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Chinese Pavilion Gachibowli


               Chinese Cuisine including diverse styles from various parts of chine has not only influenced the food landscape in various parts of Asia but across the world. One of the most simple yet complicated in flavor profiles. India has also embraced so much of Asian cuisine that you can vouch that most of Indian Foodie community next to their regional cuisine would be fans of Chinese Cuisine. Chinese Pavilion is one of the most consistent brand in Hyderabad that you keep hearing for authentic no non-sense Chinese dishes at not to alarming prices and yet have strong fan following.  I for one of them was a fan as I dined here last year and fate had me to dine her with Fellow Foodie Bhais exactly after a year and I had to be blown away by the food only to believe that no wonder this place has been awarded The Best Chinese Restaurant 2016 from Times Of India . Big bow to Owner Mr. Sayed Ali and also our foodie Guru Taher bhai for making our menu selection so easy and making it one of the memorable dinner in recent times hands down.

         We started off with Chicken Manchow Soup where in chicken, vegetables mixed with ginger and chilies made to perfect heat and flavor and topped with crispy noodles. this was so heavy and thick that it can make a weak foodie stuffed to core with just one serving of it. The soup was flavorful and definitely one of the most subtle ones that impressed me in recent times.

         We then moved to veggie starters including Honey Pepper Potato Balls and Crispy Lotus Stem. Oh that honey glaze on the baby potatoes and the perfection to which it was cooked as it just smoothed when cut with fork and the way it melted in the mouth. It was slurppingly Heaven period. The crispy Lotus Stem also was made to authentic Chinese flavors with pepper, spring onions and green chilies and right amount of chili to ensure you get something of everything in each bit and the crispiness of the lotus stem ensured you feel satiated in every slice.

                   Next we moved on to non-veg starters which started with Caramel glazed BBQ chicken wings which was nothing like you have ever had. This dish was hyped by Taher bhai before serving and how their entire family is addicted to this. His hype made it so exciting to even to wait to get this dish served. One bite into this piping hot wings will tell you the craziness depicted in the hype. Whatta combination of caramel glaze with amazing and subtle BBQ sauce in it and the crispiness of the wings wonderfully married with the smoothness of the sauce - ONE OF THE BEST WINGS PERIOD. A fan has been born for this dish. The Dry Chilli Spicy Chicken was another amazing dish which had right dose of red chilies generously tossed but yet was not too hot and spicy . The crunchy and yet soft chicken chunks was just so well cooked that we cleaned up the plate in no time as it was a light popcorn snack. It was that good.

   The chicken dishes were then followed by a couple of prawn dishes for which we are already die hard fans. Shanghai Prawns and Prawns Teppanyaki . The right balance of chili tomato paste sauce on the Shanghai prawns and the wonderful glaze on the cook of the prawns will tell you it was amazingly lip smacking. Prawn Teppanyaki was another killer dish served on a sizzler where butter garlic tossed prawns generously garnished over a bed of bean sprouts and capsicum was killer. The butter tossed prawns was butterly smooth and was a relishable one.

          Now after that array of lip smacking starters, we were almost full till rim but as a hardcore foodie group how can we say no to main course and were opted for one dish from each variety. Fish in Schezwan Sauce was perfectly cooked and the rich schezwan sauce was killer with right amount of flavors and spices in it and was one amazing sauce dish. Then another signature dish named Chinese Pavilion Noodles (Chicken) where perfectly cooked chicken cooked in authentic oyster sauce served over bed of crispy and soft noodles was a delight to savor. The crunch from the crispy noodles and the rich oyster flavor on the chicken was killer. We couldn't say to multiple scoops of it. Finally we had a rice variant which by look itself took us on a different angle. Fook Chook Rice  had rich stir fried rice served with a heavy sauce bed of mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, baby corn and green peas was saucy at the same time fried rice feel. nice and subtle dish that portrayed the richness of the veggies and yet satiated us equivalent to other non-veg dishes. Tummy thanked me big time after this amazing main course treat.

   We thought we could not take any more single spoon into us as we were too stuffed but when we heard the word "Desserts", we turned into monsters again and since we couldn't decide on which one to pick, we asked a single serving of all their major desserts. Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Volcano, Chocolate Brownie all three stole the show in the first spoon itself. My top pick was the utterly butterly soft and scrumptious Chocolate brownie and the other too also nailed the flavors. The Blueberry Cheesecake and Vanilla Ice Cream with Crispy Honey Noodles also gave proper ending to a fantastic Chinese meal with no room for complaints or disappointment.

Service & Hospitality:

            Now where can I find any scope of complaint or improvement when the man himself behind this wonderful gem of a place Mr. Sayed Ali himself hand served all the delicacies to us and ensured we had a wonderful dinner with no room of any discomfort. The regular service from the crew was also totally satisfying.


           Chinese Pavilion is one place that not just performed to be recognized by various accolades and awards but always strives to prove why it proves to be the recipient of such awards which are only a testimony of its authentic dishes and satisfying environment to relish amazing lunch and dinner. I so feel amazingly blissful that I had dinner after an year with amazing company and goes into one of the best dinners I had in 2016 with not even a single tinch of other side thought.

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