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China Bistro


       China Bistro is part of FoodLink Restuarants linked to FoodLink Services a famous brand in F & B Industry and owned by Mr. Sanjay Vazirani. Started first in Thane in 2012, this turned out to be successfuly in delivery chinese, asian and Thai cuisines with authentic flavors and are now in 4 locations within Mumbai and Thane. This would be their first venture in south.


Visit Scenario:

      A foodie Group initiated a #AdHocMeet for a friday lunch and a big band of foodies diversified by profession but united by passion for food gathered on 5th January , 2016.

Ambiance (Decor & Interiors):

          Welcome by to Majestic Terracota Chinese warrior figurines in the both sides of front, the place gives its grand feel right there. Simple glass lamp hangings, authentic Chinese paintings across side walls, and collage of Chinese warrior pics on the greenish background, the place was not over scream chinese stuff but then needed basis. The ground floor and 1st floor easily seats around 70+ and 40+ pax. The light creme color feel throughout and seatings gave us some real good pleasant experience.

    We opted for Buffet as we were dropping in one by one and we didnt want to waste too much time as it was a busy friday lunch time.

Starters: House Complimentary pastry (chinese sweet sauce n nuts) and hot jasmine tea with mint to start with - both served the purpose.

Veg / Non-Veg Soups, Veg Starters (paneer fried, veg dimsums, stir fry veg mix, mixed chilli veg, potato fry) and Non-veg Starters (fried prawns, chicken dimsums steamed, fried chicken wontons, chicken wings, baha fish stir fry) 

MY PICK : Paneer fried stir veg mix , Fried prawns and Chicken wings SIMPLY AMAZING

Cocktails: Apple Basil Martini, Chinese Bat, Watermelon, Ginger & Cucumber Mojito, Apricot Orange Blossom, Blueberry Passion, Virgin Mojito 

MY PICK: Blueberry passion & Chinese Bat 

Main Course: Around 5-6 dishes in veg and non-veg. Everything was almost good and some of them definitely needed perfection.
MY PICK : Three Flavored Noodles, Prawns in XO Sauce 

Desserts: This is any regular buffet condiment, jujubi / strawberry twists / choc brownies with chocolate fountain shower . Strawberry n chocolate mini pastries , fresh fruits and ice creams. Frankly nothing impressed.

Service & Hospitality:

Mr. Ratneesh and his team made sure even though it was buffet and choas all overall, we a group of 14 ppl never felt without food and ensured everything met out expectation. When we did give feedback on the mocktails, without a word , they replaced everything and ensured we were pleased. Hats off . If I get this kind of service in buffet, I'm sure ala carte dinner time would be more awesome.

Verdict: The Ala carte menu seems to bear lots of their signature dishes and buffet for it price of  approx 550 AI is definitely one of the best weekday lunch options with so many items in the offer. I'm impressed and so definitely would be hitting the place again to try their Ala carte menu.

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