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The Whisk Corner


We offer you the most divine chocolate creations and the most moist, melt in the mouth cupcakes you will ever have.

Brand Name : The Whisk Corner

Name : Wajeeha Khan (Dentist)

            Mahreen Khan (Engineer)

            Taniya Khan (Engineering Student)


Phone : 7032867259

Email :

Instagram Handle : @thewhiskcorner

Website : -

Facebook Page : -

Order Media : Via Whatsapp/DM 

What made you started to think about Baking?

As a kid, my aunt would bake the best vanilla cake and I loved it to bits. As I was growing up I started tweaking the simple cake to try and make something beyond just cake and whipped cream and gems. The whole process made me realize just how much I loved it.

What's baking to you and how is it different from regular cooking ?

Baking to me was an escape, I always baked something when I was low. Just watching this amazing delicious thing come to life made me feel so much better and I baked everything a 13 year old me could at that time.

If you have to explain who are you and what's baking to you in one line , what would it be ? It could be your tagline :)

I am a dentist by profession who hasn't given up on her childhood dream of baking.

What's your opinion about food scenes in Hyderabad for Home Bakers ? How much tough is to setup and establish?

I have noticed that home bakers aren't taking as seriously. People compare you to the local bakeries and expect you to price your cakes like them. I want them to know that home bakers work specifically for you for that whole week. We don't have a zillion orders and mass production machines. We buy so many things specifically for your cake things we might not even need for other cakes again. We do the admin, sourcing, baking, decorating, packaging, final touch ups, photography, and the cleaning everything by ourselves. So you aren't just paying for a cake but all the effort and hours we put in as well.

What's the best feedback/comment you got from your customer that you cherish till date?

I have almost always got very supportive and positive feed backs. The best ones have to be of them being thankful for coming across our page and ordering from us.

What do you want to resonate with your customers via your creations?

I want to make the customers feel all the love and effort put into their cake. The time, art and science that goes behind making a single cake to make their occasion a hundred times sweeter.

Whats your signature products and recommendations?

Our cheesecakes, cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting and death by chocolate cupcakes.

How can a customer order your products and what are available media/pricing/etc.?

Customers can order through DM on Instagram or Whatsapp. We have our menu on the highlights. Pricing is based on customization required. 

What's next steps in your baking career and/or passion?

The next step for me would be to own my own studio and multiply my supply to a much higher number because sometimes we have to cancel orders that are clashing. 

What's to change for home bakers to be more influential in Hyderabad Food scenes?

To improve the scene for home bakers it is really necessary for people to become more accepting of the fact that home bakers are working specifically for you when you order that one cake. People usually think they can criticize a cake because it came from someone's kitchen and not a bakery even though the product could be much better. 

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