Wings - amazing cook on the meat and loved the perfect gelling with the spices. We went multiple rounds with this - 5/5

Mushroom Moti Kebab - nice cook on the mushroom and the filling was also very unique and tasty - 4.5/5

Apollo Fish - Some of us really loved it but for me the batter on it was not so crispy and the sauce was a tad sweet for me but  fish was cooked really good  - 3.5/5

Chilli Loose Prawns - Prawns had a different coating which was not so WOW and had something odd but prawns were nicely cooked again  - 3/5

Tawa Mutton - This was the least preferred. the mutton was nicely cooked but the chinese coating cook on it didnt go well with the mutton pieces and didnt make us feel to relish the meat - 2.5/5

Chicken Harabara Kebab - chicken was cooked well but it was too dry and not so hotly served - 3.5/5

Crispy baby corn - Baby corn was nicely cooked with perfect batter coating and when we relished it we felt less of salt and so the baby corn turned sweetish on this dish. Could have been better - 3.5/5


Main Course:

        Since we had planned a set menu for us, the main course was served at Chaitanya family dine at 1st floor. Everything was absolutely awesome.

Natukodi Ulavacharu biryani - the tanginess and freshness of ulavachaaru sauce mixed with perfectly cooked chicken and the yumminess of biryani rice only did combined justice as this one. Amazing it was - 4.5/5

Avakai Chicken Biryani - This was my pick of the day and hands down the best biryani that tasted so awesome with avakai pickle in it. The spicy avakai with perfectly cooked chicken pieces made an amazing dish hands down  - 5/5

Kheema Biryani - Another well convcieved dish and the kheema blended well witht he cook of the rice. some of us felt it could have been more moist as the kheema absorbed the moisture from rice but for me , it was very good - 4/5

Sambhar Rice - I have already fell in love with this dish and so did my friends who in their life also havent tasted sambhar, and they loved it. A MUST HAVE IN HERE  - 5/5

Darsan with Ice Cream - This one again proved to be a decent dessert. nothing WOW but sufficed the purposes. - 3.5/5

Service & Hospitality:

            Mr. Vinod  (General Manager) and Mr. Arjun Sir (D man behind the scenes) are two gem for this place as I have already mentioned in my Chaitanya family dine review as well. They both add so much value and meaning to customer engagement.

Icing on the cake was Mr. Ramesh Mandava was with us throughout the dinner and ensured we were well taken care off and not even relaxed a bit. He was someone who I never felt I was meeting for the first time, such was his warm hospitality to us and ensured all of us feel so relaxed that we could enjoy the dinner whole heartedly and he also sat with us in regular intervals getting constant feedback. HATS OFF SIR AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HAVING US.


    The menu was designed by the hotel management with a set menu and pricing concept and the foodies were invited based on my feedback in my earlier visit. It was a paid tasting session.


    Firehouse Terrace Bar, is a definite valueable addition to the locality which always felt the need for open terrace experience at an affordable price but not go too far into the main hubs. The area thronged with IT public would definitely welcome this as long as we they get deliver quality drinks & consistent tasty food and they are here to stay. I loved their beer stocks but I'm still waiting to visit their beer county to go through a whole beer-mastic experience.

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