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Chaitanya Family Dine & Bar


            Replacing the old and not so happening Ananthara in ekta pearl building in Kothaguda,  Chaitanya Family Dine & Bar through its pictures of launch shared by Owner Mr. Ramesh Mandava gave a very WOW feel for a fine dining with family. Been along time since I went with my family along with brother's family, I made up the plan and pinged Mr. Ramesh about my visit as I was excited with their PRIDE Menu with loads of telugu cuisine dishes already making me slurp. The experience for dinner last night was to make me feel so humbled of their service and courtesy that they showed just for a message with their owner. I'm humbled.

          On entering their place and stepping into the dimly light spacious dining sector, I was like first WOW. Day n night difference from Ananthara and the work and quality behind design shows. They have thought through a clear strategy of how to provide a family dining ambiance and at same time do a bar setup which is a combination which many places even in miyapur have tried and failed miserably. I think Chaitanya family dine has got the vibe very well gelled in where you can have a relaxed family dinner and at the same time enjoy the drinks and mocktails fro their awesome and vibrant menu and its a double bonanze for a foodie and family man like me. The restuarant serves a exclusive telugu cuisine buffet for a very very competative price of 399+ Taxes and their items are something that will make anyone who loves telugu cuisine much more to dive in. Overall a pleasant satisfaction on the decor and not to forget their welcome crew :) Felt so comfortable thoguht it was my first visit here.


        Their drinks menu looks very vibrant and compelling but since I was the sole driver had to be a responsible man and we opted mocktails :)

Shirley Temple (mocktail) - was very refreshing. the right amount of grenadine and lemon dash and soda made it very refreshing for a light dinner - 4/5

Blue Ocean (mocktail) - Mocktails with blue curacao always attracts me as its quite interesting comination with pineapple and coconut flavours. Again very fresh and was good - 4/5

Peanut & Fig Milk Shake - Quanitty for the pricing of 149 was huge . Taste was very good but I felt too much of epeanut made it too sweet and cunchy as well - 3.5/5

Fried Onion Rings - crispy onion rings battered with telugu style spiced batter and fried golden brown. We ordered 3 servings of this and kids cleaned up most of it. Enough said :)  - 5/5

Mushroom Dry fry - Manager's recommendation and was not on the menu. Its basically coriander powder tossed tawa fry mushroom manchurian. Was very spicy but apt cook on the mushrooms. too salty as well. Need sot improve - 3/5

Chicken Tangdi Kebab - wanted to try something different but my typical brother wanted his default and so we did. 4 big leg pieces nicely marinated and cooked almost to perfection. The mean cook was almost damn perfect but again a little over salty but flavours were there.... - 4/5

Tawa Chicken Dry - Again on manager's recommendation . The chicken was dry and spicy . It would be perfect partner for some smooth drinks . Too much spice I would say but I liked it. too mcuh garlic and curry leaves tossed as well. can reduce  - 4.5/5

Paneer Kadaiwala (with butter and garlic naans) - Being too stuffed with starters, we did simple main course and I should say this curry was superb. nice cook on the paneer and nicely diced into curry which was rich and creamy. Absolutely complemented the soft and slurppy naans  - 3.5/5


Dal Makkani - complimentary from manager as hefelt we should relish their special dish and boy this was surprise for us and man one scoop taste of it, the crunchy fried cashews and the perfectly cooked dal was pure foodgasm - 5/5

Sambhar Rice - As if we werent stuffed till neck, manager shocked us to just sample their sambhar rice which they pride to serve on their special pride menu , without capacity to even move, I took a spoonful of it as aroma was killing me. Being a foodie I cant say know NO to food you know - one spoon inside and I went for a slurpy wake up. The crunchy fried cashwes again did the magic for me. Veggies inside was cooked perfectly and the tanginess from the tamarind essence was going crazy on my tongue. I did went for another round of serving just to relish it again and again. MUST TRY DISH - 5/5

Honey tossed noodles with Honey  & Ice cream - No gap to munch upon, we ordered bill and we got this surprise again - honey tossed noodles with vanilla ice cream. I have liked this dish only in dine-o-hcine as the chips or noodles normally get too soggy with honey and ice cream makes it too much soft as well. But this version impressed me. the noodles were still crispy and superbly crunchy and ice cream topping was good . Ice cream could have been more richer and creamier. Overall fulfilling dessert - 4/5

Fried Onion Rings
Mushroom Tawa Fry
Tawa Chicken
Tangdi Kebab
Tangdi Kebab
Honey Tossed Noodles with ice cream

Service & Hospitality:

            Mr. Vinod  (General Manager) and Mr. Arjun Sir (veteran in hospitaliy) are two gem of a person in their crew to talk about their place, share feedback and specialsing on customer engagement. Mainly Mr. Arjun sir was a pleasure to talk throughout the dinner. He ensured not only me but my entire family including kids feel so special in their restuarant. Serving crew were also very propt and attentive. Must say I'm again impressed on service front and 'm so glad that newbies are understanding the importance of staff and the service part and putting in such pleasant people to converse and share the food experiences.


Key Points/Improvement Areas:

       1) Starters need to have salt check and thwy would WOW the customers

       2) Staff should be handing over their PRIDE menu which ha ssuperb items to try before normal menu.



    Chaitanya Family Dine & Bar, does full justice to the word "Family Dine & Bar" as they have blended two aspects so seamlessly and give a pleasant experience. The place has got the right tools and with good word of mouth, it should do excellent business and being in such a prominent location, its only time to ake them forward for more success in this venture.Worth a try for family dining and definitely you wont be disappointed.

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