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Bakkyard Gastro Pub


     Bakkyard Gastropub - A hot and happening area like mindspace IT Raheja park and a Gastro pub is a perfect combination for relaxtion for the IT junta. This place aside their another venture BBQ house has always been in my radar and wanted to check out but since it had only mocktails, wasn't that much thrilled to have a nonalcoholic pub experience. So when Desi Foodies Admin group planned up a brunch event named "Lets do Brunch now" at Bakkyard, I guess it was perfect time to tick this off from my long pending list and of course to meet its lovely owner n friend Mr. Vineet Singh after a long time.


Ambience & Decor:

          The pub is definitely notched up to give you a complete gastro pub experience. Right from the motivational pictures all across, metallic pillars, low light yellow lights all across, the old bajaj scotter type seatings, matching authentic and tustic wood color seating furnitures, everything is synergical with the pub feel and deinitely has spent time in conceiving this design. The black and vibrant live bar counter adds flare to the setup. Effective utilization of space was eveident but I feel could have more exhaust facility as when ive counters started firing up orders, it did a little chocky and heated up. Minor gliche I guess but then definitely to worked upon. I can already see the excitement and energy that this place would have once they have their alcohol license which may be in june this year.


             We started with limited but good choices of mocktails from the live bar like Litchi Mojito, Virgin Mojito, Pineapple Bakkyard Cooler, Strawberry Colada.  Litchi Mojito impressed me while the first serving of Bakkyard cooler (pineapple) was not my regular liking and so I asked them to change it make it with fresh pineapple the way I like it in their BBQ house. 2nd round was far better and was absolutely refreshing. Strawberry Colada was very good consideringthey maintained the freshness of strawberry and was much to my liking.But overall I feel they should provide consinstency in their drinks and that could a very WOW factor for me.


Litchi Mojito
Strawberry Colada
Bakkyard Cooler
Strawberry Colada
Bakkyard Cooler
Cranberry Mojito
Bakkyard Cooler
Chicken Escalope
Ratatouille with leek crumbe
Poched Baha & Roast chicken
Spinach & Cottage Cheese Lasagne
Wine poched Baha Fish
Red Wine Roasted Chicken
Balsamic glazed Grilled Tomato
Grilled Pineapple with Sweet chilli
Tuna & Dutch cucumber salad
Butter poached prawns
Butter poached prawns
Stuffed potato with mushroom ragout
Grilled Mackerel
Batter friend prawns
Chicken & Leek Skewers
Trio Melon Mango Pudding
Trio Melon Mango Pudding
Churros with choc sauce

Brunch Menu:


Burmese Khow Suey Soup  - Was very rich and flavorful. Could have had more cream and less of salt - 4/5


Tuna with Dutch cucumber Salad  - Killer salad. the freshness of tuna mush with cold cucumber . Amazing - 5/5


Butter pouched prawns with Brown bread toast - Prawns was amazing and so was thr toast. Could have removed the shell out of prawns as they are meant to be single serving - JUST TRY - 4.5/5


Grilled pineapple with sweet chilli sauce- Another amzing saladwith sweetness of the chilli and pieapple yet contrasting- 4.5/5


Balsamaic glazed grilled tomato with feta cheese - Nice concept and the glaze was good but could have softended the tomato as it was too hard .Good innovation - 4/5


Chicken & Leek Skewers - Chicken was not cooked perfectly and hard and carrot puree on top of the chicken was mystery - 2.5/5


Corn tarts with chicken & Cheese - tart was bit too hard but the chicken filling was amazing - 4.5/5


Veg corn tarts with cheese, corn & spinach - again good filling but tart was hard - 4/5


Beer battered prawns & veggies - both were aptly cooked but batter could have been fried a little more. problem was on consistency across servings - 3.5/5


Mackerel Grill Fish - fish skin was prefectly grilled and so was the fish but usage of a different sauce and less of salt made the dish step down a bit for me - 3.5/5


Piquillo peppers & cheese stuffed chicken breast - Very unique dish and stuff chicken is must try. Mashed potato and sauteed veggies were bad and was not upto the mark - 3.5/5


Chicken Shawarma burger - fleast of my favourties in the brunch. shawarma was not flavorful and less of cream. Needs a lot of improvements and size was too much for a brunch item - 3/5


Stuffed potato with mushroom ragout  - full marks on presentation and flavors.could have been more cooked but almost bang on- 4/5


Cottage Cheese & Spinach Lasagne - flavors eere definitely fine and the cottage cheese was bang on but could have WOWed me more on the heat - 4/5


Ratatouilee with leek crumble - perfectly harmonised cook on the veggies and the crumble added texture and crunch to it . Was served not so hot and piping - 4.5/5


Wine poached Baha fish fillet with caramelised onions - fish cooked almost perfectly but could have been cooked fsofter. more tasted like chicken. onions also need some more cook time as they were still crunchy and not consistent on the caramelisation - 3.5/5


Coq-qu-vin (Classic French roasted Chicken in red wine)  - could have done more justice to this dish to get the red wine cook on the chicken. Chicken was such was cooked superbly but wine essence as minimal - 3.5/5


Chicken Escalope's  - nice cook on the chicken and the ceamy broth made the justice to the cook. carrots were complimenting the dish - 4/5


Chicken & Cheese pasta in pink sauce - pasta was little under cooked and the sauce could have had more touch of alfredo sauce mix to make it more elevated in flavours- 3/5



Mexican Churros with Chocolate Sauce - churrowas had the right flavor in terms of the dough but could have been cooked authentic as it was mere small fritter fries and the chocolate sauce was amazing - 3.5/5


Trio melon mango pudding - cpresentation was bang on but on savoring it, we felt 3 mistakes right away. too much gelatin. elachi crushed into mango pudding which was killer and apricot puree was tossed over the melon ball which was contemplating the melon flavors.- 2.5/5


I was kind of disppointed in their desserts mainly and I  hope to see them come with solid and synergical desserts with the rest of their menu soon.

Service & Hospitality:

            It is always so much fun to meet and get back to nice chat sessions with Owner Mr. Vineet Singh . Service was for most opart of it excelelnt as suusl with smiling stewards and live bar crew were spinning mocktails like anything. Service has always been their forte and this time also they proved it and also actively getting feedback on the dishesfrom customers and with Vineet singh side by we got the best I should say. He ensures customers are well attended and left no stone for us to blame on.


    Bakkyard Gastro Pub is definitely getting their brunch game on it right track. Since it was the launch day, things were hits and misses but knowing their Quality and flavor control checks, they are definitely going to bring it on sooner or later and this brunch is going to attract some good people over the sundays. With liquor license on the way, I only wish they stablize the food menu and ensure consistency and flavors are delivered everytime right and they will be something in Brunch Sector!!! BEST OF LUCK Team....


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