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Beer County

                      Beer is the most universally consumed alcoholic beverage which has a big historical background to it and third most consumed liquid after water and tea. Beer is not for everyone and yet be savored by anyone who has a flare to taste and relish the flavor it brings in. To experience beer that too in a still modernist yet conservative country like India, You need the right sourcing,  ? right strategy for storage and perfect way to execute and serve your customers. Yes Off late Hyderabad has been the prime hub to attract microbreweries left and right and all happening brands coming in but Beer County was an year earlier to launch in Hyderabad when there weren't many to even try out international imported beers. Yes, we do get the regular ones in wine shops but you need a flare and deeper understanding to get the experience of relishing beers. With just completing successful first year anniversary , Beer County has its share of fan following and of course the in-depth understanding of the brands you get over there at a very competitive prices. Having tasted quite a few of the internal beer flavors in their Fire House, I know they are dead serious about their beers and don't beat around the bush in this sector. So on a friendly invite from Mr. Ramesh the man behind the passion and vision, I visited Beer county to relish some of their beers and also experience the whole place on a late Saturday dinner.

Note: This review experience is based on Management Invite and was on the house & review shared is honest and unbiased in the interest of fellow readers and foodies.

            Being a fan of beer and being in Texas for more than a year has left in me a carving to always nurture my beer carvings in India and very few places impress me. One of the few places which understood beer was Fire House where I tried their Birra Moretti (Milano) , Amigos (UK), Honey Dew (UK) and Fullers' London Pride (London) and I have relished each of them. So of course I started with draught beer for my dinner at Beer County and I should say it was refreshing and perfectly chilled for a beer lover. Then I was specifically served on recommendation 1698 - Ketish Strong Ale from Kent which has a strong presence of spices and malted barley and I love strong beers and this with 6.5 % alcohol content impressed me big time.

            They have a huge array of imported beers like Double stout (UK), Bishops finger , Indian Pale Ale, Master Brew (Kent), Saint's Wheat Beer and many more and IF you are beer love , you got to visit this place PERIOD. Along with it we were served few mocktails and both Breezer cooler and Shirley temple impressed me of their quantity and freshness they delivered on first sip. So no complaints on the drinks department.

     We started off with an array of starters mainly as I wanted to relish my beer with comfort finger food.


     Stir Fried Dragon Prawns kick started the session and definitely up the game from get GO. The prawns were beautifully battered Prawns tossed in right blend of spices and with beer, it was amazing.

     Spicy Cajun Chicken where the cajun spices marination was spot on and the cook on the chicken was superb. Amazing one.

     Chicken Trip pepper Toast The chinese variant was the top pick of the starters the spicy kick to it and the balance of all peppers and onions in it was spot on and if you a chinese cuisine lover, this wold delight you.

     The veg starters of Three Cheese mushroom and Hara bara kebab were served. Three Cheese mushroom fried bread crumbled mushrooms served with crunchy spinach and cheese overloaded on it ,was a perfect comfort food dish and it definitely can be notched up in terms of the richness of the cheese but for the place, it played well. Hara bara kebab swas unfortunately the least impressive dish may be because of the cook on the kebab patties or the way the spice mix was done, something felt odd about it and though cooked almost well the flavor had a softy touch to it which made it feel not so wow about the kebab dish.

     The veg starters were followed by Boti Kebab (Mutton) which I felt was OKish on first serving but the second batch nailed it and the soft cook on the mutton and though on big chunk pieces had a soothing texture to it when eaten was a bliss, Mutton Seekh Kebab was one of the best I have had though it looks to have overdose of veggies in it, the cook was perfect and after a long time I enjoyed Seekh Kebab which I normally avoid or have it minimal and lastly Murgh Malai Tikka , which was again succulent chicken tandoored perfectly and was well marinated. Overall I felt the non veg starters clearly delivered and for a place where the focus is on DRINKS, I would concur the non-veg variants should have an upper hand.

     Completely stuffed with starters, w were served few main course dishes which we felt was more than enough considering the amount we had already. Appam with Chicken Coconut Stew was the SHOW STOPPER of the day. Coconut stew is normally sweet but yet the flavor and the cook of the chicken elevated it and with the soft and crisp appam, it was a blissful combination that you normally don't get in such kind of places but yes Beer County delivers this and A MUST TRY. Naan with mix veg curry was a passable affair. Mutton Handi Biryani was also in offering and served in traditional clay Handi, it had the right amount of spice balance and rich was richly cooked and mutton pieces were definitely good. Though you cant say this is the one of the best I had, it served the purpose as its meant to be a BEER PLACE and not a fine dining experience.

Service & Hospitality:

            The team has always been as asset to Mr. Ramesh in his other projects Chaitanya Fine dining and Fire house and Beery County also boosts the same under able management from Mr. Raj, Operational Manager. Vikki, A friendly and polite steward was all smiles during the service and was prompt on even gestures to attend us and serve our requirements. Overall definitely pleased in this aspect.


    Beer County is a must go place for friends who love beer to go, relax and relish their imported beers, enjoy some tasty finger food and have a good time and please opt only if your option is ambiance, the overall experience and if you are a BEER LOVER, yes a must try. The place can do better in terms of arranging more band shows across the week and yes they have karaok Saturday nights with Anand Kumar & Cherry.

Note: This review experience is based on Management Invite and was on the house & review shared is honest and unbiased in the interest of fellow readers and foodies.

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