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Diners Pavilion


            After my visit to Mustang terrace lounge , I so wanted to try their fine dining venture Diners Pavilion on 4th floor of the same building. Timing I felt wasnt right as I know they were still working on their final menu for the place. As one of our foodie pal had to treat us, we zeroed on this place . Now I had good expectations based on my experience in Mustang Lounge but then the ambience and decor knocked me off my feet and amazed me to image how much design and cost has been poured to get this place right in every spec n perspective.

          Right from the electric fire place glaring reddish lights, the metallic ring artistry on the wall, royal grey & goldern  decor chairs, the supreme and royal private rooms with individual TVs for entertainment, the chandeliers and hanging lights each speacking volumes of brightness and intricate details on the decor said me saw just WOW. Be it the gold and dusky - Wild and Woody - Mustang, to this gold and glittering - shiny n brighty - Diners Pavilion, the owners and design team have notched the game in the locality and if not for anything, just go for the ambiance.


        Their mocktail menu is limited but has good options as they are wating for their liqour license for both the places. On in house recommendation, we went for te following. OVerall it was good but definitely can give us that WOW factor by fine tuning a bit more.

Pino Orange - A mix of orange juice and orange marmalade which is nothing but a fruit preserve prepared from the citrust fruit juice, its peel and boiled with sugar and water. This drink was fresh chill and nicely balanced - 4.5/5

Strawberry Fields Forever - Name intrigued us much but the drink failed us on all levels, too sryupy , strong sugar rush and not appealing for a gentle mocktail to clean up your palate. Need to work on in much - 2.5/5

Thandai - Icecream based thick shake and I guess it was made of rich butterscotch and milk and it was chillingly fresh and absolutely divine in taste. was obvious choice of everyone in the table - 5/5

Pino Orange

Pino Orange

Pino Orange

Pino Orange




       Since we know the folks over there, we were excited to have a sneak peek of their soon to be launched extensive and exclusive menu just for  Diners Pavilion. So we were lucky ones to get also to try some of their dishes in the upcoming menu.

Complimentary bread with mayo - Amazing garlic bread which had strong presence of mashed potato and everything along with the accompanying mayo did justice to the freshness and softness to the bread. It just vanished in seconds. WOW  - 5/5

Kesari Punjabi Chowk Ki Tikki - seared potato patties with masala chickpeas. Was super soft though I felt it was too soft that it turned out not so spoon friendly as it was too fragile. But the taste was superb and melted in our mouths - 4.5/5

Hariyali Methi Murgh Tikka - When you visit this place, try it PERIDO. The most amzing tangdi cook you will savour in gachibowli area. So melting in the mouth meat consistency and perfectly gelled in spice levels . WOW again - 5/5

Tofu Moon Pai (From new menu) - Everybody pick of the day - This one is going to be a killer one. ITs usually very tough to play with tofu as it can get hard or dry so easily. This dish nailed it on the crunchy texture on the outside but well cooked tofu inside and the coating was additional splendeur. The condiment salad was not worth it and we recommended to do lettuce strings with mayo sauce tossed and on that combination, the dish notched a level higher - 5/5

Mongolian Spicy Lamb (From new menu) - This one was good in terms of rich spincess and well cooked lamb but the dampener was the over cating which made it like finger fries and couldnt relish the lamb which should be the hero - 3/5

Pandumirchi Cheese Broccoli - I'm already the die hard fan of this from mustang's experience and I told my friends to vouch on my recommendation and they verified the WOW. The dish is a must try here . Even a brocolli hater would fall in love for this dish. JUST TRY - 5/5

Greek Pizza (Veg) - Totally stuffed we just had this pizza as the main course. The pizza is good enough to be shared by 2-3 pax.nice crust on the corners and decent toppings, the pizza was flavorful but I felt the base crust thickness could have been ore thinner and the caramelised onions could have been lil bit more browned to get the caramelisation notch the overall flavor of the dish. None the less, a good one  - 4/5

Complimentary Bread
Complimentary Bread
Hariyali Methi Murgh Tikka
Mongolian Spicy Lamb
Tofu Moon Pai
Kesai Punjabi Chownk Ki Tikki
Green Pizza
Pandumirchi Cheese Brocoli

Service & Hospitality:

            Mr. Vijay Varma Guduri  (Owner) and Mr. Praveen (GM) and their team gave us superb service. Mainly since we know Praveen already , he was taking care of us along with ample discussion on the dishes, menu experience and also taking our feedbacks. It normally very tough to see Top line Manager know the food and its ingredients that itself brings in a lot of interactions for food lovers like us. Praveen is knowledgeable and feinitely a Value asset for this place hands down.


    Diners Pavilion, I would say, is an impressive debutant to give other places which serve decent food and keep getting crowd a run for their money. With it royal decor and good and reasonable pricing and exhaustive menu (soon to be launched), it will be a must try for family dining experience. I would definitely come back for the dishes and excited to be WOWed by them again... All the very best and I know you guys are gonna make it big.

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