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Cascade - Radisson


       Cascade Restaurant at Radisson Hitech City -  probably a place that I cross on my office commute mostly but never was no thrilled to try their buffet menu. The lack of urge to tick this place off in my pending list could be for many a reasons. That being said, when fellow foodies informed about an awesome deal in "Little" App that the offer on buffet at Cascade is 699 RS + Taxes and using referral code, we get additional 33% which amounts to ~490 AI , who wouldn't want to try that. So we got ourselves the little app coupons and headed for a relaxed lunch to try their buffet spread and lets just say , we had ZERO expectations about everything because this is some place which never hits any reviews or any active news shared in foodie forums.

Ambience (Decor & Interiors):

         This restuarant located in 1st floor of the Hotel was a huge, wide spread nicely decored and class style fine ding spot. It had huge table sections to seat a major capacity and the spread was oriented in the end to make it simple for guests to try all their items. A completely dedicated desserts section did catch my eye right away and the main dishes were also displayed neatly in the center so that people can savor and easily access all the items. The place overall impressed me for its class style. Nothing to complain and nothing less to feel bad for.

Welcome Drinks
Cold Salads
Stuffed Egg Salad
Chicken Sausage with Herbs Salad
Poached Chicken with BBQ Sauce
Potato Salad
Creamy Cabbage Salad
Sprouts n Channa Salad
Breads Platter
Tandoori Veg Salad
Lasooni Murgh Kebab
Chilli Fish
Sesame Fried Cauliflower
Aloo Fry
Sambar & rasam
Gosht Saagwala (Mutton)
Dhaba Murgh (Chicken)
Chicken Dum Biryani
Veg Dum Biryani
Live Chaat Section

        The buffet menu was a vast spread with lots of emphasis on cold salads, desserts and main dishes from different cuisines and ensuring there is something for everyone and lots of dishes to try for.


Welcome Drinks: 3/5

         Mango Cooler & Butter Milk - Tried only the mango cooler. Initial few rounds were amazing and then later rounds were pathetic as they just added ice cubes and water to refill - 3/5


Soups & Salads: 5/5

       Chicken Shorba Soup, Poached chicken with BBQ sauce Salad, Tandoori Veg Salad, Stuffed Egg Salad, Sprouts n Channa Salad, Chicken Sausage with herbs salad& Potato Salad  - Everything was absolutely brilliant. I love cold salads and when the varities satiate your hunger , ther is nothing like it. The accompanying breads were also absolutely flavrful and perfectly baked - 5/5


Starters: 3.5/5

      Chilly Fish - Nicely cooked fish but the flavor was not so strong. Overall Decent - 3.5/5

      Lasooni Murgh Kebab  - Perfectly made chciken kebab and pieces were succulent and cooked well- 4.5/5

      Seasame Fried Cauiflower  - Good try but unfortunatly too dry and sesame didnt add any value - 3/5

      Haryali Paneer Tikka - Paneer was nicely cooked and had some good flavours. Above average- 4/5


Main Course: 3/5

Gosht Saagwala (Mutton) - Mutton could have been cooked better. Curry was wattery but had flavors - 3.5/5

Dhaba Murgh (Chicken) - Not sure what Dhaba style in this?? Watery tomato curry tasted so regular home made- 2.5/5

Fish Pulusu Curry  - Fish had just zillions of tiny bones and was not at all suitable for pulsus style dish. The curry tasted exactly like Dhaba Chicken curry with no difference - 2/5

Egg Masala Curry - Same tomato curry flavor with egg. Not sure what differentiated all the curries in the buffet - 3/5


All Other dishes were OKish with Sambhar & Aloot Fry being good saving grace dishes.


Desserts: 4/5

            Dessert spread was so huge that I didnt run through entire main course array and directly moved to them. Most of the dishes hit the mark for me but few did disappointing because unfortuntely those were the ones that were so unique and wanted to savor them.


              Mouchak, Kala Jamun, Shahi Tukda, Dates Pudding, Burfi, Vanilla Baked Custard , Moong Dal Halwa.BEST was Dates Pudding  - HEAVEN ON EARTH


               Pineapple Rabdi, Water Melon Pannacotta, Gulab Jamun, Oats Honey Parfait (eggless)

              For the price I feel the buffet had mostly highs and few really deep lows and unfortunately all the lows were mostly in the  main dishes. But in general for a buffet main dishes dont normally elevate the dining experience. To be frank I was indeed surprise the spread was so vast and most of the items were good.

Service & Hospitality:

       Now here is where they lost us in the initial connect itself. When we entered and started clicking pics, were were stopped rudely stating no pictures allowed. No announcements nor any boards stating so. ON enquiry from another manager, we found out that few recent negative reviews have hit them badly which is why dthey dont encourage food reviews or photography of their buffet spread. I was like Really?? couple of negative reviews and you cannot improvise on them? This is beyond acceptabel to stop customers taking pictures when the food indeed was good and frankly very good beyond our expectations. They have to get their act correctly or else I'm not so sure to return back. Couple of my friends really got upset with this. Otherwise service was very pleasant and needful attention was given. I still dont understand their initial act. Though our overall experience was quite good this one off incident set us off upset.


    When I can get a over 1K Buffet for 490 AI due to coupons and food for most part of it delivered, I have no issues coming back here and I definitely feel they should change their attitude towards dine-in customers apart from their hotel guests as they got some good spread and they should promote it nicely for more views and much exposure. I hope they work on it as I have still not striken this off my list. Spread as such is even worthy for 699 + Taxes as avaialble in Little App.

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