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Chime - Sheraton Hyderabad


       Chime is open drinks lounge newly launched at Hotel Sheraton on its upper 10t floor along with Inazia - A fine dining Asian Cuisine experience. Chime in its entrance itself gives you a serent and elegant feel as you enter. The Open Drinks lounge, simple cylindrical hangings with dim pinkish light vibe, open sofa arrangement with white flare and interesting lighting arrangment in middle of the place with some shiny pottery and of course the star attraction of the place typical dim lighted bar arrangement and an exquisite look of their drinks section. Its a pure fine treat to our eyes as you enter them.


Visit Scenario:

           Monica Banerjee from Zomato Team invited me as part of the Zomato food reviewers group from different walks of lives tied up with passion and love of food for a bartending workshop arranged by Sherton Group from India's leading woman Bartender Ami B Shroff. I was enthralled to be part of such a elite place invite and of course was excited to try this place.

Ambiance (Decor & Interiors):

      As you enter into Chime, you get a open drinks bar and open dining concept. pinkish vibe cylinder objects drapping from the top and white vibed seating arrangements, private tables and in middle lighting arrangeemnts and shiny asian pottery. The bar itself gives a vibe any drinks lover to head to the bar and have an amazing time. You add Ami Shroff's flare and presence, it takes to another level. Its dark , vibrant and definitely one of the best lit drinks lounge I have seen. The open terrace on top of Chime does give you a stunning vibrant view of the Financial District Gachibowli which is scrapping up till sky limits with IT corridors and amazing hotels n restaurants.

Ami B Shroff - Flare Personified:

          Ami Shroff is a renowned flair bartender, mixologist and fire juggler. Having performed at over 20 destinations across the country and internationally. She is amongst the first 2 women flair bartenders of India, starting her career in 2003. With passion on bartending from the age of 13, he travels across the globe flipping bottles and glasses; and searching for something she doesnt know herself... She has performed at over 20 destinations across India and beyond the borders, over a 1000 events, being from backyard pool parties to elite corporate functions and conferences.Shatbhi Basu may well hold the record for being India's first female bartender, but Ami Shroff went a step ahead of her contemporary and set her niche in flair bartending. Her fire juggling act , snowball juggling act and other bartending skills just threw us out of the park in terms of engaging but having a presence u cannot deny that gets into us within minutes. Her energy without getting tired of making drinks for us and clicking pics with us, a big salute for her. Prasanth part of the bar crew also entertained us with some tricks of his own and was passionate about the same which tells they take this job serious.

Food & Quality:   

        We were served some interesting and quite flavored finger foods - Water Chestnuts in sweet chilli sauce, Fish slices in chilli soay sauce, potato scallions, creamy potato fried pops. Everything was good and quite appetizing for the wonderful evening as a good start note.

        On the cocktails front, we were served Bell Pepper Martini , a drink based on bell pepper, vodka , orange juice, lime juice and sugar syrup and served in whole bell pepper. Who would have thought of having a savory cocktail and that too served straight out of bell pepper and still give a tacky punch on the very first sip. I would have been not so excited on the idea first but on tasting, it did tell me anything is possible in mixology and this drnik was definitely the best of the night.

          Espresso Martini, Vodka, Espresso Coffe, Condensend milk based drink was refreshing and when had it in shots was more appealing to our flavor buds for a amazing night.

          Japanese Mojito, and server on Martini glass. Now hold on to your thoughts. It was another twist from Ami where white rum with Basil leaves with lime juice and sugar syrup and served in a crushed bell pepper salt rimed Martini Glass decord with Bok Choy leaf. The bok choy definitely gave the kick and it was an interesting concoction. Liked it but definitely wasnt much WOWed about it.

Service & Hospitality:

       Mr. Harshavardhan  and his Sherton Team ensured we all had a good time inspite of attending and taking care of their regular crowd as well. Their Bar team was also on the grove as we looked upon Ami making some amazing cocktails , they ensured they made the same drinks for all of us and serve us with smiling faces. Overall it was a pleasure with their service and top notch hospitality attendance.



      Overall, a night well spent with Zomato Team and in company of the Sheraton Staff and of course Lovely Foodies. Chime is definitely going to knowck some chimy tunes in the city for people who love elegant and relaxing dine n drink experience and of course coupled with Sheraton's Quality Management would be pleasing the customers to a whole fulfilling experience. Good place and definitely a game player on the top.     

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