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The VenShh


The disbelief in people who said it’s not my cup of coffee made me take up this passion of mine to reality !!!!

Brand Name : The Venshh

Name : Shreni Aluvaka


Phone : 9949615990

Email :

Instagram Handle : @thevenshh

Website :

Facebook Page : @thevenshh

Order Media : Facebook, Instagram

What made you started to think about Baking?

My love for cakes and all fancy desserts is unparalleled, which made me start thevenshh. I admire Pooja Dhingra’s work and that always had me inspired.I initially made my family and friends taste my recipes and glad they liked it. Their support made me get this long. I had no expectations when I started this journey, but now, not a day goes by where I can’t think of baking.

What's baking to you and how is it different from regular cooking ?

I think baking is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It’s an art and I am on the way to master it. Regular cooking is not my cup of tea and I get bored of it easily.

If you have to explain who are you and what's baking to you in one line , what would it be ? It could be your tagline :)

A simple girl with a bunch of dreams, baking was one among them.  When I bake, I bake and like I said, always happy to be a part of memories.

What's the best feedback/comment you got from your customer that you cherish till date?

“I will find reasons to order a cake from you rather than waiting for an occasion”, Meghana said. (One of my customers). It feels good to be a part of someone’s happiness.

What's your opinion about food scenes in Hyderabad for Home Bakers ? How much tough is to setup and establish?

Firstly, not many of them know about home bakers as people trust mainly the established bakeries in surrounding areas, who have been in the industry since ages. There is a huge competition now for home baking. It is not easy to set up one as meeting people’s need every now and then, convincing them over flavors, designs and then pricing is not easy.
     People don’t know home bakers actually exist and order from traditional bakers. So, it was initially tough to set up but the support from family and friends got me here what I am today.

Whats your signature products and recommendations?

Well, red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting is my favorite. I get a lot compliments for that. I would also recommend  cake jars with a variety of flavors.

How can a customer order your products and what are available media/pricing/etc.?

You can visit my Instagram/Facebook/business site to place an order. Price depends on the cake, so it can be discussed over a call.

What's next steps in your baking career and/or passion?

I plan to open a cafe, make it a franchise and then expand to different parts of the city.

What do you want to resonate with your customers via your creations?

I just want to meet expectations of people ordering from thevenshh and make sure they are satisfied.

What's to change for home bakers to be more influential in Hyderabad Food scenes?

Advertisement. There are many home bakers who wants their work to be noticed. I feel it is the right platform to portray the work.

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