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the latest sensation

        Its so good to see more breweries embracing Hyderabad which was devoid of even on2 couple of years ago. Each brewery tries to appeal to Hyderbadi crowd which according to me is still not matured with beer knowledge much to embrace it and be loyal like other metros like Delhi and Bangalore. This newest sensation "BROADWAY BREWERY" has opened up in the happening hub of Jubilee hills at Rd #45 not far from Toll gate House. Managed end-to-end by THE BRAND SARDAR which has roaring success in many ventures running to pack houses and amazing response(s) all across. I would say any of Brand Sardar's operation venture in hyd has always UPed the bar. Be it Fat PigeonResign Skybar and now Broadway - The Brewery.

              A massive brewery right in hub of Jubilee Hills Rd #45, this place is HUGE !!!!! Hyd's longest bar with plethora of options to dine in, you will be tempted to come back again n again..... As you enter , you are invited to this massive amphi-theatre like setup which is new and quite unusual to expect in a brewery but is a smart architectural marvel that can accomodate any kind of customer to his/her liking and give them a whole dimension of dining experience. You get plethora of options to sit , inside, outers, near grill, dhaba style, normal open friends style benches and what not!!!! I mean literally you can go to Broadway for every day of a week and still find new seating options and experience, that's to visualize the magnitude.

             Coming to the main focus of any brewery, their beers. Right from curating unique and catchy names, they have done their home work right. Brewmaster Simon Sothras is behind the beers and trying to perfect each variant and yet give something new and refreshing to beer-lovers. They are to keep 6 variants on tap but as of now 3 seem to be regular and on update from Brand Sardar , they are to open up all 6 on taps from this weekend.  Below are the 6 variants out of which we got to try  White Rabbit, Imagine Redemption.

DARK MATTER - HYBRID STOUT - Regular stout with chocolate natural flavors with slightly roasted ale feel

KING KILLER - CZECH  PILSNER - rich and full pale Czech lager

WHITE RABBIT - HEFEWEIZEN - A refreshing white brew with more hop & less yeast characteristics. I personally loved the simplicity of this beer and apt for any beginners

REDEMPTION - HAZY IPA - American IPA with natural fruit flavors using late hopping technique. Bit bitter but loved it.

THE QUEEN - SAISON - Most common pale , moderate bittery belgian ale with natural hibiscus and rashberry flavors.

IMAGINE SERIES - CREAM ALE  - Crowd favorite which is a clean well rounded American ale with natural flavors of ginger and curry leaves. Quite unique to see curry leaves in beer but it works not so strong on notes but apt to make you realize. 

I personally think White Rabbit can still get more perfection but Redemption and Imagine are perfect for an occasional beer person like me while later is my favorite if you are a bitter beer lover like me.

      When it comes to food menu, it's huge - vast - and lots of options that you might be in a quite daunting task to select. If you are sipping in their brews, pls look for their food recommendations based on your brew choice. Quite handy and saves you a lot of hassle. I personally tried few and it seems to work. Their menu is quite comprehensive of all cuisines that you might want to pair with your drinks or even just munch based on your mood. From Telangana stuff to hyderabadi delicacies, you got all kind of munchies is in the menu. The highlight to me was LIVE GRILLS  which boosts some elite brand meats - red snapper, king prawns, lobsters and many more. Their marination seems to be the magic as their grill dishes were strong, flavorful and not too dull for any chill out place.


         As food started to flow in, we started with salads. Tomato Strata  a typical fresh tomato salad which worked for most part of it as it had roma tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil in balsamic reduction with garlic. It was fresh and apt. The non-veg variant Lemon Thyme Chicken Salad on the other hand was a flop for me as it was too tangy that it overkilled other fresh flavors. The tangy lemony thyme dressing was over done though the grilled chicken chunks and the fresh cucumber / carrots worked for me. We then moved to starters. From the veg, Jalapeno Poppers  and Cheese Cigars both worked in terms of presentation and flavors. Spot on nothing less nothing more. Malai Broccoli could have been less creamer as completely it overtook the base broccoli flavor(s).


       From the non-veg section, Pallipalayam chicken Majestic was good and crispy but sorry the authentic ones are made little oily to give you the onion feel in it This one was dry and crispy but yet served the palates well. Mangalorian Mamsam Ghee Roast which sounded too salty but that's how I like it to balance the richness coming from roasting with just ghee. Not so chewy meat made it all the more appetizing. Wasabi Tempura prawns was clean winner with nothing less of a PERFECT Score. Coriander Chicken to me is their signature dish. I have had it in both visits and its just refreshing and  never boring kind of dish to me. The most innovative dish to me on that night was Naan pe Tang , a complete chicken thigh deeply tandoored served on a butter naan. Though looks simple, the combination just worked. The apt smokiness from the thigh and soft meat made it all the more delicious. One of my recommendations for sure.

        As I walked by the grilled section, it immediately caught my attention and didnt even hesitate a second to try it. Welcome from the live grills, Grilled Pomfret. Priced at 600 for full grill, I felt total justice to the perfect marination and grill on it. It just felt super soft inside and super flaky that a whiff of your fork is enough to grab the flesh off. The fish quality was evident in its rich flavors not being over powered from the marination. The other grill item we tried were Grilled King Prawns .  Again priced at 600 for full plate, I felt the quality and size of prawns was justified with quite handful count. Each prawn was brilliantly grilled not too charred for my liking. Eating prawns always involves hectic de-shelling but that's the fun ain't it?

           After completely stuffed , we did limit ourselves to just 2 dishes from mains. Thai Red Curry being my all time favorite was served. I felt it was just perfect without much fan-fare. Nothing out of this world as the curry was such delicious but missing jasmine sticky rice which is the perfect partner for the pan-asian delicacy. From the Italian section, Lamb Pepperoni Pizza was adequately spiced and flavored that everybody loved it. Nothing wrong went there.

        Atlast we moved to the finale of the course, desserts. We had 4 of their choices and I felt 3 scored well. The Pannacotta was basic and nothing WOW but served the purpose. Creme Brulee on the other hand was a flop show. It was too eggy and wasn't properly done and it had to be the one for make over. 


        Blueberry Cheese cake was the clear winner being clean and clear in flavors. May be one of the best smoothest cheesecakes I have had.  Last but definitely not the least, Guey Choco Cake , a cup served with chocolate cake, cream and choco drizzles. Apt and lovely for a breezy dinner. We just cleaned it without a trace. It was that delicious.