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Blanc Glance


                        Blanc Glance is one more addition to another cafe based breakfast spot in the core Hi-tech City where you never know when a newbie crops up and when it fades away. The crowd for most part of it is very subjective and always indecisive of what they like and what they dont. Blanc Glance tries to provide a bit of everything along with a well thought through ambiance and decor along with a huge array of home made pastries and desserts. Located behind Westin and towards a dead end, the location can be a boon or boom. For me , it was boon, as it had ample parking space and easy to reach from main road and still away from the IT crowd madness. Combined of my two visits to this place, first with family and then with my #FoodieSquad , the latter outdid the first visit and I was thoroughly impressed with food. Decor is jut amazing, well thought through, creative pieces all around , minimally lit and overall gives you a sophisticated cafe lok and feel where you relax, unwind yourself and kudos to that.

         This is review of combination of my two visits, one with family and one with my #FoodieSquad gang. So I have tried pretty much most of their menu categories and I should say they got their food right on both visits with later proving it more worth he visit.

            Starters included Potato Wedges and Garlic Cheese Bread both of them were really good and aptly cooked at right temperature and the garlic cheese bread was good in quantity for the pricing. You should try them when you visit.

                   During my first visit, I ordered Chicken Fried Onion rings which is an interesting twist on regular classic rings, chicken smash kheema style and filled inside onion rings and fried as traditional version. This one was very good in spite of my skepticism   on reading it on the menu. Definitely a very good dish to relish and so on my second visit, we asked for the Lamb variant, Lamb Fried Onion Rings which is mutton kheema stuffed inside fried onion rings and this was amazing and another level than the chicken variant. The kheema was perfectly good and with the mayo sauce, it was definitely MUST TRY dish.

                   Next I tried for a change, Chicken Caesar Salad which is a well known salad for any non veg hardcore fans and this was aptly made with rich and perfectly cooked chicken chunks and the freshness of the cherry tomatoes and lettuce made a carnivore like me also love it. You just cant go wrong with Caesar salad and glad they didn't :) This was followed by what was the BEST DISH of the night BBQ chicken Wings o. The BBQ Sauce is one of the best I have had in Hyderabad, the smokey flavor and the spice level took it to an heavenly experience. MUST TRY PERIOD.

                   One of the interesting dishes in their menu is Pita bread with hummus  where in pita bread served like button idlis looked simple but with that amazingly soft and rich hummus, the dish definitely ensured good experience. Chicken Burger with potato wedges was also well conceived and freshly made on order with rich tomato and cheese and chicken patty. The bun to me was a little bit dry but the chicken was succulent and along with wedges, was a complete meal by itself.

                   If you have mashed on your menu, you got me already and so on my first visit, I ordered Grilled Chicken with sauteed veggies and mashed potatoes. This is pure American dish in its ideology to make it a complete meal by itself and give you a nice balance of meat, vegetables, sauce, proteins and everything. The chicken breast was cooked good and the sauce o it was also top notch. Sauteed veggies could have had better seasoning and so did the mashed. It lacked a bit overdose of butter which would have given it the silky smooth texture which I love.


   In my second visit, I didn't even think twice to order Pork Ribs with sauteed veggies and mashed which tempted me as I haven't had much of a good experience and this one when served didn't give me WOW on its presentation but the aroma was teasing me to to attack it. One bit of the melting fat of this ribs and I WENT TO FOOD COMA. The cook on the meat that it just ell of from the rib bones, the glaze of the fat rendered and cooked perfectly and the glazing of the BBQ sauce providing the sweetness to the ribs was pure HEAVENLY creation. The dish vanished in 3 minutes by 3 of us with no break. The mashed along with the perfectly seasoned veggies, THIS IS EASILY THE BEST DISH OF MY TWO VISITS AND YOU SHOULD TRY IT PERIOD. FOODGASM guaranteed and well justified of its price.

  I ended my first visit with Chocolate and Plain Donut Pastry where unfortunately though priced very reasonably and had right balance of flavors, the donut was too hard to even cut with spoon and the softness which I expect in such pastries was not relished happily. New York Cheese Cake was for 90 INR total VFM dessert and thought you cant expect the top most refined smoothness in it, the flavor of cheese cake was spot on, neat, slick and totally justifying price and didn't leave me to even have 1% dissatisfaction..

Service & Hospitality:

            Both of my visits have ensured their service is pleasant and comforting and nothing much to complaint about. During my first visit, interaction with Ms. Leesa Ops Manager and on second visit, with Mr. Sapan ensured that they do care about customer service in a more friendly and pleasant way which made me feel more comfortable. They got good crew and you are bound to get good service here.


           Blanc Glance has definitely impressed me with their food for a place that's bound to be labelled as desserts and pastry place and coffee place. Both my visits, I didn't feel food was compromised for it cafe appeal and mainly the Main dishes delivered. So if you want to enjoy a hearty meal along with some yummy desserts and also good quality food, hope in into Blanc glance and unwind yourself.

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